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Life of a Girl

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“A man’s face is his autobiography;
A woman’s face is her work of fiction”

Therefore, do all girls think themselves blessed in this regard – they can hide their emotions, on the contrary it is a benediction that no one can read their feelings in their face. A woman’s life is itself so complex, so subtle, so precise and has a very microscopic dimension of vision. This I’ll spare your brain, every action of any or rather all woman is so carefully measured and discussed with such depths that I’m forced to call them “microscopic” analysis. On the contrary while I am told to stay indoors , my younger brother happily enjoys a trip bading goodbye to a sudden guest to auto-rickshaw stand at ten in the night. My little bit of dominance is also gone!

Who is an infant girl?

She is someone of an entirely different perspective (than our usual idea of what “ a woman” is). She is PERHAPS only bothered about her feedings-the strange turnings in her stomach or the queer sensation when her bladders are bursting…..and then she lets it out….and hushed voices immediately HUSHING as she releases the queerness of bladdder-bursting situation. Maybe otherwise bothered of the the strange numbnesss that dwells and conquers her and then darkness falls upon where she sees strange figures-sleep.

She is just an INFANT and not “an infant girl” as I have said before. She is just a life hovering in a body , life growing and learning, trying to decipher all the sounds made by her parents at every incredulous act which she obliviously performs.Then after a couple of years, the sensation of strength in her trembling knees starts mattering. Then crawling to fetch that toy dadda bought for her birthday. At this stage she always remains rash and rapid and above all restless; she is always planning new adventures either to her momma’s dressing cosmetics or to her elder brother’s books just to enjoy watching him fret and fume!

Who is a girl child?

Well after a few years when her tongues and lips learn co-ordination then maybe some play of the vocal chords become distinct like “Momma” or “Dadda”. At this stage the priority list is transformed a little from our perspective but from hers it just CHANGES into typical kind of ANTIMATTER from MATTER. Now in addition to all the childish requirements- hunger , sleep , and excretion; a crucial thing starts and that is the brain- the intelligence.She learns the proportion in which she is being loved – who brings the most colourful gifts with ‘chik-chik’ wrappers or who gets the ‘Silk’ and not the plain ‘Dairy Milk’or who all are HER family – who all are her possessions. She recognises a stranger as ‘never-met-before man’ ; she understands or atleast tries to.Another important element in this contemporary world in this stage of life is ‘Cartoon Network’ or ‘POGO’ (Oh!! There are too much channels).

It becomes an irrevocable part sometimes , one can call it habit at an early stage but it generally changes into an obssession. It develops a good amount of imagination in her. But the rapid speed in which the characters of ‘POGO’ or ‘CN’ move truly needs a great amount of practice (which they do practice!).She starts beleiving that a hand ripped apart in an accident can be joined together by ‘Fevicol’. That’s how she develops her little dreamworld …… she makes stories , imagines she is a princess or she is a pirate!!! But she starts realising the difference between a boy and a girl, understands she is different from her father.

Different kinds of sentiments start evolving and forming within her- emotions like anger , jealousy, desire, love,craziness and most importantly drawing attention of others by doing stupid (our perspective) deliberate mistakes(her perspective). At this stage, another big dimensional thing is prevalent in girls but it is restricted to specific countries; well our India is one amongst them-humiliation and attrocities that this 5-6 years age girls are subjected to.

Well yes there is a remarkable example in this context: “Do mother birds also think that their girl birds are inferior?” (GIRLS , Mrinal Pande). Since we already said that the development of emotions is very complexly wounded in her young head, depression or a kind of starts dominating her thoughts day to day, time to time. Women were always of bad breed , their shoulders were unworthy of anything apart from household works, in ancient India. Time has revealed a lot- women have proved themselves worthy of every single profession that is prevalent in this whole world. But, “Old habits die hard” and therefore girls are still a subject of an inferiority complex in rural India.

Who is a girl teenager?

This is the most important and crucial period of a girl’s life and carrer. This is a time of “storms and pressure” ; a time of attractive diversions waging a war aginst the innocence in her-the more she fight backs the more is she conquered ; a time of many mistakes and strange obsessions ; a time “a thread the length of a span”(LAUGH AND BE MERRY ,John Edward Masefield) in which either you discover yourself or lose whatever you have in you. Here, comes in the biggest role of parents ; for her most importantly her mother’s participation in her life – shaping and moulding her like a potter does to make a clay vase. Now, I would like to give my views about how a mother can distract her daughter and/or drag her back to her path. A Mother- Mothers have always been glorified over the ages by different poets and authors.

They know the best for their child and so on and so on. Well, I believe that “every cloud has a silver lining” or rather that if you want a silver lining it will come accompanying the cloud.(A rose always pricks)Therefore, how good, a mother is, she has to have her shortcomings. A mother might at every stage of her daughter’s life shown her the right manners ,the right ways ,the right oppurtunities ,the right emotions in a particular situation ;but her main test of these abilities is this teenage time . The teenage period is between thirteen to nineteen years of age. In this time she transforms from a child to a lady.Holding herself fixedly to her goal starts becoming a challenge when around her maybe many of her friends will fall from the bridge-will get diverted from their goal; she also may suffer a fall but “failure is the pillar to success” and therefore if she can climb back to her goal even after suffering an off-track diversion, it is helpful for that bit of experience does make her older than the rest travelling through this teenage bridge.

“Variety is the spice of life” ; therefore those of her friends who have suffered a fall or those who did not, who went on with their goal undiverted are all defeated infront of her as she had suffered a fall gaining the experience and also was able to climb back to move ahead to reach her goal. The teenage time is like a trap set for the mouse ; the question arises why? The teenage is as such a very complex time in itself , it is the time when many changes start happening within her. Physically speaking , her hips enlarge, her chest becomes breast and her menstrual cycle starts.She becomes aware of all this vicissitude in and around her.

She takes a definite amount of pride in it but (as we will see later) she might even be replete with compunction ; that her golden childhood is gone , gone forever. She becomes whimsical ever more in this time. A tendency of either timorous or intripid attitude develops vehemently in her. If the latter befalls she will be a marked agitator whereas the former is generally for the reticent ones.However, above all the teenage time weaves a lot of complexly wounded threads of emotion in her.

This emotions will also decree her character and its reflection shall have a propound effect on the people around her. She might be any kind of monomaniacs ; for at this time all teenagers have a wild aching or longing of something or other : some to study , some to gulp down the entire lexicon , some to be a highly advanced app developer so on and so on. She maybe either be a flood of emotions or a storehouse storing it until it bursts out ,or an empty vessel of emotions- completely devoid of any. These emotions are very much perfidious to her , when they disclose her confidence in them in public, which she might be ashamed of.

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