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Newspaper Comparison

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The paper contains one of the main news stories on the front page, a section on all news, a section on the arts, a separate paper fpr the sports, financial matters, and stocks. This paper is a more serious paper, for older readers.

Title of main story: “Heads ready to replace A levels with new exam”

The article is about head teachers preparing to introduce a British baccalaureate in place of the A level. The article includes what head teachers are syaing about it.

Name of paper- The Liverpool Echo. (Tabloid)

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Date of paper: Thursday September 19th 2002

Younger audience or those who like news about the celebrities and news about their city.

The paper contains a story about Liverpudlians being the cheeriest people in the U.K. On the front page it also contains a story about Danny Murphy (Liverpool footballer) and Joanna Taylor (Meresybeat TV) becoming a couple.

Title of main story: “Britains warmest welcome- you are the friendliest people in the U.K”

The Story is about readers of a top worldwide travel magazine hailing Liverpudlians as the cheeriest people on the U.K. Liverpool city was given an award at ceremony in London. (The story is continued)

The Times main stories are about Tony Blair and A levels, these are more serious matters for our country. The Echo’s main stories contian a celebrity couple, and Liverpool winning an award.

The stroies are totally different from each other. The Times stories effect the whole of Britain, and they are more serious. The Echo’s stories are about gossip on the celebriaties and Liverpool itself.

The Times have two main stories. One is about A levels, the other about farmers protesting to the government and Tony Blair. These stories talk about protests, and government matters, which are more news braeking matters. The Echo is more about gossip.

The Times stories relate to their audience by giving them a more serious and intellegent article to read. The Echo relates to their audience by giving them main articles about Liverpool, its people and celebrities. The Echo’s readers will be younger people- who enjoy to hear about celebrities and their lives, and what they have won prizes for. The Echo’s readers will be people who love hearing about fanous people and thei city, The Times readers will be maybe be older people, or people who enjoy hearing about political matters and what’s happening in their country and world, sometimes more maturer readers.

The Times paper has thril logo across the front of the page in big bold black letters. Just above this are some of the articles the paper contains. The main story has no picture, but itstitle and sub-heading is big and bold. All the writing is black, and some titlesin red. Underneath the titleof the main article is a sub-heading. The other main story has a large picture of a huntman in his kennels, this relates to the article. The article’s heading is big and bold. In the middle is a cartoon of a protest that relates to thr article, and gives a bit of humour. All these make the audience look more at the paper because it stands out. The photo’s and pictures tell a bit about the article so the readers know what they’re going to be reading about first.

The Echo has a colourful logo which is blue, white and red with the liver bird on the side, it stands out. The writing on the page is big and bold. The writing is more colourful on The Echo than The Times. This will attract readers. The Times is more serious though, and is more about news than being colourful. The main headline on The Echo takes up nearly half the page. It is black and bold. The picture accompanying it is of two Liverpudlian comedians smiling and laughing, this of course relates to the article. The article says how Liverpool’s people are the friendliest, and the picture relates to this by showing two of Liverpool’s comedians looking happy. The other picture which acompanies the story about the new coupleshows a picture of Joanna Taylor all dressed up looking stunning. These pictures relate to the type of readers because they show pictures of the stars and they give stories on gossip and news in their city.

Both papers show pictures that are totally different from each other but relate to their articles greatly. The Times is a serious paper, yet it puts a bit of comedy into its images by drawing funny cartoons. The Times has more headlines on the front of its paper and tells news about the country and some worldwide news.

The Times has only one picture and one cartoon picture relating to the same article. The Echo has two pictures, one picture each for both its main headlines. The Times photo is big and stands out, it is colourful and relevent to the article. The Echo’s pictures are smallerand both relevent. The picture of the two Liverpool comdeians laughing is a good picture because the article is about Liverpool people being the friendliest. When the readers see the pictures, they should get an idea if what the story is about. The images are important because they attract the readers, so newspapers must make theirs bold and colurful, with a caption explaining the picture.

The Echo’s main story- “Britain’s Warmest Welcome- You are the friendliest people in the UK”

“Liverpool is the friendliest city in Britain. Readers of a top worldwide travel magazine overwhelmingly hailed Liverpudlians as the cheeriest people in the UK.

