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Informative Speech Persuasive

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General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the importance of The Red Cross and its importance of communication within the organization. Central Idea: The Red Cross was created to protect us all and our health without basing things on our race, religious beliefs and nationality, among many other things. Introduction

I. Attention-Getter: Consider what you would do if you and your loved ones had lost everything due to a devastating storm, who would you call on? II. Other: Most of us would probably feel like our life was over, there was no way we could begin again; There is life after tragedy. III. Central Idea: Whether it be providing support to families who experienced natural disasters, to provide blood to someone lacking it, offering classes to help each and every one of us learn lifesaving techniques as well as tips on our health, or just helping us get in contact with a loved one in the military, as well as a number of other things, The American Red Cross is there to help. IV. Credibility: To prepare for this presentation, I recalled my high school years as a member as well as blood donor of The Red Cross, as well as researching the organization and there many functions. V. Preview of Points: Today, I will be talking to you about The American Red Cross and how important it is to have proper communication within an organization as large as it. (Transition: I will begin by first giving you some background information on The American Red Cross.)


I. “My business is staunching blood, and feeding fainting men.” – Clara Barton A. Also known as Clarissa Harlowe Barton, Clara Barton, or Clara as she preferred to be called, was then and is now one of the many women who played an extremely influential role in American History. 1) Clara Barton was the nurse that founded The America Red Cross in 1881 and led it for 23 years. 2) She led by example, having empathy and understanding for people in their time of needs and providing them help. B. Clara Barton was a gate to the field of volunteering services. 1) She helped the sick and wounded soldiers of her time with receiving medical supplies, foods and clothing. 2) Clara risked her life in efforts to help soldiers during the Civil War; bringing supplies and offering them support (Internal Transitions: So now that you know who founded The American Red Cross and some ways she went about leading it to be what it is today, what is The American Red Cross itself?) II. The American Red Cross is more than just the typical place you go to donate blood, plasma or marrow. A. Disaster Relief

B. Supporting Americas military Families
C. Lifesaving Blood
D. Health and safety Services
E. International Services
(Internal Transitions: So those are the services The American Red Cross offers, now I will explain to you the significance of communication within The American Red Cross.) A. Providing fast service to people who look to The American Red Cross is only possible when the proper communications systems are in place within the organization. B. Complete and precise telecommunications when disaster may occur help ensure the effective use of resources and avoid duplication of activities and services. C. Different Type of Communication Systems

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