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Michel Porter’s Five Force Model of Housing Development Finance Corporation

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1. Attempt all questions.
2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(a) Explain terms ‘ Task Control ‘, ‘ Management Control’ and draw the 07 distinction between the two .Explain the impact of internet on Management Control.
(b) Explain in brief of the meaning of ‘ Responsibility Center ‘ and various types 07 of responsibility centers with suitable examples .

(a) What are objectives of ‘ transfer pricing ‘ ? Explain brief various methods of 07 transfer pricing .
(b) Explain in detail of budget preparation process . How simulation and 07 probability are used in budgetary control ?
OR Explain the process of strategic planning process and benefits and limitations 07 (b) of strategic planning .

(a) “ Management control in service industries is some what different from management control in manufacturing companies “ . Critically examine (b) What do you understand by ‘ Non – profit organization ‘ and what are their special characteristics ?

(a) Explain detail of special problems that are faced by global organization . (b) What makes management control of projects different from the management control of ongoing activities ? Explain

(a) How corporate level strategy is to be formulated in single industry firms and 07 in unrelated diversified firms ? Cite examples
(b) Explain advantages of having profit centers and difficulties with profit 07 centers .

(a) What are the roles of ‘Controller ‘ or ‘ CFO ‘ and ‘ Business Unit Controller 07 ‘ in management control ? Explain
(b) How profitability can be measured ? Explain various types of profitability 07 measurement.

(a) Write short notes on i. gross book value ii.net book value iii. Intangible assets. Give examples
(b) Explain in detail of various formal standards used in evaluation of reports on actual activities.
OR (a) Differentiate between ROI and EVA through an illustration . (b) Explain in detail of key variables related to customer and to internal business processes.

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