The city was given the Conde Nast Traveller magazine award at a ceremony in London last night. Today council leader Mike Storey said the honour was a real achievement for all Liverpudlians. The story continues by saying that its something for the people of Liverpool t be proud of. The spokeswoman of the magazine said the award was very well deserved. Famous people commented on how they found Liverpool people friendly and the city’s people were congratulated.

One of the main stories on The Times is called “Heads ready to replace A levels with new exam.”

“Head Teachers are preparing to introduce a British baccalaureate in place of the A level, because of collapsing confidence in the “gold standard examination.”

The story goes on by telling us how they are preparing to introduce the new exam, what it will involve and comments from head teachers on what they think about it.

The Echo uses descriptive language to describe how lucky Liverpudlians were e.g. – “overwhelmingly hailed Liverpudlians” There are no punts or rhetorical questions. The sentence structure is quite short, but descriptive. This makes it more exciting to read. The Newspaper is quite easy to read, this is why they newspaper is better for younger readers.

The Times uses descriptive and detailed language. The sentence structure is long. The language is much more descriptional. The sentences are more serious and are aimed at older readers. They use more mature words e.g. “This weeks debade with A levels has created uncertainty about the standard of the examination.”

Both papers use descriptive language to attract their readers, but they use it in different ways, The Times uses more descriptional, mature language, and a wider range of vocabulary. The Echo uses a little description and some humour for their type of readers.

For The Times, they use long sentence structure because their stories are longer and more descriptional. They use wider vocabulary for their type of readers. They use rhetoric in their adverts etc.

The Echo uses, short sentence structure and humour to attract their readers. The stories they print don’t need long descriptional sentences. The use puns and rhetoric to make their adverts look more interesting.

The Echo have a main variety of adverts. Most of them are advertising houses for sale, mortgages, entertainment in the Liverpool area, or business’ and shops in the Merseyside area. There are adverts on every page, and there is a section for house advertisements, and entertainment etc. The Echo does not really advertise products.

The Echo’s adverts for shops and companies are bright and bold, they stand out. They uses short sentences to tell you what kind of products they sell and the location/s of them.

An example is The Aintree Showroom advert. This is advertising fireplaces. It is a colourful advert and shows pictures of the fireplaces they supply. The advert is on the bottom of the front page on the newspaper. They make the words “Ultimate Choice” stand out by highlighting them in red and using bold capitals. They give quotes on how much they charge and explain where they are and when they’re open till etc. This advert is good because it is bold and makes you look at it.

The Times adverts, advertise more products that are sold all over the country. They also have an advert on every page. And a couple of pages of just adverts.

The Times adverts are big, and they stand out, some are in colour, some are in black and white. One advert they have used on the front page is advertising Chanel perfume. The advertisement is of a model posing in a dress with a guitar, the advert is black and white. It’s aimed at older readers. It’s not advert that gives you loads of details, just a picture which will stick in your mind. The only information they give is their website. This is subtle advertising.

The Echo has more entertainment pages than The Times. The Echo has a TV Guide, horoscopes, promotions etc. It has a 2 page guide on Television, and it uses a few pages for other entertainment things.

The Times has a television guide, a crossword puzzle and horoscopes, but it doesn’t have as many promotion pages as The Echo.

The Times entertainment pages do seem better though as they have things like crosswords. They both have a few pages at the end of the paper dedicated to entertainment, but The Echo has a little more than The Times.

The Times is a broadsheet paper. It is printed all over the country, and prints news about the country and world. It includes a variety of adverts, and entertainment. This paper is for older readers, who like to hear about worldwide news etc. The paper also includes stocks and bank news, so it is meant for older readers.

The Echo is a tabloid newspaper, its includes more gossip about the stars and local news about Merseyside etc. It includes some entertainment pages and adverts. The paper is best for younger readers, and people who like to here about news in their area.

I think that The Times would be a good newspaper if you like to here about worldwide issues and look at stocks and shares, that’s why it’s meant for older readers. I would read it for the worldwide news, but I would personally read The Echo, as it has more articles that I’d like to read etc. I think the Echo is more colourful and attractive than The Times, as it has more pictures, colours and bold writing, and the Times can be quiet boring to look at. The Times has better adverts than The Echo, as they advertise shops and products all over the country, which The Echo doesn’t do. I think they’re both good newspapers depending what type of news you like to view, and what you’re in to, but I would personally pick The Echo, as I am younger and like hearing news about the stars and entertainment in my area. Newspapers are made to suit each type of audience, and The Echo and Times both do this well.

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