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Marketing Strategy, Brand and Brand Positioting of Rinso

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Rinso has brought to Indonesia since 1970 and become the first detergent in Indonesia. Rinso is one of the biggest detergent in Indonesia based on it’s sale and a brand that become top of mind in Indonesia . It is proven that rinso has become the market leader and in 2013 Rinso has succeed on getting the highest index by 48,1 % and represent Rinso’s goals in providing effective cleaning, simpler laundry process and best clothing experience that enable people to unleash their potential by having freedom to get dirty. Rinso received Indonesia Best Brand Award for 3 years in a row (2003, 2004 and 2005).

Fact have shown that competition in the business world is one of the advantages that inevitably undeniable. This competitive conditions with evolving technology , development in getting information, and globalization are the most important things to be analized in a dynamic conditions because positions of the company are always changing throughout the time. As a consequences, marketing strategy are one of marketing’s success key factor in promoting the product that have to be review periodically. In this marketing strategy, includes brand positioning and branding strategy to product itself.

Kotler (2012) emphasized that segmentation, targeting, positioning (STP) is the essence of strategic marketing while Mintzberg on his book Strategy Safari (1987) mentioned The word “strategy” has been used implicitly in different ways even if it has traditionally been defined in only one. Explicit recognition of multiple definitions can help people to manoeuvre through this difficult field. Mintzberg provides five definitions of strategy: plan, ploy, pattern, position, perspective. There are considerable amount of literature available on branding and marketing i.e., Schmitt (1999) related to the pleasurable consumer experiences to the branding and marketing while Keller (1993) asserted that association of brand in the memory of consumers reflect their perception about a particular brand.

Brands also perform valuable functions for firms. First, they simplify product handling or tracing. Brands help to organize inventory and accounting records. A brand also offers the firm legal protection for unique features or aspects of the product. Urde (2003) elaborated the association of Firm’s value with its brand and explained the importance of the link which is established by the added values between the internal and external processes. The identity of the corporate brands and their image is greatly affected by the interpretation about the brands (Christiansen and Askegaard 2001). It is not a common perception that brands is one of the most important company’s assets. Consumer decide to consume a product or services but because of brand’s popularity. By creating consumer preference, brand provide added value, both to the company as well as the consumer. For the consumer, brand reduces perceived risk. A brand represents a product quality. From the company’s perspective, successful brands promote loyalty, generate price and have positive effect on share performance.

Sponsorship has been practiced as a way of communicating strong brand messages for the corporations and provides them the opportunity to differentiate their brands from others (Roy and Cornwell, 1999; Meenaghan and Shipley, 1999). Alexander (2009) highlighted the different ways used in the creation of brand image. These messages can be conveyed at the brand level (Meenaghan and Shipley,1999) and at the corporate level (Marshall and Cooke, 1992). Motion et al. (2003) explained that how the repositioning of brand can be supported by enhancement, increased awareness and reputation. Alexander (2009) mentioned the importance and power of sponsorship in communicating the Organizational and corporate identity, creation of brand promise, stakeholder management perception and effect on firm’s reputation. Brands are not built by advertising alone. Customers come to know a brand through a range of contacts and touch points: personal observation and use, word of mouth, interactions with company personnel, online or telephone experiences, and payment transactions. A brand contact is any information-bearing experience, whether positive or negative, a customer or prospect has with the brand, its product category, or its market.

The company must put as much effort into managing these experiences as into producing its ads, Kotler (2012). With era digital and advanced technology, it is much easier for companies to collaborating with customer through to the Internet, so companies are interested in collaborating with consumers to create value through communities built around brands. A brand community is a specialized community of consumers and employees whose identification and activities focus around the brand. Brand communities come in many different activities. Bevan et al. (2004) has elaborated the wide range of benefits which are associated with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Jones et al.(2007) have mentioned these benefits as long-term sustainability for employees and companies, good relations with government and communities, reduced operating costs, increased staff commitment and involvement, improved financial performance and profitability, better risk and crisis management, enhanced capacity to innovate, greater awareness of their needs and development of closer links with customers and enhanced reputation and brand value. Coors et al. (2005) described CSR above corporate advertising in terms of awareness about the new product offerings and other features for which the consumers are attracted to pay. Nigel (2003) stressed upon the importance of CSR in providing long term sustainable brand value.


Marketing Strategy Rinso
Rinso have many product variants both detergent powder or liquid detergent with the most popular products that Rinso anti stain, it is in line with the tagline built by Rinso today is “berani kotor itu baik”. To gain market share in Indonesia Rinso has done a variety of strategies to create competitive advantage in facing one of the efforts that continue develop is Rinso always strive to maintain quality and consistency in quality. Serve targeted strategies in an effort to maintain brand image and consumer perception. Besides product innovation process conducted by Rinso always
adapted to technological developments and public attitudes and washing a major goal in order to increase consumer satisfaction in using Rinso’s products. So that the efforts made by the company can maintain a positive image to consumers and build consumer loyalty Rinso in using the products of Rinso. Brand Strategy Rinso

In the above literature review, after analyzed concerning marketing strategy, brand and brand analysis, findings are given below : Rinso brand are identified by it’s logo, with the tagline “berani kotor itu baik”

Rinso launched in Indonesia as the first detergent brand in the country. However, in fact this is the most commonly used brand in the USA, UK and Australia since 1918 In 1970 after realizing the potential of this nation positioned Unilever Indonesia as a base Rinso. This proved to be a smart move because today Rinso is a leader in the detergent market number one Indonesian. When the majority of the Indonesian people mention the word detergent, the brand is imagined in his mind would mention Rinso. But why is the memory of this Rinso may stick in our minds? , The simple reason is because Rinso has become top of mind among the people, especially housewives.

