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Political Dynasty

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Politics covers many aspects, specifically the law and the goverment. Up to now, many are aspiring to serve the country especially when an established persona is a member of a political dynasty. Political dynasty is a continuous governance of members of the same clan. According to Querubin (2011), it is also a form of elite persistence. Political dynasties must be forbidded in order to stop the rampant political and peculiar self-interests. The existence of political dynasty is prohibited according to Article II, Section 26 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

The State shall guaratee equal acess to opportunities for public service and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law. ” Politicians especially those who are connected with political elites hold positions for them to acquire more benefits. “Local politics is explicity treated as an area of ‘family business’ ”. Even in media, political dynasty is still debatable for others because other contenders who want to serve the people genuinely have no chance of winning anymore due to the fact that rdinary citizens will just pick a candidate who is a product of dynastic clan. This will lead to graft and corruption. One factor might arise in this country’s political issues is that clans are making laws and projects just to support their own agendas.

In 2013 Elections, there are several family names that one can distinguish through their old family backgrounds namely: Magsaysay, Angara, Estrada, Aguino, Binay, Villar and many more. Body “Inheritance has historically been one of the most important ways in which political leaders achieved power. Instead of serving the nation sincerely, members of the political clans tend to preserve wealth and use them for their own sake. Powerful clans controlling authority and riches in order to manipulate country’s phase and and as a result, it is garned by government’s domain. Also, political and individual benefits are raised in poltical dynasties. In the presence of political dynasty, nepotism is being promoted. Nepotism is the favoritism within the relatives. Dynastic politicians can inherit a poltical capital. By this, it can lead to graft and corruption.

Graft and corruption are two of the most trending topics in the world of politics. It is primarily the root of the unending existence of political kingdoms. The turnover of elective positions preserve dynasties. At some point, political kingdoms cause the absence of genuine democracy. As a result, socioeconomic outcomes are affected by the rampant political dynasties. People are prevented from seeking help especially their necessities to the politicians. In addition to that, there are some biased activities within the government by the existence of the political dynasties.

Political inequality reinforces the unequal distribution of political power. This will limit other contenders that has more capability to hold positions. Even though a particular candidate has a capacity to serve the nation and yet that person is economically disadvantaged, political dynasts still become more powerful than expected. Aside from the initial support from friends during campaign period, relatives are supportive when it comes to releasing of advertisements in televisions, pamphlets, flyers and etcetera.

In choosing public servants, a candidate must have rightful skills. Those skills must be useful for the greater developments of the nation. Furthermore, by means of family connections, party elites can afford strategies. Those strategies can be benefitial or sometimes, a threat to other candidates and parties that will lead to black propagandas to each other. Most of the time, voters thought that voting a member from a political dynasty can really help the country’s worst problems.

Due to the lack of information regarding the non-political dynast contender, voters will automatically choose a prominent one over the not famous candidate. In summary, political dynasties must have a limit by giving way to other people in serving the community. One must be fair enough in not acquiring the goverment’s fund in order to avoid as much as possible the graft and corruption. A certain member of a family coming from the political dynasts can also serve without holding positions like philanthropists do.

Non-government organizations can be a good medium also in order to aid people especially in the rural areas. A good leader must act accordingly by having a perfect attendance in the workplace and using the government’s funds properly. As a result, clans that are involved in too much politics can also be in danger because of the greediness of each other’s party. Moreover, the political dynasts are too much exposed to the media to the extent that they are already losing their privacies. Even at this moment, political dynasty is a trending topic in television, internet and other media.

Elections 2013 is fast approaching. Citizens especially the youth must think a thousand of times who must have the positions that a particular contender must achieve. Dynasties also can cause genuine service as well as great legislator. Obviously, the dominant ones are the people who are enjoying seats in the government. The poor ones are still poor primarily because they are deprived to have anything in their condition. Political dynasty has been one of the issues even in senate and in the congress and yet, there is still no solution.

In order to gain more power, olitical dynasts have the courage and wit enough to experiment the positions they want to maintain in their respective clans. According to Commisioner Rene Sarmiento, campaigners who are not wealthy, juvenile setbacks and hopeful nemesis that arise from family that is so influential defines political dynasties. Even celebrities turned to become politicians are now also hooked in becoming political dynasts. There are many advantages of becoming a dynast like the decreasing of the tax payments done by the politician which gives the people much disadavantage and also a burden.

Political dynasty can also be considered as a ‘traditional politician’ for it is becoming a tradition to people that they have no choice but to vote the heir/s of the previous servant. The qualifications of course in choosing who to vote are somehow invalid because people tend to follow the trend for example, the popular ones over the first timers plus the candidates who came from the dynastic clans. There are instances also that officials do not necessarily control political power within themselves instead, they are becoming more biased by appointing their relatives to take over their previous posts.

Hence, they are primarily dealing with their ways on how to maintain and preserve their riches instead of thinking possible solutions in making the country as developed as possible. The inhibition of the democracy are also rampant by the formation of the kinships within the positions in the government. Last but not the least, there is a possibility that a dynast can give a good hand in making the country improve by not conniving with his or her relative especially in the corruption.

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