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Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

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In today’s society and in the past justice was always a tricky topic because “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”(Martin Luther King). In this day and age injustice is everywhere around us. It also doesn’t help that sometimes the good has to suffer for the bad as well. The world i corrupted and people don’t stop to focus on the issues we in today’s society. The justice system is the worst it has been. countries are in war with each other, people in the same country are fighting with each others , and politician are avoiding the real problems we have in this country.

For example, The american flag seen by many americans is a symbol of their home and freedom while other seem it as a sign of disrespect and injustice. Justice is different in everyone eyes but injustice is all the same in one. There is believed to be 2 ways of encountering injustice “one way is to smash the head of the man who perpetrates injustice and to get your own head smashed in the process” (Ghandi 1). If you wanted to help out the citizens who needed justice you might end up hurting yourself more just because you decided to help someone in need.

If you moral was high enough you might not even consider it an option to even question if you should do it or not. Because injustice is everywhere it’s not a hard question to assume that everyone has been but up to the task of questioning whether or not if they wish to continue letting such an act proceed or interfering with it. Some citizens might not even dare to interfere because “we alone suffer the consequences of our mistake, and the other side is wholly spared”(Gandhi 2).

If someone was to question the justice system in society they will , of course, be looked down upon. If someone was to question the government, par se they might consider punishing you just for challenging their opinions just because they have the power to do so. If you were to say “If you make laws to keep us suppressed in a wrongful manner and without taking us into confidence,these laws will merely adorn the statute-books”(Gandhi 2) the system will do nothing but laugh in your face because they have the power to do so. Same for if it was in a smaller event.

if you were to see someone getting bullied would you take the time to stand up for the kid getting bullied or would you stand back just because the most likely outcome would ended up with you getting bullied instead. These were the questions Martin Luther was asking . If you know that doing the right thing will result in nothing or negatively results would you still do it ? Still noone is answering these questions because injustice still occurs everywhere. One who resorts to it does not have to break another’s head but may merely have his own head broken”(Gandhi 2).

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