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Love: Good or Bad

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Love, what is love? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I’ve ask myself a lot of times, but I have not yet get a pacific answer. I try to ask my sister for an answer, but she only said “love can be good and bad, it is only depend on you. ” True, love can be good and bad, I agree. Example, when you’re finally find your true-love and deeply fall in the love-river, you may think love is wonderful; but when the person that you love said don’t love you any more, you may now thing love is bad thing. Different times have different answers, but one thing I know for sure: love is a motion that you can’t see can’t touch; it’s a feeling from your heart.

But isn’t good thing just to have the opportunity to love. Every animals have feelings, including humans, we can be happy, can be sad, and we can have love. Everyone born with love, we born because of God gave us life, in the article, “‘If We Only Have Love'” by Dianne Bergant , one paragraph said “We are to love others, because with them we are in covenant with God, and we show our love for God by the way we love them. ” This paragraph shows how grateful we can have love, and to love others.

Even if you are not believe in God, God still loves you, to make you be apart of this wonderful world. Love is a different motion from happy, sad, or angry. Love can be very powerful that you can’t control. You will never know when you have to love, or when the feeling of love will come. Sometimes love come out too fast that you can’t keep up, and sometimes you just want love to come in to your live so bad.

In the article “Why We Love” by Jeffrey Kluger , “The idea that even one primal part of the brain is involved in processing love would be enough to make the feeling powerful. I think is so good that we even can have this powerful feeling of love. Love and hate can be said by the word “opposite”, and if we put those words together, most people will attempt to say love is good and hate is bad. Therefore, a short story by Lucy Berrington , the short story titled “Love Good Hate Evil”, the author of the short story have put the title very clearly, said love is good and using a powerful word “evil” to describe “hate” , I think that is just the word for it.

The author agree with me that love is a good thing, and shows love can be good, hate can be evil. Love, everyone needs love, that’s what makes the world so wonderful. People love each other, people help up each other, and people make each other’s live more intrusting. Let your life wake-up, opens your eyes you will see “love” is waiting for you, and there will be a new sky, bring you some light. Love is a good thing.

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