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Impact on my life

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It’s taken me seventeen years to realize how much of an impact my brother has truly had on my life. I never really realized that one person can have a lasting effect in your decisions and the way you perceive life. This person can be very inspirational and even more so if it is someone close to you or a relative. In my case, it is my brother who has prominently impacted my life. He has been there to support me in my many decisions, whether smart or foolish. Because of my older brother I am the ambitious, responsible, and respectful person that I am today.

My brother has been an ideal friend as well as also playing the role of a parental figure. He enforces the rules that have been placed upon us, my other siblings, by our parents, making sure that I keep myself sane and respectful. I can go to him with whatever problem I encounter in life. He has taught me many lessons in my short-lived seventeen years, all of which have molded and will continue to mold my life forever. He has affected every aspect in my life; from the way I dress, to the way I perceive life. I consider it a phenomenal thing because he has showed me the great things that can be accomplished in life, has taught me many great things, and has inspired to become successful in life.

My brother, Marco, always has been an inspiration to me because he has set a great example for me to follow. For example, he is always helping my parents with anything they need, and does many errands around the house. He occasionally helps out at church, showing me that giving back to the community is a good way to show that you want a better community to live in. Marco has taught me all his life lessons that he has undergone and learned from so far. He learns from his own mistakes and makes sure I do not commit the same mistakes as him. He makes sure I do not swing in the wrong path, meaning he is always on my case in everything I do. My brother says he does this because he did not have anyone to motivate him when he was my age. He did not take the same road I am taking; he preferred to get out of high school and join the military to serve our country. This is an aspect of his life in which he does not regret doing, however he wants more for me. He tells me not to follow in the same footsteps he took, because they were not all great.

Marco takes many positions in my life, and impacts my life in that certain aspect. He can be considered as my all around teacher and coach, teaching me everything that he has been taught, and always paying attention to my flaws in my study habits or work skills. He tries his best to make me student, and makes me have a try-your-best attitude. Without him, I do not think I would have such a great passion for studying and working hard, nevertheless for school and education. He is always the first person I seek when I need help with any current problem I come across. In addition, I asked for his help when a student asked if I wanted to go to a party. When I asked my brother if I should go to the party, he quickly replied,” Marissa, your priority right now should be school and later there will be plenty of time to go out and have fun. Focus on your work and in the end everything you’ve done will have been worth It.” My brother told me that it is our human nature that we get curious of certain things, but fighting the urges of trying them is what differentiates from people who do not want to better themselves to one that is strong-willed and determined to seek a better life. I have always followed his advice because it always seems to work out and ease my life.

Marco has made me have an optimistic way of thinking, he knows what is best for me; therefore I do not see him only as a brother, but also as a counselor. I cherish my brother, greatly because he has taught me many things in life as well as lessons, all of which I have come to realize that I have used. He is guiding me to the right road, making sure I do not fall a victim to any bad intentions, making sure I always try my best in everything I partake in, and making sure I always strive for the better things in life. He is my motivator, counselor, coach, gym partner, role model, mentor, best friend, my big brother but mostly the biggest influence that has forever changed my life in a positive way! I have learned to truly value any experience I get by watching my brother. He has enriched my life with his passion for learning, and changed it with his devotion to humanity. Through his endless love of everything and everyone he is touched by, I have seen a hope and life that is truly exceptional. Next year, I will find a new home miles away. However, my brother will always be by my side.

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