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Life of Sir Alan Sugar

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Alan Michael Sugar also known as Sir Alan Sugar is one of the most successful British entrepreneurs, he is also a media personality and political advisor. Sugar is ranked 89th in the Sunday times rich list and Sugar now has an estimated fortune of £770m (US$1.14 billion). Sir Alan Sugar was born on 24 March 1947, he was brought up in Hackney, east London and as a young child he and his family lived in a council flat. His parents are Fay and Nathan and he comes from a Jewish background. He is been married to his wife Ann Simons for 40 years and has three children; Simon who is aged 35, Daniel who is 33, and Louise which is aged 30. He attended Northwood primary School and then Brooke House secondary school in upper Clapton, Hackney. He left school when he was a teenager and worked temporarily for the civil service as a statistician at the ministry of education. He started business at a young age and made small amounts of money from age 11 by selling material. He also used to tie sticks into bundles and sell them off. At the age of 12 he had two jobs he was working at the bakers and green grocers which clearly shows he was a highly motivated individual.

At the age of 13 he was making more money than his dad, his dad was a tailor, sugar made his money by boiling beetroots, making ginger beer and selling photographic film to school friends. Ever since he was a little kid he never had the chance to play with other kids since he was so busy making money and another issue he had to deal with at a young age was being racially abused by other kids. As I’ve said before Alan sugar was living in a council flat with bear minimum as food was limited and electricity always ran out. Furthermore After seeing all the kids have luxuries stuff made him ever more determined to do something for him self- “to be self-sufficient” As he grew older he has been part of many businesses such as Amstrad which was his first major business. He was also part of the football foundation as he bought Tottenham hotspur FC. Another business which he was associated with was Amsair which was founded in 1993, and is run by Sugar’s son Daniel. His third business was Viglen Ltd which is an IT services provider catering primarily to the education and public sector. Another business he has been involved in is Anscreen which specializes in selling advertising space on digital signage screens and company run by his eldest son Simon Sugar. Lastly he was also involved in You View whereby Kip Meek was replaced by sugar. Other than the businesses which he has been involved in he has also made TV appearances such as the apprentice, the junior apprentice, documentary on BBC 2 and has appeared in audiences to pay tribute to his close friend Jeremy beadle.

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