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Life Story of a Fish Vendor

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Ailyn is a single mother of 6 years old boy. The father of her son died after she gave birth, they are not married because her partner is married to another woman. Ailyn is the eldest among her brother and sister. The father of Ailyn died when she is in grade 6 elementary. One of a good friend of her father offered a help in her study but she did not accepted it and instead she find a job to help her mother. After 6 years her mother live with another man, and got pregnant, the same year when he got pregnant to her 1st child. Currently she is living with her boyfriend and her mother is now separated to its husband.

VI. Statement of the Problem

Continuous increasing of number of couples in the Philippines living together without getting married.

VII. Analysis
“Other sociologist and anthropologist define the family as a group of people who are united by ties of marriage, ancestry, or adoption, and who are reorganized by the community as constituting a single household and as having responsibility for rearing children”(sociology,palispis)

Mention above the family is a group of people united by ties of marriage, we filipino considered marriage is important in building family, but at the present the number of couples living together increasing rampant, like what happening to Ailyn, her mother live with another guy without marriage and as a result he did not realize the important of marriage in creating a family.


“Education gives us knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking at a life. It helps us build opinions and gave points of view on things in life.”(www.buzzle.com) Mention above education gives us knowledge of the world around us, in the case of Ailyn she does not receive a good education, instead of increasing his knowledge in preparing in life, she work hard in order to earn money for her family.


Today there is called “Kasalang Bayan”, sponsored by different private and some public sectors, but still it is not widely open. Usually it is held in chosen barangays and date. RELIGION

“For the foundation of the Christian family is Christian marriage, you cannot form Christian families without Christian marriage,” (Bacani) Mention above the marriage is the foundation of Christian family, and as a Christian country we believe that God blessing is very important in creating a happy family. In case of Ailyn did not know what the importance of marriage is in Christian life, because she does not see it in her mother and in the environment around her

PHILIPPINES: More Couples Living Together Without Marriage
Submitted by marierelucio on October 12, 2012 – 12:30 pm MANILA, Oct. 11, 2012— Filipino family life has changed drastically as marriage is losing ground and more couples live together without tying the knot. This means that a growing number of children are born in the country with unmarried parents. The finding comes after a survey figures showed that most Filipinos living with someone have not tied the knot in the church. Commissioned by the Manila archdiocese-run Radio Veritas, the study that was conducted during the second quarter of 2012, showed findings that alarmed even the church leaders. The survey showed that 57.7 percent of the 2,500 Catholic respondents were found to be unmarried in churches. Using random sampling, the “Truth Survey” was conducted in 85 archdioceses and dioceses covering the country’s 17 regions for the topic “The Filipino Catholicity. It has a +/-2 percent margin of error.

The result of the nationwide survey results were released Thursday, in line with the church’s celebration of the Year of Faith. In breakdown, 7.5 percent of the respondents openly admitted that they are not married in churches while another 50.2 percent did not reply. But sociologist Bro. Clifford Sorita, who presented the study in a press conference, believed that those who answered “N/A” (not applicable) were unmarried and just “shy” to admit it. “For Filipinos, if you are married, why would you not say that you are married? They are embarrassed, they are not comfortable. They would rather hide in anonymity,” said Sorita, referring to those who did not reply. He said there is also a possibility that a portion of those who answered “no” might be married in civil rites or living in together, thus might even add to the growing number of Catholic couples who are cohabiting. According to him, a civil wedding was not considered as a “marriage” since “the precept is you have to be married in a church.” The poll also showed that for those belonging to salary class D or those early P4, 999 and below, there were 47 percent who said they got married in the Church.

This could be attributed to the Mass weddings organized by various local governments or organizations to help those in financial struggle to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. Retired Novaliches Bishop Teodoro Bacani, vice chairperson of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines – Episcopal Commission on Doctrine of the Faith, lamented the findings of the survey. He said the survey just confirmed what he has known all along and demands for “serious pastoral concern.” “The survey results show the need for an apostolate to get Catholic couples to get married in the church. For the foundation of the Christian family is Christian marriage, you cannot form Christian families without Christian marriage,” said Bacani. CBCP Media Office director Monsignor Pedro Quitorio III, for his part, said the results of the survey is “very alarming”. He even lamented that many unmarried couples continue to receive Holy Communion during Masses even if they were not married in the Church. “The Catholic Church would have to focus on this problem (not married in Churches). This is a serious problem and we have to do something,” Quitorio said. (RL/CBCPNews)

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