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Pros of Steve Jobs Leadership Style

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Leadership is defined as ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness of the organizations of which they are members. Leadership theories have evolved over time into various types with their own lines of thought. Each theory provides a model of effectively steering an organization. According to Steve Jobs, he use different leadership on organize the company. However Apple achieved great performance and accomplished the set goals and objectives, there also will have pros and cons on it. The one of the leadership style that used by Steve Jobs is transformational leadership. This type of leadership created a strategic vision, mean that a picture or mental image of what the organization should look like in the future. Transformational leadership is more humane leadership theory, as compared to the transactional theory. This theory believes that employees rise higher through positive motivation than negative motivation. The leader will have a clear idea to guide the employees follow and complete the goal they set. It also can motivate and bonds employees by depiction the company’s attractive future.

Transformational leadership believes in inspiring employees to do great work through example and the force of a leader’s personality. It appeals to the higher need of an individual in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which is self-actualization. From this theory, employees will willingly follow a leader who inspires them. The leader who had vision and passion can transform his followers and together they can achieve the goals. In additions, the energy and enthusiasm are the tonics that give employees to get things done. Besides that, this effective leadership model that use by Steve Jobs will create an enthusiastic work atmosphere and it will lead the organization with innovations. It will certainly guarantee higher output and efficiency when the employees are working through self-motivation. Because of a lot of followers, it will naturally develop future leaders. Employees will work for the leader, even if the monetary and other benefits offered are lesser, as they will be inspired by his vision. The other leadership style that use by Steve Jobs are charismatic leadership. Charismatic Leadership is certainly one of the styles of leadership that can enhance organizational effectiveness. A charismatic leader used his or her personality and charm to attract followers.

This leadership style can making people feel that they are really important and needed for the leader to be successful. As a charismatic leader, they can successfully guide the employees to complete the goals by using some actions. For example, this type of leader will direct eye contact with his employees. The leader will remember personal details about the employees they are speaking with and giving them fully concentrate for the time they are with them. The leader will try to read their surroundings, being skilled at detecting the moods of the audience and adjusting his or her behaviors and speech to suit the situation at hand. Other than that, these leaders are often exceptional at selling the vision and getting people to come along for the ride. Their generally optimistic and positive nature draws people to them like a moth to a flame. This type of leaders also will inspire people to be at their best and in the work environments they create can be very motivating to employees. Employees also willing to walk over hot coals for him because of he is a highly charismatic leader. They will achieve the goals and often get things done than other leadership styles may not.

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