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Proposed Merger between Utah Opera & Utah Symphony

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1.Illustrate how Bill Bailey, chairman of the board of the Utah Opera Organization, might use one theory of motivation to oppose or support the merger.

The word “motivation” represents a psychological stimulus that causes one to voluntarily act, the direction has to be goal oriented and attainable for the behavior to be successful. The theory that Mr. Bailey could use to oppose this merger would be the process theory “equity” component. This process theory identifies specific factors that inspires different individual’s motivations, through thought, beliefs, and perceptions. Mr. Bailey understands that this merger is dealing with two different distinct entities that want to keep intact their values in the arts. Each organization has the perception that the merger will degrade the others value if conjoined, a feeling of inequity. This theory focuses the internal and cognitive influences that effect an employee’s motivation, individuals want to feel that balance or justice between input and output. There are three organizational justices, all three positively correlated with job performance and job satisfaction.

When an employee feels or has the perception he has been treated fair and equitable then the end result is positive; the opposite is also true, when the employee feels unappreciated, taken advantage of, then it’s a negative result. Mr. Bailey’s initial response was that there was an in-balance between the two business models and wasn’t sure how it was going to work, his concern was that the Utah Opera would lose. The Utah Opera was flexible and financially stable; the Utah Symphony, on the other hand, not as flexible and a large contracted full paid staff and financially in trouble. When we look at the past and present financial statements of the two organizations, it’s apparent that the Utah Symphony would gain a great deal by this merger, the Opera not so much. This merger would take away from each organization identity and focus, they both have such different methods and audiences.

2. Illustrate how Scott Parker, chairman of the board of the Utah Symphony Organization, might use one theory of motivation to convince Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger.

Scott Parker as chairman of the Utah Symphony organization has seen the decline in the arts community attendance and the lack of essential financial contributions as possibly detrimental to the organization. Mr. Parker has several years of experience in overseeing large mergers, with the majority spent in the health care industry. This in itself, is a great motivator for those involved, an experienced member working on their side of the merger. Mrs. Carolyn Abravanel has played an important role with the Utah Symphony from almost its inception in the 1940’s. Her husband the conductor and music director for over 32 years of the Utah Symphony, in his passing she has continued to actively participate heavily in the Symphony guild.

Mrs. Abravanel acceptance is one of the key components to the mergers future success, her reputation and prestige has to be a considered with the merger. Mr. Parker has to focus the attention of the Utah Symphony and it’s participants to positively benefit this merger with the Utah Opera. It’s vital that Mr. Parker recognizes the achievements that Mr. Abravanel had put in place, and that his legacy will continue and not be forgotten. Scott Parker will need to focus on one of Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theories to convince Carolyn that nothing will be lost in the legacy of the Utah Symphony, instead much will be gained. Scott needs to touch on the five basic needs: physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization.

3. Describe Anne’s positional power in relation to her personal power. Anne Ewers was hired as the general director of the Utah Opera company (UOC) in 1991. All successful organization have one legitimate leader, who makes decision based on what’s best for the organization as a whole. Anne has proven from her past track record that she has been an asset to the Utah Opera and to other organizations in the arts community. Both positional power and personal power are gained by an individual outstanding accomplishments and achievements. Anne is the best candidate to pull the merger together, her experience, professionalism, she’s respected in the industry and among her peers. This good reputation that Anne Ewers has obtained from her hard work in the arts community qualifies her positional power. Even after Anne’s given success in the industry, there are individuals that are cautiously optimistic about her as the candidate for this important endeavor.

Which could be construed as negatively on her positional and personal powers and her future success as director and CEO. There were member of the community that were questioning Anne’s ability to manage the symphony, labeling her management skills as autocratic. That her decisions lacked communication, at times seemed most were being unilaterally decided, no consulting was happening between the two parties involved. This so called personal power could eventually affect her positional power A. Discuss how Anne could use her positional power to successfully lead the merger efforts. Anne Ewers had a reputation among the executive committees of both the Utah Opera and the Utah Symphony for being energetic, enthusiastic, and capable of taking on the merger. This reputation was solidified by her proven career as director for over 60 productions across the United States and abroad.

