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Growth Mindset Essays

Our Attending Mission 100 VEX-IQ Robotics training at Auburn University

In August, I attended Mission 100 VEX-IQ Robotics training at Auburn University. This training allowed me to understand how to build and operate the robots used in VEX-IQ competitions to start a robotics team. I had taught small robotics afterschool clubs for years using Ozobots and Spheros, but students would …

Let's Talk About Strategies for Institutions

Though there are many ways for individual students to overcome stereotype threat, it’s also crucial for higher education to establish and provide an educational environment that supports and guides students to improve and optimize their full potential. The term ‘wise’ schooling introduced to describe the promotion of practices and policies …

The Pros And the Cons US Education System

The importance of education remains undisputed as it gives us knowledge and helps us build opinions of the world around us. Its tremendous importance has convinced the government to pass laws requiring children to attend a public or state-accredited private school. Despite the severe importance, there exist several problems in …

How Should Individual Growth in Spite of Hardships

Ever since I was a child I had always been told by my father that people don’t really change, and that in essence it is just the little things that change about them. He says that what you are born with is what you got and that determines the ‘you’ …

Discovering Learning Patterns That Give Me Awareness in Every Aspect of Life

Learning at the college level as a non-traditional student comes in many areas in the online classroom as well as outside of the online classroom. Currently, at Ashford University the class Personal Dimensions of Education teaches its students how to become an intentional learner by discovering your learning patterns and …

About Psychologist Carol Dweck And His Theory of Fixed and Growth Mindsets

When we hear stories of famous theorists conjuring theories from thin air, or impressive intellects memorizing hundreds of pages, we cannot help but sit in awe. It may be discouraging to see how much these fathers/mothers of history gave to society; however, their success was not simply inherited at birth. …

About Five Strategies That Can Help Lead Me to Success

Over the semester we have discussed many informative and valuable information that I will continue to use throughout my college career. Although I have enjoyed every topic that we went over, there were three main topics that I think hold the most value to me. These three topics are strategies …

About The Difference Between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence can grow and strengthen with effort. Children with a growth mindset believe that they are capable of achieving what they want that by spending enough time and effort they can reach their goals. A fixed mindset focuses in a belief that intelligence …

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed

Today’s educational system seems to be inherently broken – kids with good grades are automatically made to believe that they are intelligent, while kids who don’t are usually regarded as untalented or unintelligent, even if they did put in their bit of effort. Kids who are praised as being intelligent …

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