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Morality Depends on Only Personal Choice and Self-Preference

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Morality is the greatest gift of human beings life. Every human has a basic need to lead a life free of physical and mental suffering. Before relating Morality with personal choice and self-preference, at first we need to know what is defined by morality. Different person has different point of view. Our life is becoming change day by day but the importance of the morality is still same in our lives. As the force on the religion believes has been humiliating day by day the moral behavior of mankind also disappearing from the society. There is an example to explain it. The Police of our country usually take bribes.

It is morally wrong but their aim is to gain the happiness. They are neglected in every sphere of their life. They are doing this for the betterment of their family but their family also dislike about their taking bribe. For this reason they are losing respect from their children, parents and even to their wife. Though their intention is to offer their children a better education and to make a proud citizen of the country, ultimately whenever they see it they become influenced and they want to be like their father. Yet they are taking bribe immorally in good intention, they are getting bad result.

This is the universal truth. If one tries to cheat things in a perfect way, very slowly it grasps out all the happiness of the life of a person. There is always an option to choose our decision whether to act morally or not. People can only try to provide different answers based on their own expectations, beliefs, truths, experiences and perceptions. At first, we need to know choice sometimes depend on emotion. Emotions are defined as “an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness (Dictionary. om).

Emotions are part of human life. They separate us from others. As emotions can be considered to be universal, but everyone’s are different so their choice also varies. Morality can help us to lead an ethical life but if we want to follow morality each and every where we will not able to survive. Morality is just a controller of life but it is not fuel of life. Sometime we can see that, if we always follow morality we will hurt each and every person. There is a word “Everything is fare in love and war”. So, we should ignore morality sometime (Hearing from a friend).

If we imagine a world without happiness or sorrow, life would not be the way we know it. Similarly, it is usual that we feel prefer to have care from others and it teaches us about morality. To feel someone from heart or to look after someone from heart can be the definition of caring. Mothers love for her child is one of the best examples of caring. Sometimes morality depends largely on care or emotion where sometimes morality itself motivates the other two. For instance, we can remember the name of Florence Nightingale (Text book). She was a world famous nurse who served the injured people during war.

She was motivated by morality and that is why she chooses to take care of the injured people. Similarly, we can call out the name of Mother Teresa. She was influenced by morality along with emotions. She cared for everything and that is why she built the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ (Text book). Therefore, care mainly depends largely upon self-preference, not morality. We can clarify a picture in front of us of a person who has no morality and he or she is a criminal. One day while walking on the street, the person saw a blind man who is trying to cross the road but unable.

If the evil person help the blind person to cross the road, that time care would be motivated by emotions, not morality (Story book). Thus, choice depends largely on self-preference and morality can hide self-preference sometime. To wrap up, it can be said that there are not only differences among morality, personal choice and self-preference but also they have some interrelation. From the dawn of ethical philosophy it has proved for quite a long time how happiness is dependent on moral act. Morality cannot grow without right choice, right choice cannot grow without self-preference and self-preference is depended on morality.

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