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Personal Goals as a College Student

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I have many personal goals I hope to attain as a college student. Along the path to my degree I will be setting an example for my children, building my own self confidence, and starting a lifetime of strategic learning.

My parents are both college graduates. I watched my parents obtain their degrees while I was growing up, and it instilled in me a sense of the importance of a good education. I was raised knowing that sometimes early in life things happen to knock one off course but that it is never too late to get back on track and reach your goals. I learned that with a lot of effort, and support, anything is possible and a person can always improve their situation if they work hard enough and have a strong enough desire.

Each class that I complete will give me a boost of self-confidence. Earning my degree will be the greatest boost. I have a history of excellent school work that was broken by outside influences such as illness, military service and job promotions. When I was a student, I always earned great grades. I did it for myself, and I loved the feeling of knowing that I was the best I could be. I loved having the hard proof reflected in my GPA. It was not always easy, but as long as I stayed focused on my goal of graduating I did my best and that paid off in the end.

I know that I can return to that excellence, and prove to myself that I still have the ability to not only keep up with my peers. If I can just reach one goal at a time I will know time and time again, that I really do have it in me. I simply have to set myself to the task of bringing my abilities to the forefront and that excellence will be shown not just in school, but over the rest of my life as well.

I believe that there is a strong need to continue my learning path over my entire lifetime. It is so very important to keep up with the influx of information in our world. My generation is seeing the greatest boom of information that there has ever been. What we do with the information will shape our world for generations to come. There is no precedence for us to fall back on, and we desperately need to prove that we can handle it responsibly and make the world a better, more peaceful place, one step at a time. The only way we will be able to do this is by constantly taking in all the information available to us and learning all we can in our lifetimes.

There is no such thing as an end to an education. I know I need to use strategic learning skills to stay on top of the issues in the world as well as my personal life. There are always things to be learned and my college education will continue to teach me the skills I need to know to function as a contributing part of society and as a self-motivated learner in other aspects of my life.

I have several personal goals as a college student. Lessons I learn while I’m in school will prepare me for a lifetime of continued strategic. My education will also give me the self-confidence and inspiration to reach my goals and pursue my dreams.

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