This was a huge accomplishment in itself, she had also had success in fund-raising for the Utah Opera, a financial achievement. These strengths and attributes would and have proven beneficial to both the Utah Opera and Utah Symphony organizations. Anne’s positional power would help the Utah Symphony gain back some of its legacy that could be lost. Anne’s strong management skills might just help the Symphony existence, with their bleak financial future, the Symphony may be preserving their own presence with this merger. B. Discuss how Anne could use her personal power to empower Keith Lockhart after the merger. Anne Ewers has to empower Mr. Lockhart by including him in the decision processes, they both share a mutual interest in providing the community with a well-organized product. She must work personally at getting him on her side, for the merger to work at all.

Her wide experience in the arts industry does not include conducting a Symphony, she cannot afford any animosity between the two organizations. For Mr. Lockhart to fully empower the merger, Anne’s biggest hurdle is to re-assure Keith that the change will be good for both the Symphony and its members.

4. Present a potential issue with the Symphony musicians that, if not resolved, would jeopardize the merged organization’s ability to perform. There are several issues that Anne has to be aware of with regards to the musicians in the Symphony. Of course, we already mentioned one, empowering Mr. Lockhart. Along with his predecessor Mr. Abravanel have defended their musicians vociferously, securing them as professional musicians. This is why it’s so important to get Keith to empower the idea of the merger, his musicians already believe in his commitment to the Symphony and the arts. The orchestra member’s already have a bad taste in their mouths because of how it was presented to them and how they were surprised the proposal even existed. Lockhart re-assured the public that this was a two-headed organization, he was still the head of the Symphony, and other person seeks and secures the organization. Another potential issue that may be faced, is the collective bargaining agreement that was expected to increase significantly in the next two years.

The orchestra musicians already expressed concerns that the only reason the Utah Symphony board and management had discussed such a merger, was to get out from under an existing contract and renegotiate a better contract for them with the union. This may be a sore spot, the musicians hold existing contracts they fought so hard to secure, and they are at the risk of losing them. Some members in the community have stated; while the union offers stability to the organization, they feel that the wages may have been too high based on the size and status of the existing Symphony. It’s very important that Mrs. Ewers and the board take into serious consideration the four principles that the ad hoc committee put together for the future of the symphony and the organization. It would be devastating to the arts community and it members if the musicians and union decided to strike because negotiation hadn’t gone well. There would possibility be long-term financial ramifications between the arts and the patrons of the arts community if such strike were to happen.

A. Recommend how Anne could mitigate the potential issue.
There are obviously going to be some tension between the contracted musicians from the Utah Symphony and the paid employees from the Opera. These contract negotiation have to be placed on the front and foremost agenda of the initial stage of the merger. These negotiations have to be secured and meet the needs of the organization as a whole for it to succeed, if the wages are too high and negotiation ends with orchestra musicians unhappy the consideration of merger should be reevaluated.

The potential to damage the already successful Utah Opera would be to catastrophic from the hard work Mrs. Ewers put forth along with the members of the Opera organization. Anne has to use the integrative negotiation technique to mitigated potential issues, come up with an end result that will be acceptable to both parties. Anne will have to negotiate with the union and the ad hoc committee to incorporate a fair pay scale for paid employees. Design the new contract with market valued salaries and benefits, emphasizing why the Utah Symphony was on the brick of financial disaster. Very important that she put emphasis on the word organizational goals, what best for everyone not just musicians.

5. Discuss at least two of the organizational influence tactics Anne could use to persuade the opera’s staff to endorse the merger. Anne has proven herself amongst the Utah Opera Corporation and its members, using a rational persuasion tactic along with factual evidence would help Ewers to achieve her end goal of all will benefit from the merger. For this to be successful Anne will have to have done her research and supported the argument she has brought forth to the members of the Opera staff. Not hiding any data, showing the past financial status of both organizations and the status if the merger would not have been pursued. Managing conflict will be Anne’s greatest challenge, both entities have different personalities and values towards the arts industry.

Anne could also use the inspirational tactic, by building enthusiasm among the Opera staff, empowering them to act because a fellow arts organization is in need of financial and organizational assistance. Most artists are emotionally attached be it opera or orchestra, they know the commitment necessary and would lend a hand or offer their support for another group. Anne Ewers is the right person to endorse the merger, as the executive committee stated: ewers has the capable reputation, is enthusiastic and is full of energy.

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