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My Idea of the Theatre of the Future

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The Institution

The theatre is a very important institution in our society. It was a breakthrough in the entertainment world. It provided new possibilities, new ideas for the people so that it would entertain more and more people. It is known as the theatron in Greek, which means a “place for seeing” (“History of Theatre”, 2006). In the theater you could see countless situations, events, and many other things that you could see in real life. Surely, its an inseparable aspect in human society and in life. But what would the theatre be in the near future? What awaits this institution through the course of time?

The Future of the Theatre

In the advent of modern technology, the theatre faces a lot of opponents. This includes the film industry, which as we know, is also a product of the theatre. The film industry has become a completely separate entity, with the manipulation of modern instruments and production. So, in order to keep up with the competition, the future theatre would also make use of technology to their advantage. They would employ the latest technology yet, retaining the class and the quality performance that one would see in the theatres of today.

In the near future, it would really interest me to go to a theatre if it has modern facilities, superb sound system, and vary talented artists and performers. It would encourage more people to go to a theatre if it offers comfort and great viewing pleasure. The perfect theater of the future would be a place where they could unwind from work or just a means of escape, wherein they are taking themselves away from reality. Basically, a theatre should offer some features that will be relaxing to the more workaholic generation of the future, yet they will not falter in maintaining elegance and great talents in their artists and performers.

The artists. The theatre of the future would be a repository of great talents from all walks of life. Thus, it should cater to all people, not only the audience but also the artists. They should be skilled performers, with great mastery of their fields of expertise, so that the people will have great viewing pleasure. There should also be a lot of performers from all countries, from all races, from Asians, Europeans, and many more. This is because the audience is not only from a specific group of people. The audience that the theatre of the future will consider is the world.

The performances. What you would see now in a modern-day theatre would also be shown in the theatre of the future. It would feature performances from great singers, which is buffed by a great sound system, made especially for the listening pleasure. When there are plays, it would be supported by modern technology so that it would look more realistic. For example, when it requires a character to fly, instead of using ropes and suspensions, they could utilize the principle of magnetic levitation (Maglev). Also, the scenes would be enhanced by a great graphic simulator, wherein the scenes and background would be realistic. They could also utilize three-dimensional imaging or virtual reality presentations. The possibilities are limitless (“Theater Basics”, 2001).

The plays would be of various topics, but would usually be about the past, so that the people would still have a chance to get back on how people lived before. This is because of the fast paced world that people tend to forget where they came from, what were there roots all about. The theatre would be an instrument for the future so that the people in the present would not forget about the past.

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