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Problem soution essay

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People prefer to go outside with their friends for relax and have good holidays. Every day is going harder and harder to find clean place for resting time without any wastes, because number of wastes is increasing day by day. People have rights to visit clean places without any dust. Due to the problem with waste the local authorities should take definite and urgent measures to decrease this problem. Waste disposal is human waste, which can badly influence our nature, air and environments. It can be from some factors, which produce some chemical elements, etc. Problem of waste is increasing day by day and is becoming one of global problems like, big amount of garbage, increase production of consumer goods disposable, increasing the number of packages. According to the article, waste disposal is reusing some old things, which were altered in a new thing and can relieve people from waste. (Anonymous, 2009).

People always blame their local authorities when they see such hazardous situation in the streets, but they can not reflect that they are the main originators of this problem. Every day people litter streets of the favorite cities, throwing out the rests of house dust and other useless things and according to Kizza, generation of waste in Kampala City is about 1500 tons of garbage per day ( 2010). This example is clear proof that in all countries main letterers are people. People can unite this problem with global problems, because this problem leads to terrible loss. It starts with little amount of dust, but further it is going to increase with help of another dust and microbes. Huge amount of waste leads to air pollution and pollution of environment at all. These microbes in the dust can breed easily and bring very big list of human illnesses through transferring with respiratory way and with other methods. For all people waste disposal is problem. Someone simply cannot put up with dirty city; another one may have bad immunity and they cannot breathe very well, because viruses are everywhere and they know that after one breathing follows big amount of illnesses. Situation on the streets should be controlled by special branch of local authorities of countries, but people cannot see that they do their work perfectly.

Waste is increasing every day and people suffer more and more. Mostly local authorities give orders to clean only central parks and streets, but people can live on the border of the city. The special branches of local authorities, who are responsible for waste, should make at least small efforts that cities of all countries were slightly cleaner. The first possible solution for local authorities with problem of waste is a recycling. Some people think that all types of dust can be biodegraded by themselves, it is right opinion of people, but they do not know how much time it took for this process. According to the academic article, for biodegradation of plastic bottles and glass people need to wait 1 million years, biodegradation of paper took 1 to 5 month (Anonymous, 2008).Waiting for biodegradation can lead to Earth extinction, which is why people are using recycling.

This solution has some positive effects. First advantage of recycling process is good financial savings. The processing companies can lose a considerable quantity of money in one sphere, but in the end of recycling process it will be possible to understand that the company remained a current in prosperity as in other spheres processing makes the big profit. At recycling of any old thing to a new one, recycling companies use more than 50 % from the rests of an old product that is the company keeps money, having reduced quantity of a material demanded for a new product. Some young companies have nott enough money to buy new sources for producing new thing and in this situation it is easier to find old thing and recycle it to new one. In this situation company can say that is recycling is inexpensive way to find different sources and according to the article, recycling method can help to save money, because someone prefer to buy used thing to new (Anonymous, 2009).

Second advantage is new workplaces. “Anything that can create job in the current economy must certainly be considered an advantage.” (Anonymous, 2009). In days of crisis many workers have lost their places, some companies decreased their salary; some companies in general were closed. Now it is a lot of people, who keeps the house and tries to find good work, but that is very difficult for finding; crisis has affected all spheres of workplaces. It does not mean that processing will help to get rid of crisis, but nevertheless will help with sphere of workplaces. For processing the qualified and non-qualified people presently are required. As people know that processing occurs on several stages, that is in process there is a place at the machine tool as well as the place of the worker, who should collect this dust for starting process of recycling, that is good chance for the needy person. This experience can will serve it as the good beginning for a rising on the status above and above. “The plants that sort and ship the items to factories that will repurpose them must be staffed with qualified people.” (Anonymous, 2009). However, there are some negative aspects of recycling method. First disadvantage is non-recyclable materials. It is known that the dust consists of different products. One thing can consist of different materials. It can be both glass and plastic or different types of metal, for example: aluminum and copper. When fabrics are going to recycle glass bottles, firstly they should separate cover from bottle itself.

