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Period Of Globalization Without Borders

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To truly comprehend the issue that the main character, Todd, confronted, we have to explicitly comprehend the foundation of the story first to in every practical sense have the option to take a few to get back some composure of what generally was going on in the film, in the story in a genuinely significant way. Todd was a worker at an organization in Seattle, America and he truly worked in dealing with a client call center The issue begins here, Todd, alongside his area of expertise deparment were outsourced to Gharapuri, a city in India, showing that Todd sort of is a representative at an organization in Seattle, America and he sort of worked in dealing with a client fundamentally call focus, which is genuinely huge. Todd explicitly was troubled about this choice, his boss, Dave has likewise in every way that really matters disclosed to him that on the off chance that he especially were to quit, he would explicitly lose the entirety of his investment opportunities, leaving Todd no decisions, yet to prepare his Indian substitution who is called Puro. Todd basically felt awkward on the grounds that when he was in India, individuals for continued calling him ‘Mr. Toad’ rather than Todd, in addition to the way that the representatives of Gharapuri explicitly couldn’t by and large comprehend their American clients’ fulfillment which established from clients’ desire. Todd explicitly believed that he in every practical sense was never going to arrive at a Minutes-per-Incident number beneath six minutes, which fundamentally implies that he didn’t generally have the smallest possibility of coming back to America. The issue that Todd looked in every practical sense was in every way that really matters likely brought about by the genuinely culturally diverse clash, since Todd basically originated from America and his Gharapuri Indian representatives didn’t really have similar qualities and recognition that Todd had.

 As said above, Todd and his department were outsourced to Gharapuri in India and he traveled across to India to also train his new replacement. Todd was paralyzed with the condition that were in his new office because people there kept getting the wrong idea, constant misunderstanding that were caused by cross-cultural conflict. For instance, first of all, the employees of Todd’s new call center for his company, American Novelty Products were low-paid employees but were assigned and tasked with the same weight to those of Todd’s while he was still in Seattle. Secondly, Todd were also shocked by how things worked there, the values, and how Indian’s perceive things were “alien-behavior” for Todd, in a scene in the movie, Todd were on a crowded bus when he was offered a seat by a young boy in a polite manner, but after Todd accepted the boy’s offer, the boy then proceeded to sit down on Todd’s lap, this made Todd wonder of the things that he needed to accept as the “new acceptable” whilst he was there. Thirdly, the call center building looked like a hut that is still under construction, made of concrete blocks. Todd was forced by his position to kind of oversee the employees, which were under his expectations, Todd had no choice but to teach those employees, but there was one person who was ahead of the curve who has the name Asha. Asha often questions Todd during his classes, and tells Todd to learn more and know more about India. From the short examples above, we can now understand why the problem started. The main problem of this movie started because Todd, who is an American person traveled to India to oversee employees there, who obviously had different perception of their work compared to Todd, and this caused a cultural conflict, between Todd’s values and perception and Indian employee’s values and perception of their works.

To be able to understand and know how Todd managed to get rid of his problems and all those cultural conflict issues he faced in India, we will need to once more know more of the story and understand it deeper to be able to truly comprehend the things that Todd did to solve his issues as an American worker who got his job outsourced to India and also given the task of training his new replacement. It was previously mentioned that Todd needed to understand the culture of India first to be able to make everything go as smoothly as he expects to, Todd also experienced the festival of Holi which brought a sense of calm to him. It was also mentioned that Todd taught the Indian employees as some sort of a trainer in his daily life to train the Indian employees who had a different perception with Todd, which the driving factors of that was different national culture and also different corporate culture, and also different working environment as to those in America, this cannot be said as an “up to par” call center. Todd was also shocked about his new “acceptable things”, if he was going to see what Indians see. A factor which also drove Todd to live as an “Indian” was his yearns to return to his comforts at his home. It was through his team that were quirky but likable, his replacement Puro, and Asha that Todd realized that he also has to learn about himself, and not only about India. Todd went through sweat and tears and was able to overcame the cultural conflict issues after he got outsourced to India. Todd also said to thought to himself that getting outsourced to India might have been the best thing that have ever happened to him.

When two people or more from different cultures meet in a business situation, the interaction which is specific to each situation, does not allow the protagonists to be certain of the outcome of their encounter.

In this modernized, borderless period of globalization, borders between nation are no more and individuals around the globe can connect with one another, somebody on one side of the earth can speak with somebody on the opposite side, this has influenced our technological and economic development in numerous viewpoints, and this has additionally spread its approach to management. Communication, is certifiably not an unusual word in management, and with what I said before, global communication is a typical thing, this implies culture from everywhere throughout the world has likely met over a hundred distinct societies. In any case, this doesn’t wander a long way from clashes, since societies have various qualities and perception, it is conceivable that there have been some cultural clash gives that happened on account of the culturally diverse correspondence. What’s more, as I would see it, there are a great deal of driving variables that can influence the outcome of any intercultural communication, which I will mention below.

1.) Cultural Identity.

Since what is said as a culture is a lot of qualities, attitudes, and customs of a particular group, it tends to be said that if a culture considers a to be as adequate, different societies probably won’t state that the said way is satisfactory because of the various qualities, perspectives, and convention themselves. This can be significant on intercultural communication and require either culture to have similar perception and recognition to evade undesirable clashes.

2.) Gender Roles.

Different cultures have different way of seeing the roles of men and women which was typically affected my values and traditions. It is possible that in Country A, women are seen as weaker and a group that can not be tasked with rough works, such as being a truck driver, but in Country B, said thing is a completely acceptable part of its culture. This can have an impact to the outcome of an intercultural communication because if in case 2 parties that have a completely different view to women’s worth were to interact with each other, both parties could end up in a conflict that revolves around their different view of women’s worth.

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