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Observing and describing verbal and nonverbal communication

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Communication, the act or process of using words, sounds signs or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else. (Merriam Webster dictionary). There are four forms of communication; verbal, non-verbal, written and visual. Verbal communication, includes sounds, words, language, and speaking. The following is a great example of verbal communication. While eating dinner with my family at a Japanese steakhouse I was able to hear and observe a couples conversation taken place from the booth behind us. “I’m starved” a female voice stated. “Likewise” a male voice responded. (There was a slight pause) A few moments later the male stated “Wow This food is great! Would you like to try any of my sushi honey?” “No thank you” the woman replied.

A few more minutes pass (I assumed they were eating) A waiter approaches and asks the couple if they would like anymore refills the couple gladly replied yes in unison. There was a frank silence until the waiter returned with their drinks, when the waiter returned the couple began complimenting and praising the restaurant saying how much they enjoyed their meal. From my observation I was able to form a valid conclusion, that the coupled was both hungry and satisfied, from my conclusion I was able to form a hypothesis that because the couple enjoyed the restaurant they most likely will be returning. The second form of communication I will be discussing is, Nonverbal communication which includes gestures, and facial expressions that do not involve verbal communication.

Unlike the conversation inside of the steakhouse I was unable to hear this conversation but I could see it. Even though I could not hear what was being said while the conversation was taken placed I was able to see the gestures that were being used. Gestures which are, the ways in which people use their bodies to communicate without words; actions that have symbolic meaning. While this conversation was taken place I also noticed facial expressions, which is a gesture executed by using facial muscles. Below is an example of how both gestures and facial expression are both used during a nonverbal conversation.

Previously while at the library, I observed two gentlemen having a conversation, although I could hear the conversation I was unable to see it, while observing I noticed one gentlemen handing the other a dollar bill which made the gentlemen smile. From my observation I assumed that the gentlemen who received the money may have asked the gentlemen for a dollar possibly to get a cold refreshment, Being that he just got off of his bicycle in nearly 100 degree weather. From my observation I was able to conclude the guys were friends or possibly acquaintances. I was able to form a thesis, the guy smiled because his friend gave him a dollar bill.

In conclusion, communication helps us better understand an individual or situation. Communication enables us to resolve differences, build friendships and trust. Could you imagine the world without communication? Imagine having generations all over the world which would have to learn everything from scratch, this is what would happen without any communication. Furthermore how would we be able to transfer all of our knowledge to the next person, better yet, how would we improve our capacity of knowledge as a whole. We would not be able to if we could not share any of our experiences. Following on how would we be able to create an adaptive society if everything we want to create cannot be expressed through our thoughts and desires? We could still accomplish great individual feats, but it yields no value if we cannot share it to the next person. Without communication we would misunderstand each other which would only create chaos and conflict communication benefits us without it we would all just be confused individuals could you imagine world without it?

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