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Music and teenagers

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Music is one of the best ways to entertain yourself and one of the best ways to have friends and to know yourself. Nobody in this world doesn’t want to listen and appreciate music especially teenagers.

In this work, you will know how teenagers today reacted to the music they listen to and how they apply it in their lives.

This work will give lessons to the readers who act so emotional to the music they have heard.

I know you can easily relate to this topic because I know this is very common to all music lovers. Even I myself don’t have a hard time on doing this because I can relate it to myself being also a music lover.

Statement of the Problem

1.) What is music?

2.) What are the positive and negative results of music to the teenagers?

3.) Does music influenced the lifestyle of teenagers?


1. If you will ask “What is Music” most the people will answer; it is the language of our soul and it inspires people. It is the art of arranging words and combines it to music. Many people get their attitudes, fashions, and way of living in the songs they love to hear.

2. The positive side of listening to music is the listeners are inspired of the music they have heard and it helps them to overcome their melancholy. For others, music is their partner and their life. However, in the negative side, some listeners will develop bad influences and some were emotionally affected by the music. They can feel the sympathy of the lyrics and the worst part is, they will commit suicide.

3. Yes, some teenagers who were addicted to music will have their favorite artist, band, and genre. They will apply it to themselves just like the way of living of their favorite band. Just like their attitude and most of all their fashion. They will dress up and even talk and walk just like their favorite band.


Music is the art of arranging tones in an orderly sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition.

1 In reality, music does not have any concrete meaning. Music has different meanings for different people. Music is unique in each person’s life. To a musician, it is their life. Music is their passion. For others, music is a hobby, and a past time. Music is something that arouses interest and is pleasurable. The Casual fan may learn about music, how to read music, how to sing or how to play musical instruments, but they do not have the all uncompromising passion a musician possesses. Music is a mean of relaxation for some, while others simply enjoy listening to the sounds, melodies and rhythms that music brings to their ears, minds, and heart.

2 Music is not often called the universal language….words may describe time’s passing but music enacts it for us….when this level of musical discourse becomes accessible to you, there is always so much to hear. Because music is performed unstoppably in time, it will always invoke questions – no matter what the style or era. The answers will sometimes be clear; sometimes grey and subtle; but the pathway to exploring them is concrete and can be done by anyone….these abstract issues can be palpably emotional….attentive listening leads us to the music inside ourselves.

3 All teenagers love music….Music is a shared bond between teenagers. It gives them an identity, a feeling of belonging to a group.

4 The thing about music is that it sends out an either good or bad message that will have a big impact on kids’ actions and ideas. Unlike times in the past music is creating a gap and separating kids into groups. Now you can tell if a group of teenagers listens to rap music or not. Just by the way they walk, talk, and dress….and most Goth and Emo music get kids to cut and try to kill themselves. Crime, drugs, suicides, and teen pregnancy are all influenced by music.

5 Suicide is a theme that is found in the lyrics of many genres of music, including traditional, folk, heavy metal, country and opera. Content analysis of country songs reveals several themes that can foster suicide, including marital strife or dissolution, alcohol abuse, financial strain or being exploited at work, and social isolation.

6 Many people who listen to heavy metal also listen to other types of music. These may also have lyrics concerning suicide, despair or isolation. It would thus be difficult to pinpoint specific genre as being the direct and sole cause of suicide. Lyrics have been taken out of the context of an entire song to support arguments that heavy metal music incites suicide. The way in which an adolescent interprets the lyrics may be the opposite of what the artist has intended

.7 Heavy metal carries on traditional countercultural concerns with social problems, but it departs from earlier rock music that does not offer hope or solutions for solving such problems.8 Heavy Metal music more often seems to become a problem for adolescents who are already struggling with feelings of alienation.

These adolescents may also lack of positive role models, come into repeated conflict with authorities, abuse alcohol and drugs; and have a family history of violence and/or suicide.9 Far from placing adolescents at risk of suicide, heavy metal music may have protective functions for some. 54% of a sample of male heavy metal fans who were interviewed said that their music served a purgative function, that is it helped to relieve feelings of anger. The music mirrored the emotional volatility brought on by the usual crises and conflicts of adolescence. 10 Music not only affects teenagers but can begin to define them of people and delineate them from others. The type of music you like becomes a critical factor by which the person retains identity. Music becomes the dictator of what clothes you wear, what people you associate with, what people you will hate, sometimes what political and or moral beliefs you will have.

Take for instance people who listen to rap predominantly. Such people will begin to dress in a certain “gangsta” fashion. A person who listens to Goth music might wear all black, paint their finger nails black, enjoy walking in the cemeteries, pretend to be witch or warlocks, and act jaded. The same with peoplewho listens to Emo music, they like to be alone and their feelings will become deeply emotional and sometimes they like to kill themselves. A dude who listens to metal music will largely be defined by the type of metal he or she enjoys most.


Music has always been a way of expressing feelings and thoughts. Learning how to sing or play musical instruments helps in a lot of positive ways.

Music helps relieve the stress of everyday life. Many people, who play music and listens to music including myself, use it to escape the troubles that we face. Sometime when I feel I have some problems or when I am having a bad day, listening to music makes me feel better. I become so wrapped up in the music that I forget everything else. I’m sure that other teenagers feel the same way. For most musicians, playing their instrument is much more than a hobby, it is a passion.

Therefore, in regards to my topic, whether a person is feeling happy or sad, frustrated or confused, even alone, music is always there – a constant in a person’s life that he or she can relate to music definitely affects people in many ways, but it does not control a person’s actions. If someone is set on doing something (such as committing suicide), this person will follow through on his or her actions with or without music. People feel connected to music and its effects are positive not negative. If this was not the case, then music would not be such a popular form of entertainment that people need in their lives.

So, it’s your choice.


I recommend this research paper to the teenagers who like to listen to music especially rock music and to those who have a deep emotional feelings.

I would like the parents also to read my work so that they can understand and be aware to their sibling who loves to rock.

I want also the music bands, artists, and song writers to read this research paper so that they will know how their music inspires or destroys the life of the teenagers listening to their music.

I will recommend this research paper to the teachers so that they can remind their students about the influences of music and so that they can explain the positive and negative effects of music.

Lastly, I will recommend this research paper to everyone so that they will be aware of what is happening to the teenagers nowadays especially those who loves to rock.


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