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Why does Akamai need to geographically disperse its servers to deliver its customers Web content? The Akamai Intelligent Platform is the leading cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere. It reaches globally and delivers locally. It provides our customers with unmatched reliability and security. It delivers insight and visibility into their online businesses so they can execute faster and move their business forward in an increasingly hyper connected world. The hyper connected world presents tremendous opportunities for businesses to lead through innovation and evolution. Four key trends shape today’s marketplace: mobile, media, cloud, and security. Each one represents its own set of challenges – and opportunities – for businesses. The power of the Akamai platform enables customers to navigate this landscape through one integrated solution.

Why don’t major business firms distribute their videos using P2P networks like BitTorrent? Because Akamai’s service is available in all countries in the world. also, it has an special way which this company is using it to make an easily download’s for the costumers such as videos, music and etc.. 5/Do you think Internet users should changed based on the amount of bandwidth they consume, or on a tiered plan where users would pay in rough proportion to their usage? Yes, because at the end it is a service and the company are charged based on the amount are using it. Moreover, Akamai has developed a number of other business service based on its Internet savvy, including content targeting of advertising based on users location and zip code, content security, business intelligence, disaster recovery, on-demand bandwidth, and computing capacity during spikes in internet traffic in partnership with IBM, storage, global traffic management, and streaming service. Akamai also offers a product line called Advertising Decision Solutions, which provides companies with intelligence generated by the Internet’s most accurate and comprehensive Knowledge base of Internet network activity.

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