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Paragraph Development

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The most common Chinese food I enjoy most making and devouring is the dumpling. A dumpling’s texture is smooth and soft just like a baby’s skin. As I slice a dumpling, I can see its mouth-watering juice coming out from the filling and I can smell its meaty aroma twelve inches away from the plate. As soon as I munch on it, I can taste the pork, vegetable and seasonings all mixed perfectly! Eating dumplings sure makes me feel I’m in cloud nine.


January 30, 2013 was the assigned date for our English report. All of my classmates were very busy researching details about their topics, creating sample paragraphs and making their presentations worth listening. As the days quickly passed by, my classmates were going back and forth in the library until they almost made the other students dizzy. They were all in a panic to make the best presentations and to please our highly respected professor. On the day of the presentation, they came in early to set up their laptops and projector. Silent rehearsals, loud tension and many hearts pounding out of the chests can be heard around the four corners of the room. After five minutes of waiting, the professor finally came in. The first group prepared their presentation and turned on the projector, only to find out that the projector does not have an adapter.


There are many religions existing in our world at present. One is Christianity. “Christian” is a term that is called to the people who live their lives like how Jesus Christ did. They believe God as their maker and Jesus Christ as God’s only son and their savior. Another religion is Islam. The people who are believers of Allah are under this religion and they are known as “Muslims”. Muslims believe in the five pillars in worshipping Allah. Buddhism is also a known religion. It originated from India but now more famous in China. Buddhists believe in the teachings of the prince Siddhartha Gautama. They are guided by their spiritual leaders who are called “monks”.

Process and Process Analysis

There are various ways in making the wrapper for the Chinese dim sum dumplings. I will teach you one way to make the wrapper. First, put in a bowl the flour, cornstarch, water and egg. Mix the ingredients with your hands thoroughly. Use your hands directly because using our hands will produce more pressure than using utensils. More pressure means more refined. Next, get a small portion of the mixture and shape it as a ball. Then, press it on a flat surface to make it look like a dumpling wrapper. Lastly, fix the wrapper’s shape to make it look more like a wrapper. It is now ready to be stuffed with dumpling filling.

Cause and Effect

God sent His only begotten Son- Jesus Christ-for the world. He loved the world so much even if the world breaks His heart and betrays His love for them. The world loved another king, king of the sins, instead of the King of Heaven and Universe. In behalf of all the sins the world had done against Him, He still wanted to save the world. Therefore, He gave the world Jesus Christ. His beloved Son was whipped, crowned with a crown of thorns and crucified on the cross. Jesus Christ suffered for the benefit of the world. Because of His suffering, anyone who believes Him as his personal Savior will now have eternal life and his name will be written in the Book of Life.

Comparison or Contrast

Many television dramas involve plots revolving around twins. Some twin dramas are about being separated since birth then discovering each other’s existence after some time, about the one twin being the favorite of everybody and the other being a total jerk, about a supernatural incident which will make one twin a normal person and the other a person made from water and so on. There are two kinds of twins. One is identical twins. Identical twins are those twins who look exactly the same. This kind of twin is a result from the division of the fertilized egg cell. The other type of twin is the fraternal twin. Fraternal twins do not look like each other. They do not resemble each other’s physical appearance. They are formed from two different egg cells. When the mother produced two egg cell and the two sperm cells fertilized each egg cell, then fraternal twins are formed.


What is a professor? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a professor is a faculty member of the highest academic rank at an institution of higher education. He or she is the one that teaches or professes special knowledge of an art, sport, or occupation requiring skill. The professors are highly respected especially among the students. Students look up to professors because students need to be trained for their preferred educational program. In return, professors educate their students the how-to’s in a course and train them for facing the real life. Professors are the teachers at a university, college, or sometimes secondary school that is why they sure are highly skilled. Most of the professors also hold a Master’s degree and a PhD degree.


The bed offers inexpensive pleasure for all kinds of ages. For the kids, the bed can be a great stage for their imagination. Under their bed, there can be a monster living beneath it. On their bed, their imagination can start functioning widely and unlimitedly. They can even make their beds a trampoline where they jump and jump until the spring looses out. For the teenagers, the bed is their private personal space. When they cannot contain their emotions due to too much happiness, agony, or the like, they run to the comforts of their beds and express their emotions on them by shouting with their heads buried on their pillows or stomping hardly to release stress. When they are in the verge of tears, they cover themselves with their blanket and hide on their beds to be separated from the world. For adults, beds are their haven especially from a very tiring day. A soft warm bed is what they only need after a long day of hard work.


The bed is loved by all kinds of people. A good bed gives comfort and relaxation to its sleeper. It should never fail to make the sleeper feel more relaxed and less stressed. The bed size also matters in giving the sleeper comfort. The size should appropriately be bigger or longer than the sleeper. If the bed is smaller than the sleeper, the sleeper will need to either crouch which will make them sore or hang their feet which will not do good for them either. Another quality that sleepers commonly find in a good bed is its softness. The softer the bed cushion, the more at ease will they sleep. A bed sure helps its sleepers in many aspects so good qualities are really sought to get the full benefit of sleeping.


The young generations at present are now known as “screenagers”. Screenagers spend their whole time facing screens of personal computers, televisions, laptops, Iphones, tablets and the like. Youths today are more into technology than real life. In school works, whenever a teacher gives an assignment about researching on a certain topic, the first thing they will consult is the internet. They seldom visit the library. Education institutions should not promote the use of internet in doing assignment, research, thesis and other school works. Tangible books are more realistic and more reliable than the articles in the internet which can be edited by any person. By relying on the internet, the students will just copy the text, paste it on their document and print it out. They do not even bother to look at the content. While in using the library and reading books, the students will be really forced to read the articles to really find what he or she needs.


Dreaming is like watching a movie. In dreaming, there are stories that happen in your minds. Good dreams will make our slumber very comfortable and enjoyable while nightmares will make us want to quickly wake up to escape that dream. Just like in movies, movies that have a light-hearted plot will make the viewers feel relaxed and emotionally inclined to the movie. Some may even not want to get out of the movie house when the movie is done because they feel they have not gotten enough of the two-hour long movie. In the case of bad movies or those movies which are not the interest of the viewer because of some reasons, the viewer would want the movie to end up quickly. They might even go out of the movie house without finishing the movie. People can watch movies every night without cost simply by just sleeping.


The first foreign country I have been to is Taiwan. I liked Taiwan and I really enjoyed my vacation there. First of all, Taiwan is a clean environment. I did not see any trash in the streets. They have trash bins everywhere. Second, the Taiwanese are disciplined. When riding or getting off a bus, they do not ride or get off wherever they want to. They follow a strict rule about using the bus stops. Third, I liked it there because their foods are cheap yet fresh. They have many steakhouses that offer eat-all-you-can buffets for a cost that is really worth it. They also have restaurants that have individual hotpots with a conveyor of food right in front of you. Their street foods are also delicious and clean. Lastly, I enjoyed my vacation in Taiwan because their products are so cheap. Clothes, shoes, accessories, school items, office items and many more products are sold for a very cheap price their but with a very good quality. Going to Taiwan was never a regret to me and if I will be given a chance to go their again, I will literally grab that opportunity again.

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