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Importance of Communication Skills to Students

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There were times that you were having trouble in communicating, don’t worry we have all been there. You can’t get a job having poor communication skills or maybe you have a job and it might affect the productivity of the company if you have poor communication skills. It is important to know what are the reasons behind of poor communication skills, especially to us, students who are the future workers.

Poor communication skills on students affects their future having difficulties in getting jobs.

Many students are not motivated to study because of some reasons. They are not interested in the English subject maybe because they are afraid, they cannot speak English well or simply teacher factor. Well, I have experienced it back when I was still a High school Student, my teacher wasn’t that good she was committing some mistakes and when we asked her about it she always told us that she was right. Maybe it affects my confident a bit when it comes to speaking in English because I was so afraid that I might be wrong without even knowing it.

Speaking too fast may result to error sending your message to your receiver. If you do that to in your job interview, the interviewer might not understand you and just call the next guy in line. I have troubles when it comes to delivering my speech clearly. But I learned how to erase that trouble, by slowing down my speech. Take your time when speaking to others.

Most times we students don’t pay attention to what the teachers/professors are saying. Admit it, and don’t be so proud of it. So when the teacher/professor calls you and asks a question you don’t know how to answer it. As future workers, we should train ourselves to be a good listener. In that way when your Boss is asking you to do something you will be able to comply.

Getting distracted while having a conversation. Like for example, you are having a conversation while reading your messages or even when your mouth is full. We all did this and it is really a distraction when you are having a conversation. So, Avoid performing multiple tasks when communicating.

And lastly, be careful with the facial expressions that the speaker makes. So you will know the intent of their message. Watch for any changes in body language so you can adjust and know their emotional state and the purpose of their message. You may not even notice that you’re having a conversation with someone who isn’t in the mood to talk to anyone so just be careful.

Developing good communication skills is important for us students to gain as soon as possible because we are the future workers in this country. We should be able to communicate well so we can increase the productivity of the company.

The essay is about communication skills on students. Based on experiences and some research, The importance of having good communication skills to students is for job purposes. And having poor communication skills will have an impact in the future when getting a job. Overall, we know the importance of communication skills.

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