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In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students

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Today, living in most countries is not as simple as it was before. The economic problems in some countries create the necessity of many people to work. In many of those regions the parents are not the only ones who work. Nowadays, a lot of teenagers work even while they are still studying. Unfortunately, this situation produces many negative consequences in the teenager’s educational development. It is not a good idea for teenagers to have a job while they are students because it takes away vital studying time, provides extra money that may move the student away from the school, and distracts him from more important priorities.

First of all, a job takes away time from a student’s studying routine. In order to succeed in the classes they take, students need enough time to spend studying. For example, most students take four classes each semester so that they will need to study approximately four hours and, in some cases, more than six hours everyday. And that is in addition to the daily classes they must attend. Many students go to school Monday through Friday, from 7:00AM to 3:00PM and sometimes later. Due to this heavy schedule, working while studying would interfere with the student’s routine, causing the student to not have enough time to study and, consequently, the student’s grades would decline.

In addition, the extra money that teenagers might make at a job may move the student away from the school. When a teenager gets money while still being a student, he may think he does not need to study to make money, so he is not going to “waste his time” going to school. For instance, a student gets a job and begins to make money. A few months later he has enough money to buy an expensive cellphone and decides to get one. After a few more months, he has more money and decides to buy a car, or a house. At that moment, he realizes that he can make money and buy whatever he wants without going to study, so that he decides to leave school. It happens to many students when they begin to make money by themselves.

Finally, once students begin to make money, their priorities change. They get some responsibilities and, most of the time, they have to forgo many things, such as going to school, to accomplish those responsibilities. For example, consider the guy who got a job and bought a car or a house. After he bought the house, he had to buy beds, furniture and lingerie. In a short time, he had accumulated too much debt and, instead of concentrating on his studies, he had to work overtime to keep his payments up-to-date. After a few months, he decided not attend school again because, at that time, it was more important to pay his debt.

Even though some people believe that teenagers should have jobs while they are still students, this is not a good idea. A job would cause teenagers to study less, change their priorities and probably keep them away from school. Teenagers need to concentrate on their school and should not have to worry about anything else. Teenagers have their whole life to work, but there are only a few years in which they can become educated.

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