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Persuasive Speech

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April 29, 2013
Persuasive Speech Outline
1) At the end of my presentation the audience will realize they shouldn’t buy into societies idea of beauty, and embrace their own look

2) Advertising is a way of telling people how they need to look a certain way in order to be beautiful, and people should instead ignore it and feel comfortable with the way they are Visual Aids: Pictures, Video

1) Constant pressure…
2) Good Afternoon, My name is Emily Miethke
3) Advertising plays on body image
a. You need to look a certain way
b. No, you don’t
1) Advertising
a) Telling you how to look
1. 56% of commercials target young girls who watch the shows on the network. Nancy Signorielli, 2009, A focus on body image 2. Studys show 53% girls by 13 unhappy with image, raises to 78%, Nancy Now that I’ve talked about advertising…

2) Body Image and Well Being
a) Negative ideas of body image.
1. Core spect of mental and physical well being. Helga Dittmar, 2009. How do “body perfect” ideals in the media have a negative impact on body image behaviors? Factors ands processes related to self and identity. 2. Anorexia linked to social ideas of beauty. Melina Smith, Anorexia Nervosa, 2012. 3. Does media type matter, Teresea Bell, Does media type matter, 2011. now that I’ve talked about body image and media…

3) Experience with image
a) causes and effect
1) how did it happen
2) grow from it
I’ve finished explaining how advetising effects perception on body image and its negative effects and how you should embrace your own look, I will conclude Conclusion
1) Advertising negatively effects body image
a) Harmful to physical and mental well being
b) Reject societies ideals of beauty
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Plato
Thank you so much for you time, you have been a wonderful audience, questions?

Reference Page
Bell, Teresea. (2011). Does media type matter?
Dittmar, Helga. (2009). How do “body perfect” ideals in the media have a negative impact on body image behaviors? Factors ands processes related to self and identity. Journal of social and clinical psychology. Vol. 28. No. 1. pp. 1-8. Signorielli, Nancy. (2008). A focus on appearance. Kaiser foundation study.

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