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Mr. Aamir Khan

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It is a strategy devised to minimize, to the lowest level possible, any risks to an enterprise while still managing to maintain the optimum output and delivery of labor, goods, services, etc. It is very important to take in account mitigation strategy while planning in taking strategic decisions in an organization.

The risk of accident can be minimizing if the proper care is taken by staff and administration staff. If the staff is well trained it could save lot of money and time as well, normally organization bears 45% operating cost due to accidents which occurs lake of care and breaching safety measures. The mitigation strategy helps the management to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries amongst employee.

Food is basic life ingredient; there is no compromise on health the proper is needed while preparing food. The mitigation strategy is most important while preparing food. The proper care is necessary because in hoteling business the delicious and edible food is necessity for the goodwill and attracts the customers.

There should be guard in gambling hall this strategy is help full in minimizing the disputes arising amongst the gamblers because gambling is game for money where money involve there would be 80% probability of disputes and leads to fight. These fights create bad image defame goodwill, negative impression over the customers and notorious the hotel. The machines are working properly increase the confidence and trust of gambler because the gambling is all about the smoothness and transparent.

The dancing floor is use very extensively many and gentries came there to watch live performance to avoid any injury the material of floor is non-slippery the celebrities preferred to come there for live performance and to watch as well. The availability of medical office and first aid in case of any emergency increase the confidence of viewer and attract the people of all age. There are RSA’s who are controlling beverages consumption and reviewing operation in hall this will minimize the accident due to slipping.

Mitigation strategy is insufficient to minimize the identified risk in at least three of the above cases. Propose an alternative or additional strategy for each.

As the restaurant industry continues to grow, restaurants face increased competition. In an effort to attract new customers and maintain current customers, many establishments are offering additional services such as entertainment and catering. Theme restaurants featuring movie, sports, and music memorabilia have also gained popularity over the past few years. These changes in strategy can affect financial risk and risk to reputation. Restaurants are also faced with general economic risks such as unemployment, inflation, and changing population demographics. When people lose their jobs or face economic uncertainty, they tend to dine out less frequently Although the mitigation strategies are very useful, time and money could be saved by using these strategies but these are not assurance for the growth and smoothness of running operation of business.

Ensure entrances to your restaurant have adequate lighting, and tiled surfaces and stair treads are in good condition. Appropriate anti-trip wet weather mats may be required. Stairs and ramps Hand rails should be provided for any ramps or stairs with two or more risers. Emergency exits Emergency exits must never be locked or obstructed. Where required to be installed, illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting must be maintained by a qualified technician.

Written procedures should be developed to detail the processes and responsibilities for the handling of cash. Elements to be contained in cash handling procedures Separation of cash handling duties. Allocate duties so that collection, depositing and reconciling of cash are not performed by the same person. Limit cash at point of sale. Set a maximum level of cash to be held at the point of sale (POS), excess cash should be regularly deposited in an on-site safe, via a drop chute. Two-key operations, only allows access to the main cash safe when both individual keys are used. This allows you to issue a key to two responsible persons and ensures that the safe is only opened when both persons are present.

Property damage and the subsequent interruption to business, resulting from ‘break and enters’ can be more costly than the resulting theft. Considerations for reducing property damage, securing valuables Items of high value including all cash should be secured in an appropriate manner, such as a securely installed safe which is damage resistant. Install adequate physical protection Security grills and bars should be considered for concealed areas such as rear doors and windows, appropriate locking hardware on all doors. This will assist in making your business a less attractive target. Internal and external alarm devices, to cause maximum anxiety to intruders, and possibly attract the attention of neighbors or passers-by, an alarm system should include a loud internal audible alarm and a highly visible external strobe light.

It is easy to plan but the most important thing is to maintain and implement these strategies because the management is all about monitoring, planning, controlling, decision making and evaluation of these strategies. It could only be done if the project is monitor continuously and three would be goal congress amongst the staff.

The customers did not know about the exit and entrance of the hotel. The sign map and sign board are used to guide the customers. At the time of sale visit the customer may be informed by the map of hotel. The map guide should be monitor properly, at the end of every week there should be inspection. The discrepancies should be fulfilled as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

The cash is the life blood of the business. A business can survive without profit but a business could not survive without cash. The cash handling is the most critical thing. The proper care is needed. There should be proper security procedures and these procedures are monitor according to following guidelines.        Only authorized person can assess the cash at cash counter. There should be distance between cash paying person and receiver. Don’t use same person for cash handling. Use credit and debit card at maximum extent Use security cameras and security code. Cash should be banked at the end of day There should be physical and logical control over cash till so that no authorized person can assess the till.

The physical threat could be control by adopting strict control over transactions, equipment’s and other belongings of hotel. The unauthorized persons are screened at the entry. The cameras are surveillances, in control room the security cameras are view by the customers’ activities if there is any problem inform to the police. In the bar and Gambling hall the activates should be monitor and control continuously if there should be any problem try fix at soon as possible before any accident. The fire alarms, security cameras and electric equipment should be serviced regularly every week. The door controlling system should be smooth.


To: Mr. Carrington Subject: Business Proposal With due respect, it is stated that the hotel is doing well business. But for running smoothness of hotel operations there are some proposal. If these proposals are adopted the Hotel can prolonged it maturity phase.     The conference room should be spacious and there should business look and privacy so that multinational companies can attend there meeting there. The most of customers are foreign tourist, the pick and drop from airport should schedule and reviewed according to airport authorities, if any change, as some tourist faces problems. The security staff is doing much critical and most important job they are doing 10 hour shifts every day this can lose their temperament their shifts should be of 6 hour a day. The room allocation for foreign customers should be according their desire and guide them beach view from their room or city view according to their discretion.

The all above proposals are given according to historical data. If the above proposals would adopted the hotel could do well business. If you have any further query or need explanation please do not hesitate to contact me.

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