“Recycled bottles and jars can contain between 25-40% of unwanted material, all of which must be removed, often by hand, prior to crushing.” (Anonymous, 2005). Thinking of process, people do not think about problem, which can meet us: these are some non-recyclable materials. There are some things, which consist of different materials and to recycle this subject in new product it is necessary to separate them and it one difficult moments of process too. When people speak about an alloy of metals at once, it is possible to understand, that if the metal subject consists of several kinds of metal, this subject cannot be recycled, because for creation it was mixed by some metals in one capacity and even if threw to fuse anew all the same it will not turn out to separate. Second disadvantage is air pollution. Process of recycling helps to clear a city of all harmful dust and other pollution, for recycling process factories are required, because in house conditions such things do not become.

If people use factories for recycling, it is known that they use different machines and is quite possible that these machines use liquid fuel to work, that is from them there are exhaust gases and air pollution turns out. Telling about recycling process of plastic things or rag it is possible to present that at processing all these things are exposed to heating, and, as it is known at heating such materials very unpleasantly smell, as at them chemical substances are allocated. They extend by air and it as leads to air poisoning. Overall, recycling will help to our world be clean and fresh. The second possible solution for local authorities with problem of waste disposal is incineration. Incineration is the process of the destruction of waste by converting the organic material to carbon dioxide and water vapour by fire. For this process incinerators are needed, this machine burns materials. According to the article, there are several factors from what incineration is depending: size of material, types of chemical present. (Anonymous, 2002). This solution has some advantages. First advantage is chemical destroying. According to the academic article, incineration can destroy some types of chemicals. (Anonymous, 2002).

At process of incineration used things in which structure there are many chemical substances come across, and it is a lot of such things. To incinerate chemical things any machines will not consult, except these machines as in the course of it fire is used, and under the big temperature people can incinerate chemical substances. In comparison with recycling process this incineration is better, as this process is not capable will cope with chemical substances. According to the magazine’s article, incineration is only one type of reproducing product which can cope with chemical things. (Anonymous, 2002). Second advantage is time frame. Process of incineration occupies the big time, as only to begin this process, it is necessary to prepare a lot of material and it is not easy work, in additives it is necessary to prepare the equipment and machines. Also is proved that this process the fastest, even in comparison with process of recycling. According to magazine, this process much quicker than many other methods (Anonymous, 2002). However, there are some drawbacks.

First disadvantage is air pollution. According to article, incinerators produces big amount of poisoned gases, which are very harmful for people’s health. (Anonymous, 2006). It means that during the process of incineration chemical products are included. During the process of burning in incinerators they produce very harmful gases and they are transferred by air and because of this people meet with problem of air pollution. Second disadvantage are costs of process. Local authorities give tasks to clean the city, for example, but in the same time they say that there is shouldn’t be some harmful things and viruses in the air and according to the article, producers of incinerators are trying to make new incinerators with system of controlling harmful gases. (Anonymous, 2002). This new types of machines are going to have very high price and it means that process of incineration are going to be very expensive. Overall, it can be said that process of incineration is very good answer to the global problem of waste disposal and even it has big price or it is harmful for air, people should use it.

In conclusion, it can be said that problem of waste disposal still existing in the World and local authorities try to solve this problem. Problem of waste disposal is increasing day by day. People are suffering from all pollutions to which problem of waste disposal leads. The local authorities try to stop this problem, but to solve this global question is getting harder and harder. It will be recommended to use both solutions recycling and incineration together in order to achieve some results. It is better to say that the first solution is much better, because, the processing companies can lose a considerable quantity of money in one sphere, but in the end of recycling process it will be possible to understand that the company remained a current in prosperity as in other spheres processing makes the big profit. At recycling of any old thing to a new one, recycling companies use more than 50 % from the rests of an old product that is the company keeps money, having reduced quantity of a material demanded for a new product.

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