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Personal Significance

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            I have learned personal significance in so many ways. Allow me to share my experiences:

            I am an only child and even though we are not rich, my parents loved me: they provided me with all the basic needs; consistently kept me away from harm; worked very hard just so they could send me to the best schools; guided me in ethical decision making that I need to do; and they took care of me every time I feel ill, etc. All the aforementioned made me feel extremely important. This is my first lesson relating to personal significance.

            When I went to college, I met my best friend. She would always listen to my problems; help me with assignments in some of my courses which I don’t have any inclination of, for instance essay writing, which I wasn’t good at back then; back me up when I am in a heated argument with someone; even lend me some money in times of desperate need; and best of all, when her parents disapproved of our friendship because of my socioeconomic status, she also fought for it. I was so touched, I felt exceedingly significant. This I believe was my second lesson on personal significance.

            When I was in second year college, my father lost his job. I felt depressed because I knew that would greatly affect the whole family’s economic status including my school expenses. What happened was, I felt so sad that my grades slipped causing me to lose my scholarship in the university also. I didn’t know where to go and I didn’t have any idea how I could go on with my studies in the university without money. I thought of my best friend but I wasn’t willing to borrow money again since I have so much debt already. I was walking around the campus when I saw the school chapel, I went in and cried and prayed for so long. I asked for God’s help, guidance, strength, and wisdom for me to discover how I can help myself in such crisis and how I can keep up with life. After I cried and prayed I stood up from kneeling but I did not leave yet, instead, I sat there and just stared and noticed this passage posted in front, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Gospel.., 2007). I felt revitalized after reading it because it was as if He was speaking to me directly. Anyway, less than a week after that, I found a job, God helped me with my problem. I felt so important. One day I was so low, but in just a few days, my dilemma was solved. This is the most important experience of mine which taught me about personal significance.


Gospel Communications International. (2007). Deuteronomy 36:1. Retrieved September 10,

2007 from


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