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Persuasive Essay Cause and Effect

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1. Just as religion was blindly followed in the middle ages, so now science is blindly followed today. 2. Compare and Contrast- Peasants in the middle ages, blindly accepted the authority of priests whereas the urban peasants of today blindly accepts the authority of scientists. Cause and Effect- The peasant illiteracy in the subject matter for him to rely on the expert who specializes in the special language of the subject. 3. – In the middle ages, because most people did not read or understand Latin, the language of religion, they took the words of their religions authorities on blind faith. – similarly today, because most people do not understand math and physics, the language of science, we usually accept scientists on blind faith – This is dangerous because just as medieval priests had great power , scientist have great power today. – In fact, neither science nor religion can answer all the important questions by themselves. Both are required for a complete understanding of life.

The New Age of Faith (2)
1. In medieval times, we desperately went to priests and turned to religion whenever we needed faith or answers. 2. Compare and Contrast- The new age of faith refers to the age of science where everything is answered by it – people who are oblivious back then believed in the words of smart people and our way of thinking did change that we still give our faith to people who studied in that subject matter. Cause and Effect- The smart people claims and creates answers to others questions make the rest of the population (lazy ones) to put their faith in them and their beliefs. 3. -put our beliefs in smart and intelligent people and because we, the rest of the population are too lazy to study ourselves and get the answers we are looking for. – Medieval times answers and faith were put into religion

– science is the new religion where we come up with more logical theories and we are getting close to the real answers step by step. – therefore science is the new age of faith.
4. Experts on this essay include Christianity where it was a religion so big that every person knew about it and went to, to seek answers. Power and Control: Why Men Dominate Women
1. Bare Thesis- The relationship between men and woman are not yet equal nor are they just. There is still a disparity between the two sexes that we still don’t understand why that is even today. 2. Cause and Effect – after working close with about 00 abusive men, they found that the reason for abuse and the mistreat toward their female partners was to gain power and control. – since society portrayed that the male population was dominant, the young male population remove themselves from their mothers and act more masculine because of that influence from the role models of today. – Another reason for dominance, aggression and violence is that it gives the results they are looking for – Because of the fear of being ” walked over”, or losing control is another reason for dominance Compare and Contrast- foolish for us to think that the only abusive men need to be controlled – the discrimination against men is like the discrimination of racism.

3. Blueprint Thesis- social expectations of males put pressure on young boys to suppress so called “feminine” qualities such as emotion, paired with society’s misogynistic attitudes, this causes many young men to develop low self esteem because they view themselves as possessive inferior” female qualities”. The solution employed by some men is to abuse and dominate their female partners so that they can gain a sense of power. These men need to learn that they don’t need to become an abuser to avoid being a victim. Instead, they can try to be equal partners with the women in their lives. 4. Evidence (Concrete)- Statistics from paragraphs 2 and 4

– Examples from paragraphs 1 and 14
– Expert opinions from paragraphs 6 and 14.

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