In terms of branding, Rinso addopted line extension strategy. Rinso add variants like Rinso Matic detergent for washing machines and liquid Rinso. If now many manufacturers are willing to slam the price to win the market, it is not the Rinso. To maintain its position, as differentiation Rinso rely on product attributes such as abortion, fragrance, disinfectant, does not damage the skin of the hand, or do not pollute the environment. In the framework of the promotion of communication with consumers, Rinso products advertised through television, print media such as magazines and tabloids with segments such as women’s and family magazines Kartini, Femina, tabloid Nova and others. In addition Rinso also campaigns through billboards on the streets and Below the Line activities (educating the market as long as this is done: “berani kotor itu baik”, “peduli bumi bersih”, and “aksi satu tutup botol”). Rinso also took six washing machine companies such as Electrolux, Sharp, Samsung, Sanyo, Toshiba and Panasonic to increase sales of its products, especially Rinso Matic detergent specifically made for washing machine. In addition, the virtual media is also used for the promotion through the website (www.unilever.co.id) or (www.rinso.co.id)

The tagline “berani kotor itu baik”, have a message that Washing clothes is not the most enjoyable part in the life of a family. Sometimes the laundry continues to pile up like endless! But every time we clean the children’s clothes, it means that we help them to get back out there, learn and gain new experiences! Of course, in a state that is clean, smart, and ready to face the world. What’s more, as a parent you understand that every time they come up with stains and dirt on his clothes, it means they also come with a new experience. It was the value that Rinso want to give to the customer especially for mothers that love their children.

Brand Positionig Rinso
With Rinso’s massive segmentation, ranging from the upper, middle, and bottom are scattered in various parts of Indonesia. The target market is all mothers in Indonesia who have purchasing power that emphasizes quality and safety assurance for family. With positioning “Berani kotor itu baik”, Rinso able to make a statement contradictory to its function as a detergent soap. But, it is precisely here lies one of the key advantages and Rinso existence that shows up outstanding. In the end, this positioning affect the activity of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) conducted either Rinso above the line, below the line, or public relations activity.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a new approach in managing customer relationships at the corporate and business levels so as to maximize communication, marketing through the management of a variety of different contacts with customers. This approach Makes it possible to retain customers and continuously add value to the customer, as well as gain a sustainable advantage.

The thing to understand is that from the outside, customers who interact with companies only understand the business done by the company as a single entity, not more; although customers also interact with a number of different workers and the role of his department. All that remains is considered as one entity. With CRM, support the business process, information about customers and their interactions can be entered, stored, accessed by all staff at the various work units with the aim to improve the services provided to customers, and use customer contact information for targeted marketing or interact directly with consumers activities in the various events.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) combines policies, processes, and strategies implemented in an organization into a single unit that is used to interact with the customers and also to trace the customer information. In the current era, CRM implementation will always use information technology to attract new customers profitable, until they have an attachment to the company. “The overall process of building and maintaining profitable customer relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction”. The picture given below is one of CRM activities conducted by Rinso :

Zona Main Rinso is the agility contest reality show Mother & Child that broadcasts on Trans TV. Participants Zona Main Rinso was taken from the Mothers of Rinso Indonesian fans who have followed the series before the audition process.

Rinso awarded Indonesia Best Brand Award for 3 consecutive years (2003, 2004 and 2005), then for 2013 Rinso managed to get the highest sales index was 48.1%, it is proven that Rinso has been succeeds on actuate the strategic process of managing interaction between the company and its customers, with the objective of maximizing the lifetime value of customers for the company and satisfying the customers by being customer -focused. Remember when you were a child? How you were free to explore, returning home covered in dirt and other stains that you wore like the badges of an intrepid discoverer? Dirt is good!

Although it might sound strange for a leading laundry brand like Rinso to say this, we believe, like you, that this type of dirt is good: it’s an important part of a child’s development. It’s how kids learn, express their creativity and even bolster their immune systems. It’s a valuable way to enrich our lives, both young and old. So don’t be afraid of getting dirty, because when dirt is experienced, Dirt is good!

Rinso has effectively addopted the line extension strategy on its marketing strategy, and become the market leader, and number one memorable brand on its positioning, this proved to be a smart move because today Rinso is a leader in the detergent market number one Indonesian. When the majority of the Indonesian people mention the word detergent, the brand is imagined in his mind would mention Rinso. To gain market share in Indonesia Rinso has done a variety of strategies to create competitive advantage in facing one of the efforts that continue develop is Rinso always strive to maintain quality and consistency in quality. Serve targeted strategies in an effort to maintain brand image and consumer perception. Besides product innovation process conducted by Rinso always adapted to technological developments and public attitudes and washing a major goal in order to increase consumer satisfaction in using Rinso’s products.


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