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Population Problem Essay

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Is what is happening to the world’s overall population a problem and why? All over the world population is becoming a serious problem. There are on average 4.3 births every second and only 1.8 deaths every second. The world is becoming over populated and causing serious problems everywhere. As of July 2014 the population was up to 7,174,611,584 and only increasing. Every year about 135 million people are born and 55 million people die, adding 80 million to our global population. What is happening to the world’s overall population is a problem that will affect everyone down the road.

In a country like India the problem with population is it’s increasing too rapidly, about a third of India’s population is under 14, which makes it one of the youngest countries on earth. In India women are expected to reproduce at a young age, which could mean barley any of them are educated on birth control. Overpopulation in India is causing various problems. An increasing population living in the area land will use up the limited food, and water the country has faster. Medical conditions are getting worse and diseases are spreading faster. More and more Indians are living below the poverty line. It’s not just happening in India, it’s happening all over the world. The population compared to resources is multiplying and resources are only adding up. There are more people than there will be safe food and drinking water. Also with the overuse of coal, oil and natural gas, it has started causing effects on our environment. When a places become overpopulated, it causes unemployment because there are fewer jobs to support large number of people.

Unemployment can leads to crime as people will steal to feed their family and provide for them. As difference between demand and supply increases from overpopulation, it makes the prices of many items go up including food, shelter and healthcare. This means that people have to pay more to survive and feed their families. There is an obvious problem with population becoming too large, so we need way to fix it. First teaching sex education to young kids at should be must, they should know how to prevent pregnancy. The information isn’t clear which results in sexually active teenagers unaware of contraceptives leading to unplanned pregnancy. While reading this paper about 750 people were born and only 315, which leaves 435 people. The death toll and birth toll should be around the same number to even out our population. Population needs to be controlled before things continue to get out of hand. People need to be educated about birth control to prevent fewer unwanted children. Something needs to happen in order to get population back to a normal amount.

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