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Methods of Evangelism Argumentative

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Summary of Method – The Romans Road is an Intellectual Evangelism method that uses several scriptures from the book of Romans to describe the way to salvation through Jesus Christ. Particularly, the following verses are used: Romans 3:23, which states, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;” Romans 6:23, which states “for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord;” Romans 10:9, “That if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved;” and Romans 5:1, which says “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” In a nutshell, the Romans Road explains that we all are human, and sin by nature. We all are doomed to death but if you confess and believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, you will be saved. Advantages of Using This Method – This method is great for new believers as well as more knowledgeable believers in that it gives a brief overview through scripture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

These verses are easy to memorize as well. This method simplifies the process of salvation to new believers. Disadvantages of Using This Method – According to Andrew Perriman, the Romans Road “takes a large political narrative about Israel, pagan empire, and the future existence of the people of God and hacks it down to the dimensions of a personal narrative of salvation and life after death.” In other words, he is saying that these verses have been taken out of context with what Paul was writing about and have been applied to our personal salvation. Another disadvantage to this method, is it does not fully explain the Gospel. In order to fully evangelize and answer any questions the recipient has, you need to have a better knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the story of Jesus Christ and his coming to earth to eventually die for our sins. Servant Evangelism

Summary of Method – “Servant evangelism is a simple, straightforward approach to sharing God’s love in simple, practical ways.” (Servant Evangelism) In this method, there is an outpour of servanthood to those in the community. Basically it means being the hands and feet of Jesus and serving those in need, whether it be buying groceries for the homebound, raking leaves for the elderly, or visiting a nursing home. Advantages of Using This Method – “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45. Jesus did not come here to be served like many kings would expect. No, he came to earth to show love and mercy to others – to show what it means to get on the same level as the people he was communicating with and to physically help them out. I believe there are many advantages to this method of evangelism and that many things can be accomplished.

When you are helping others out, you are spreading joy and possibly bearing another’s burdens. Another definite advantage of this method of evangelism is that it can appeal to even the newest Christian. Doing good deeds for others is not difficult and this method can be done in groups and it is easily adaptable. This method of evangelism also shows the unbeliever that you are willing to put forth Christ-like actions, and not just tell them what they should do. I think this is very important when trying to reach those who are lost. I know that I, personally, when learning something new would rather be shown what to do instead of just being told. Disadvantages of Using This Method – If done for the wrong reasons, this method could be somewhat self-indulgent. A person practicing servant evangelism must always keep God in the forefront and let that be known to the recipient. Servant evangelism should never be done to uplift the person doing the serving. And the Gospel of Christ should be presented at some point. Also, some might say that Servant Evangelism might not be personal enough. For example, if a youth group is doing a free car wash, is this personal enough to be led into a conversation about the saving grace of Jesus Christ?

Way of the Master
Summary of Method – The Way of the Master evangelism method is to seek and save the lost the way Jesus did. This method uses the Ten Commandments to confront individuals on the street as to whether or not they have the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This method also asks the following questions: 1. Would you consider yourself a good person? 2. Do you think you have kept the Ten Commandments? 3. If you were judged by the Ten Commandments, would you be guilty or innocent? 4. Do you think you will go to heaven or hell based on that judgment? Advantages of Using This Method – The Way of the Master method of evangelism prepares the individual by letting them know of their need for a Savior.

It speaks of why they each person is essentially headed for hell unless they have professed a belief and love for Jesus Christ. Also, this method comes off in a caring manner, and not in a preaching manner. Disadvantages of Using This Method – One disadvantage of this method is, although it shares the Ten Commandments with people and WHY they need to be saved, it does not necessarily share HOW to be saved. This is where knowing the Romans Road or the Four Spiritual Laws comes into play. Some also say that this method is teaching false gospel in that the creators, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron push that it is not by faith alone that you can be saved, but by also repenting and doing good works. Application of These Methods to Your Own Life

What method best suits you?
I believe the best method for me in particular is Servant Evangelism. I very much enjoy doing things for others. I have previously utilized a servant evangelism method with my family. We have RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) days where we will do random acts of kindness such as leave quarters at a laundromat, pay for a person’s meal in the drive-thru, leave money at massage chairs in the mall, leave cards made by the children in hospital waiting rooms, etc. All of these things are left with a note that says this is a random act of kindness, and to pay it forward. There are also Bible verses and tracts explaining salvation that we leave as well. While I realize this is a “secret” type of giving, we are still planting a seed in the recipient. Why is this the best method for you?

This method allows me to get my children and the rest of my family involved. Children sometimes do not get excited about learning or sharing their faith unless there is fun involved. During these times of RAKing, we are in stealth mode, sneaking the notes and such in different places. This is fun for the children and they still are spreading the gospel. It is fun to sit back later and see people walk up to a place where you just placed change and/or a note. It truly is a way to share the gospel while spreading joy to others. Is this the best method to use with the people in your life? Why or Why Not? I believe as far as my children go, this is the perfect method for them for now. As they grow older and become more confident in their faith, they will probably use different methods. As far as I am concerned, while I am doing things for people, this gives me a chance to talk to them about Jesus Christ.

I believe people are more receptive to the Gospel when they are already happy about someone helping them out with a task, or if they have received a random act of kindness. I believe servant evangelism is a way of opening the door to speaking about Jesus. I actually believe that the perfect method of evangelism is to combine a few of the approaches mentioned in this lesson. I believe a true evangelist must know how one can be saved, and know scriptures to back that up. I also believe they must be compassionate and have a servant’s heart, just like Jesus did. In addition, I believe it is a good idea for an evangelist to know a good bit about the Old Testament law. You just never know who you are going to run into while spreading the Gospel, and what kind of questions they may have. I would rather be overly prepared than not at all. Evangelism is an “out of the box” action for some, and I believe it is important to find a method that works with their personality. Once a person gets comfortable with one method, they may switch to a different method, or create one on their own.

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