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Loma Linda vs. Andrews University

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For Loma Linda University to get into the dietician program, you must take anatomy and physiology 101 and 102, English 101 and 102, Intro to health professions, Intro to sociology, Intro to public speaking, a religion class, a history class or math elective. For the second year you must take basic microbiology, general chemistry, nutrition, general psychology elective, fitness for life, a world language or music class, a PE activity, and 2 cpte electives.

For Andrews University I must take anatomy and physiology 101 and 102, English 101 and 102, a precalculus or statistics math class, Fitness for life, a religion class, intro to sociology, intro to public speaking, intro to health professions, 2 cpte electives, a PE activity. For the second year I must take general psychology, basic microbiology, 2 survey of chem with labs, nutrition, world civilization , and I have to choose one class from ARTH 218, ELIT 216, HMNT 205, MUHL 115, RELB, RELT 138, 225 OR 255 and a world language or art.

The application process starts after you have completed all the requirements for each school depending on which school I started the pre-requisites in the first place. A minimum entrance of 3.0 is required, For Andrews the minimum is 2.6

Loma Linda tuition by year
1| 18| $11,718|
2| 24| $15,624|
3| 5| $3,255|

Andrews University tuition
Cost for credit $7,096.00 year + Fees** ($455/semester = $910/year) Total $8,006.00
Cost for non-credit $6,030.00/year + Fees** ($455/semester = $910/year) Total $6,940.00
The pros of Loma Linda is that it has a beautiful campus. The cons is that it is more expensive than Andrews. The pros of Andrews is that it is closer to my home and the Dietician lisence will probably be similar to the east coast lisence than the west coast in California.

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