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Inequalities Through the Ages

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During the years America was being built, there was countless amounts of inequality within America between genders, race, social status, etc. Inequality existed throughout the wars, among the long line of presidents, the hostility and dislike towards the abolition of slavery, during the allowance of African American men and women to vote, and the inequality that still exists today. Many people believe that attaining the American Dream is possible, and for many people, the American Dream was attainable and they fulfilled their dreams of becoming a true, thriving American.

During the growth of the United States of America, many wars and battles had African American soldiers and soldiers with different religions that had encountered unequal treatment compared to their fellow soldiers. This exists because of the fellow soldiers and superiors views on race, gender, and religion due to the biased views of people during this time period. Many higher ranking soldiers deemed that if you were not the same color, religion, or gender, you were not able to join in the fighting. Because of this, many men and women sat around, wasting their lives. But, in time, things had changed and they had brought a victory for America. For example, in WWII, the women of America had seemingly thrown out the stereotypical views of women out the window, and basically had won the war for us due to the extreme amounts of work they had done in the factories. Most women had risked their lives to construct these dangerous weapons containing these unpredictable materials that cause havoc and death. And for the men, no matter what race or religion, they were allowed to fight in the war. Many people realized that as a unified country, anything could be done. Different from the past, this has changed by allowing men and women to fight in the countries. Race, religion and gender has no effect now because if you truly work hard enough, you could work your way up to the level you desire. For example, the 54th Massachusetts Regiment was a African American regiment based in Massachusetts under control of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. “The regiment became a powerful symbol for African-American manliness and readiness for citizenship,” (Waugh). This explains the opportunity available in any century even in the 1800’s. When in times of need, no matter what race, religion, or gender, you can overcome and achieve the impossible. Many, especially during the wars, wanted to attain the American Dream. The presidents of the United States wanted this even though there was unequal behavior within the presidency.

Throughout the decades, the presidency in America has always had minor problems with inequalities between race, religion, political belief, etc. Most of the time, the cause of this issue is due to the likes and dislikes of the president, and the influence of other people’s views on the president which in turn changes his view. Since fifty percent of the presidents votes are popularity based, the community is a major role in the presidency. In the nineteenth century, there was a good amount of inequality among the president due to the simple fact that, back then, things were much less offensive than they are today. Many things said today are considered offensive if used in the wrong context and if the president uses certain phrases, people begin to dislike the president. One relevant example would be our president, Donald Trump. He has used many derogatory terms without even realizing it at with his own free will and many would not consider him president worthy. “Controversy has continued to follow him during the presidential transition period” (Dupey). As explained by James Dupey, there is much controversy between President Trump and the citizens of the. But now, unlike the past, many presidents have noticed to keep their vocabulary more selective and appropriate to the audience of America. And because of these words that are chosen carefully, they can inspire Americans to do what they dream today.

With the assistance from former president Abraham Lincoln, slavery in America has been abolished, and for the greater good. The reason for slavery was simple. If you were too tired to do work, you had other people who could do it for you, without being payed. During slavery, the people, mainly whites, were not affected. However it was not only white males that had owned slaves. Many free African Americans had owned slaves as well and treated them the same as white slave owners. But, after it was abolished, many were in outrage. Especially in the south, people were furious because of the abolition, but for the African Americans, this was a step forward to equal rights. “Many in the South wanted to protect slavery from both external and internal threats,” (Mountjoy). People were furious due to this and many citizens, especially in the South, wanted to keep this ‘idea’. At the beginning, it affected the country negatively simply because people were not ready. Obviously, slavery does not happen in the United States anymore; but, most people’s views towards slavery, now, are good. Meaning they are content and happy with the abolition of it due to equality among all Americans, no matter what skin color or religion. “ With the abolition of slavery, America was brought into a new era of views. Welcoming our fellow americans brought many difficulties, many which we overcome. One in particular is the voting rights.

Voting rights are probably one of the most influential and patriotic achievement a american can do for its country; but, when certain genders and races cannot vote, there tends to be a uproar in America. The reason for this mishap was due to our ancestors who believed men were superior to women, and that black americans do not deserve to vote.For example, “Segregation was a way of life for African Americans who lived in southern and border states,” (Purdy). As most elders can tell, there was a massive disorder in America. Between women fighting for equal rights among men, for african Americans who wanted to be treated equal as an American, and for others who had difficulty fitting in due to their religion. As a country, it was difficult to do daily tasks because of the constant riots women were putting on and all of the chat from both women and african americans stirred America as a whole. Now, African Americans, women, and other people who had not had voting rights have the freedom to vote and decide their political belief without commotion or disorder from the government. Though there was much inequality during the time of both women and men, of any race or religion, trying to get there voting rights, there is still lots of inequality now among citizens. From the early times of America to the present day, there is inequality everywhere. From jobs to schools there is inequality.

There is no definite reason for inequality. There has been inequality in almost every country in the entire world. The fact to recognize though is that the people of America had discarded this idea. The best way we can assume for the idea of inequality is that people still believe certain races and beliefs are superior over others. Unfortunately, there are two sides to this problem. The first would be the one making these either unequal and unorthodox gestures and comments at someone. The second would be the receiver of these. As citizens of America, to hear certain things brings us back to the less prosperous times of our history. As a country, when topics like these are brought about, it splits us down the middle. There are two sides, and these two sides demonstrate that this country is not stable or prepared for events like these. If you look at America’s past, you will realize that we have progressed so much from where we had started. The fact that we can overcome these faults shows that we can do anything. Although inequality is still a dread and bad thought, there has been a increase of equality among the good, patriotic americans today rather than when america had just started off and inequality had existed everywhere.

Although much of the inequality that existed in this country has faded away, there is still some that change people’s perspectives of if the American Dream is possible. For example, racism and people’s intolerance for other religions displays this unfathomable idea that your dream cannot be obtained. Another thing that drives this idea of inequality is immigration. With a simple look, people make opinions and observations and people that like to verbally show these opinions and thoughts display the kind of rural, rugged America these new, soon to be, American citizens have come to. Many immigrants move to America for a better life; but, when others, mainly Americans, separate these selected few based on their race or religion, they ponder the idea that if coming to America was worth the work. “The hope for a better job inextricably links upward mobility to the American dream,” (U.S.) exhibits this idea that people immigrate to the United States for a greater, more free life, away from the prejudice where they came from. However, when the place you went to seek safety from these acts in fact has the exact same thing you decided to leave for, it drives the motive for not being able to complete your ‘American Dream’.

As you can see, America has gone through many changes, the good and the bad, but in the end, America has become one of the strongest countries in the world. With the inequality in the wars, in the presidency, the abolition of slavery, voting rights and even the inequality now can be overcomed to make people realize that in America, anything is possible. The American Dream is possible.

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