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Political Parties

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Political parties have been the vehicle for inspiring voters to support fundamental political change when it is needed. Therefore, “even in jaded times, idealistic citizens seeking change turn to political parties to make a difference. (Mills) Out of many party system choices, multiple party systems rise above all the others. Multiple party systems have the ability to create ease in the election process, provide the voters the option to have a meaningful voice, and are more inclined to be more responsive to change. This party system is also the most utilized political category in the nation, such as England, Japan, Germany, India, and Brazil. (Eanes)

Multi-party systems require little realignment. They can separate into multiple blocs that poses the right to spread into their own category whether it be religion, ideology, or class position. (Eanes) This gives voters meaningful voices and the voters can choose who they believe strongly in rather than having to rely on a general consensus all in the name of simplicity. Two party systems unnecessarily and arbitrarily force people into representing beliefs, of which they may not believe in, in order to implement a vote that would be asserted as, “the lesser of two evils.” In turn, this and decreases the participation in election. (Fischer)

Although multiple party systems are more responsive to change, due to the number of parties and how they can affectively reflect this change with more fidelity, they an be seen to promote instability in government through proportional representation in voting. Proportional voting can lead to an unclear majority that correlates to the difficulty in a win for the Electoral College votes (270). Even though this could cause frustration, proportional voting could also be a positive; with proportional voting, comes coalitions. Coalitions bring candidates together in order to win elections. That, consequently, brings choice to the election, but not in an abrupt way. Combing candidates establish an easier election process which can build to a more stable government. (Fischer)

Neither the Constitution, nor any of its amendments allow us to restrict political parties to any specific number. Therefore we, as the people are not restrained to a particular political party in specifically, there is no constitutional basis for a two-party system. We, as the people, are allowed to determine how many parties there are. This is clear proof that an unrestricted, multiparty system is best. This system has arisen from free exchange and choice, and thus is a direct representation of the will of the people.

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