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Opportinities To Maximise Innovation

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Why is it necessary to reflect on what the team needs and wants to achieve? All members of the team must know what are the specific goals and work objectives, that need to be achieved, when they must be completed and the standard to which they should be completed. It is necessary for every team of an organization to set directions on work goals and objectives that will contribute to the achievement of the overall organizational goals.

What sorts of things might come under consideration when determining the needs of innovative teams? appropriate team size
meaningful selection of work flow
degree of autonomy and independence
training and some degree of multi-skilling
appropriate external relations
appropriate group boundaries
authority and access to resources to achieve objects
leadership type and style
a workplace culture which support team activity

Why is it necessary to gather information about current or potential team members’ work in the context of developing a more innovative team? it can make good teamwork and create effective team

Explain how diversity amongst team members and between teams benefits a business organisation. Support your answer with workplace examples. when team members have different skills and experiences can solve problems and reach the goal more efficiently. ex: people who work in a bank who can speak different languages can serve foreign customers more efficiently. SECTION 2: ORGANISE AND AGREE EFFECTIVE WAYS OF WORKING

Explain how a team leader might establish ground rules for team operations. 1. Set aside time at a team meeting to discuss ground rules. All team members should have a chance to provide input. 2. Ask team members to discuss prior group experiences. What worked well? What created problems? 3. As a group, describe what you’d like to happen when you work together. 4. Write down the ground rules to which the team has agreed. Each member should have a copy. 5. Ground rules should be reviewed periodically.

Explain why you think the methods you described will work to the advantage of team members and of the organisation. The ground rules establish through agreement between team leaders and team members. They know what work well and what may create problems while working.

Why is it necessary to take into account the individual abilities of team members when making sure that teams do not become so exclusive that they do not interact effectively to achieve organisational goals? make sure each team member brings their skills, knowledge, attitudes, aptitudes, personalities, and priorities, bring in a team, can work in a team group Activity 5

26/05/2014 08:09PM
What criteria might come into consideration when selecting team members? Demonstrates reliability
Communicates constructively
Listens actively
Functions as an active participant
Shares openly and willingly
Cooperates and pitches in to help
Works as a problem-solver
Treats others in a respectful and supportive manner
people who can as a group, perform all the technical skills required for the task or the series of tasks they are likely to be presented with. Trainer Comments
26/05/2014 08:00PM
What skills or qualities should team members have?
Activity 6
26/05/2014 08:09PM
It is necessary to encourage employees to challenge, ask questions, develop innovative problem solutions and collaborate in developing new ideas and suggestions for improvement. This will contribute to quality management/ improvements. Explain how it is possible for teams to contribute to quality improvements and how positive thinking by team members can be encouraged. 1. set clear, achievable communicated goals for quality performance define and communicate quality requirements

maintain defective feedback processes between suppliers and customers monitor and evaluate performance
acknowledge employee contribution
collect and analyse process data
develop a quality oriented culture
ensure that employee check the quality of their work
constantly identify and diagnose quality problems
take appropriate action to overcome quality problems
innovate and reward innovation and creativity
check that improvements are succeeding
search for new improvement areas
2. develop effective teams
support open and communication
leading by example
involving people by decisions which affect them
supporting effective relationship building
encouraging personal and professional development of employees Activity 7
26/05/2014 08:09PM
Make a list of the things that you think might encourage people to
communicate innovative and creative ideas or could act as rewards for people who do make such contributions. opportunity to attend seminars, trade fairs, workshops and networking events training programs

verbal acknowledgement, like thank you
Last answered at: 26/05/2014 08:14PM
Activity 8
26/05/2014 08:14PM
Why is it necessary for teams to have effective leaders who can delegate and who provide appropriate role models? they can encourage employees to share information and experiences Leader is the one who sets goal for the team and help them achieve it. He should possess the vision to aim right and at the same time, be able to mobilize people towards those goals. Receptive to new ideas.An effective leader should have loads of understanding and always focus on the betterment of the group, as a whole, and not individual members. At the same time, he should be honest, trustworthy and easily approachable. Trainer Comments

Have you ever worked with people who refused to share their knowledge/ experience? Who does this benefit? Why do you think this might happen?

1. yes
2. no one
3. personality
Why should team members be encouraged, by team leaders, to share information, knowledge and skills? Knowledge sharing is one of an essential elements that will effect the growth of an organization. Activity 10

Why is it necessary to proactively discuss and explore ideas with other team members on an ongoing basis? the more information workers have, the more improve productivity improvement and more quality services SECTION 4: REFLECT ON HOW THE TEAM IS WORKING

Why is it necessary to hold debriefing activities, to allow teams the opportunity to reflect on activities and the time to think about opportunities for improvement and innovation? discover weakness, gaps, information changing, keep continuously improvement Activity 12

20/05/2014 05:10PM
For what reasons is it a good idea to seek feedback from a range of sources? whether improvements to the idea can be made and whether there are any costs, risks, or drawbacks that were not previously considered. Activity 13

20/05/2014 05:10PM
List and describe methods that you think can be used to encourage team members to innovate. 1.Reward new ideas/Recognize new thoughts/Celebrate success – People will want to be a part of it. 2.Encourage thinking time. (Read a couple posts about that HERE and HERE.) 3.Have times together as a team that are simply fun.

4.Remove obstacles to innovative thought, such as communication barriers between team members and management. 5.Talk about current culture and how changes can impact your organization’s culture. 6.Be accessible. It encourages team members to share new ideas with you more often. 7.Welcome diversity of thoughts and opinions, even if they are different than yours. 8.Set innovation goals, such as “make changes to the website next year this time.” Activity 14

20/05/2014 05:10PM
Why is it necessary to build improvement ideas and activities into future processes? it can make continuous improvement of the company
Activity 15
20/05/2014 05:10PM
Why should successful innovations be recognised and celebrated? it tends to motivate and enthuse employees so that they will make further contributions Written / Oral Questions
Last answered at: 20/05/2014 05:11PM
20/05/2014 05:11PM
Describe the ways in which team contribution to innovation and creative problem solving and improvement processes can be maximised? •Develop self-awareness and understand the attitudes and behaviours of all of your team members. •Understand collective motivational needs and those specific to each individual •Build trust and encourage a safe and open environment to share ideas. •Actively listen and encourage team listening of everyone’s contribution •Appreciate that debate is healthy, but conflict needs to be managed. •Provide appropriate feedback

•Help everyone learn from mistakes and the successes.
•Assess effectiveness against objections
•Celebrate success.

Explain the procedures that might be followed to ensure that team members work together and understand their roles and responsibilities?

set rules
allocate tasks
encourage innovation
problem solving

How can team leaders support and guide colleagues with regard to involvement in innovative and creative problem solving? encourage thinking, challenging and collaboration

How is it possible to monitor the work of teams and to reflect on how well teams are working? questions and process systems
encourage systems thinking
strip down process to find and eliminate problems that reduce quality instil team work and create an atmosphere for innovation and permanent quality improvement remind everyone that better quality pays delegate tasks and authority so that employees understand they are valued and valuable provide learning opportunities  provide safe and secure workplace

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