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Physical Preparation, Health and Lifestyle for the Public Services

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In order to join the Regular or Territorial Army candidates are required to prove they have the level of fitness needed to begin full training. The Army’s Basic Training Physical Fitness Test is a three-event physical performance test used to assess endurance. It is used to measure a candidate’s physical strengths, abilities, and cardio-respiratory fitness. Person who want to join the army fitness will be tested during the two-day selection process at an Army Development and Selection Centre (ADSC). Candidates will go through a range of strength and stamina tests, as well as a 2.4 km run. Army service:

The three compulsory tests: Static Lift, Jerry Can carry, 2.4km (1.5mile) timed run. Candidate’s results from each test are assigned a score. Candidate’s age, gender and the amount of repetitions or time elapsed for each event determines the score. Unlike other military endurance tests the APFT is normally performed in normal workout gear. To graduate boot camp individuals must score 150 points or higher with at least 50 points in each event. Static lift

The Army service requires every candidate to perform The Static Lift Test. The Static Lift is described as an exercise to simulate lifting heavy kit and ammo on to the back of an Army truck. The reality is that you will be expected to lift power bags which will vary in weight progressively becoming heavier safely to a height of 1.45m. The Weight of each power bag is as follows:


During the test every candidate will need to lift each bag in order of weight until completion or failure and candidates score will be based on the total amount of kilograms lifted. My recommendations for improvement would be that everyone who wants to join the army and be successful in Static Lift test, should practice every day in their own time. By saying this I mean that every candidate should practice and get use to carry heavy weights every day, which could even be heavy shopping bags or furniture at home. If person has a free time, he/she could heavy things in bags and act like they doing a real Static Lift test, by increasing weighs in bags. Jerry Can Carry

The Army services requires every candidate to perform Jerry Can Carry test. Jerry Can carry test is to determine the strength candidate has in the upper arms and shoulders. It is also a test of grip. Candidates are required to carry two Jerry Cans (water containers) each weighing 20 kilograms along a total distance of 150 metres. Candidates with their arms by the side and carrying one Jerry can in each hand candidates will be expected to complete this course in under 2 minutes. Candidates are required to keep a pace of no less than 5.4km/h and will be scored on the distance in metres that they can carry the 20kg weights maintaining the minimum pace. My recommendations for improvement would be that everyone who want to join the army and be successful in Jerry Can Carry test, should practice every day in their own time. Candidates could pretend that they are doing a real Jerry Can test, by carrying for example barrels of water for a particular distance. Very effective way could be increasing amount of water in barrels and increasing the distance by trying to achieve the task quicker.

The army service requires every candidate to perform the famous run which is a 2.4km (1.5 mile) track in which candidate must complete the full distance within the given time. The time candidate have to complete the run will vary depending on the position within The Army that candidate have applied for. Before starting the timed run, candidates will warm up as a squad with the other people in the selection process. This consists of a slow jog and walk over a distance of 800 metres. Candidates will then immediately begin your test. The required times for the various regiments within The Army are as follows: Parachute Regiment – Run Time 09.40

Parachute Regiment (Junior) – Run Time 10.00
Parachute Regiment (TA) – Run Time 10.30
Infantry – Run Time 12.45
Royal Artillery, Armoured Corps, Royal Engineers, Household Cavalry – Run Time 13.15 Royal Signals, Army Air Corps, Royal Logistic Corps, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Adjutant Generals Corps, Army Medical Services, Royal Army Veterinary Corps, Intelligence Corps, and Corps of Army Music – Run Time 14.00 All Junior Entry (Less Para) – Run Time 14.30

The run will be on a level ground with a stable running surface. My recommendations for improvement would be that everyone who want to join the army and be successful in running test, should practice every day in their own time. That could be trying to finish short or long distance as quick as possible, also running requires a stamina. Candidates who want to be successful in this test could run long distances at first by increasing the speed.


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