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Deaf Culture Film Analysis

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I personally found the film on deaf culture extremely interesting because it made the deaf community easier to understand by portraying people who are deaf simply as people of a different culture, and showed the deaf as real human beings who have opinions and deserve rights which is important because we live in such a hearing dominated society in which our world is filled with so many misconceptions about the deaf. I enjoyed the film because it gave me a deeper understanding of the deaf community. ) What stood out to me the most was the all deaf rock band “Beethoven’s Nightmare”, the band helped proved the mint that deaf people can do anything hearing people can by showing that even deaf people can create and perform music too, I also enjoyed all the short films by deaf filmmakers, and the deaf actors, these people really help show the hearing world, just how capable the deaf are. 3) I learned so much from this film, for example I learned about “The Oral Method” from this video, and how controversial a topic it is among the deaf to learn how to speak aloud.

I also learned a lot about Cochlear Hearing implants, how it feels to have and use one, how it works, common misconceptions about it, and also the varying opinions on heir use, all of which I didn’t know anything about before viewing this film it. On top of everything, I learned about how discriminated against the deaf community was (and still sometimes is), and how many times rights for the deaf had to be fought for. ) Before watching this film, I knew little to nothing about the deaf culture so there wasn’t much pre-existing knowledge for me to compare to what I know now. Other than how being deaf and knowing sign language doesn’t mean you function differently than a “normal” person. Being deaf and speaking Sign Language is really just the same thing as being Mexican and speaking Spanish. The filmed also reinforced my knowledge of how capable deaf people are. 5) From my experience the film reflects on the use of cochlear hearing implants.

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