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Impact of Job Security on Employ Performance

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The banks play an important part in creating newly capital (or capital formation) in a country, thereby contributing to the growth process.

The bank manages to sell stocks and bonds. Therefore, commercial institutions and manufacturers can obtain fixed capital by means of banks. Some banks are called industrial banks, which assist in the formation of new companies and new industrial companies and provide long-term loans to manufacturers.

The bank accepts the deposit and gave the loan, and earn the profit from the interest rate difference paid by the depositor and the borrower respectively. The process by which a bank obtains funds from a depositor and then lends it to the borrower is called a financial intermediary.

The banking system can make money. When the business is expending, more money is necessary for conversion exchange. A country’s legal tender money can’t be broadly expanded. Bank money can be increased quickly and can be used when more money is required. In the developing economy . banks play an important role as a source of money.

The bank system can make easy it’s country internally and international trade. A big part of trade will be done on credit. On behalf of its customers, the seller can be make available credit goods on this beginning. This is particularly main in international trade when the two sides live in different countries and are often unknown to each other.

In every country they are its own state bank who control all the banks of there country..thats why state bank is called the father of all banks. They control inflation in the country.

Job security

Job security is a guarantee that individuals will keep their jobs without the risk of losing their jobs. He/she will maintain continuity in employment, possibly from employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements or labor legislation provisions to prevent arbitrary termination.

Job security is the employ assurance. In private company the employ he or she has less job security if the company will be running in less profit. The company can’t gave job security to its unproductive employs. If the company earn high amount of profit then they gave security to its employs. In private sectors the company search there customer .Private sector are completely depend on generating business and in generating customer. So that’s why private sector needs customer. If they have less customer then risk of job security will be higher with all this the company can’t run there buisness easily.

The concept, such as lifelong employability, is a commitment to help employees develop skills that will make them more valuable in future employment without implying their existing company’s commitment to continue employment. This satisfies the desire of some employees to build their career path through mobility. For others, this seems to be an empty promise, and a placebo means covering up the absence of real things. If secured employment opportunities are in most places, especially in the private sector, what about workers who seek job security for a long time?(Muhammad Ali Sial 2016)

Employ performance

In the organization Efficient workers are very happy. Workers with higher worker satisfaction are more productive and unsatisfied employees are more likely to miss work. Satisfied employees are less likely to quit. Organizations take action to retain good employees and reduce poor performers.( Jitendra Kumar Singh Dr. Mini Jain. October-December, 2013)

The company or organization share their objective and goals with the employees .Sharing goals with employees is the best tool for working with organizations. The reason for doing this because employees are close to the customer and they can give all information about company and with this company achieve its goals.(Muhammad Ali Sial 2016)

Employee attitudes normally reflect the moral of the company. In areas of customer sales and services, happy employees are very important because they represent the company in front of the public. Company can hire right employee for the right job with this the employee performance will be in a good way. With the training and improvement programs the employee skill will be improved and with this we know the employee ready for new responsibility with this the employee confidence built and they serve for the company by heart.( Jitendra Kumar Singh Dr. Mini Jain. October-December, 2013)

Problem statement

All employees would like to feel a sense of security and durability in their roles, but in my organization, they can’t make employees feel safe and they are an integral part of the organization. Therefore, it leads to employee dissatisfaction, which reduces the performance level of employees.


When employees feel unsafe at work, this will be increase in stress and negative emotions can affect their performance. In the current job market, employment insecurity is unavoidable, so the question is whether the intervention strategy will have the greatest effect? The researchers initially studied the relationship between job insecurity and performance and found that job insecurity increased, resulting in low job performance. However, this is not the case for employees in organizations with a high degree of organizational justice. Organizational justice is related to established policies and procedures, making employees feel that they are treated fairly(Muhammad ali sial 2016)

However, the results of the survey are not as simple as the decline in performance due to increased work insecurity. The increase in job insecurity first leads to a reduction in positive work-related emotions, which is an important part of work commitment. Only in this way can these feelings have an adverse effect on actual job performance. This means that just because work is not safe is a reality and does not automatically translate into performance degradation. Employees can still be satisfied with their work and the environment. Performance is inevitably affected only when there is a sense of job insecurity and these positive emotions are reduced in some way.(Muhammad ali sial 2016)

Research Aim

  • To know about the job statisfaction with the employees of banking sector.
  • To enhance the work ability of employees in their organization
  • To know about the relation of organization with their employees
  • To survey the work performance of employ with out job security in organization
  • Objective of the research

General objective

The overall goal of the study was to examine the relationship between job satisfaction and employee performance and to analyze the impact of these on banking employees. (Muhammad ali sial 2016)

Specific objective

Specifically, the study aims to:

  • Determine the nature of the organization
  • Determine the role of job performance in the organization
  • Measuring the job security factors of private companies
  • Literature review
  • Here, we have solved various determinants of job satisfaction.
  • And their impact on various factors such as job satisfaction.
  • And employee performance

Various researchers conducted research and found that job dissatisfaction was the result of unsafe employees. Important factors such as low job security, working conditions and job nature, low wages and lack of promotion, such as low work autonomy, have an adverse impact on employee job satisfaction.( Alamdar Hussain Khan*, Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz, Muhammad Aleem and Wasim Hamed 8 November, 2011)

Job satisfaction research is a topic of widespread concern to organizational staff and researchers. Job satisfaction is closely related to many organizational phenomena such as motivation, performance, leadership, attitude, conflict, and ethics. Researchers attempt to identify the various components of job satisfaction, measure the relative importance of each component of job satisfaction, and examine the impact of these components on employee productivity. .( Jitendra Kumar Singh Dr. Mini Jain. October-December, 2013)

Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction depend not only on the nature of the job, but also on the expectations of the employee’s job supply (Hussami, 2008). Lower convenience costs, higher organizational and social and intrinsic rewards will increase job satisfaction (Mulinge and Muller, 1998). Job satisfaction is a complex phenomenon involving multiple aspects, influenced by factors such as wages, work environment, autonomy, communication and organizational commitment (Vidal, Valle and Aragón, 2007). Different people explain pay differently. Salary, rewards, recognition and wages are terms used in different situations (Zobal, 1998). The compensation is defined by the American Association as “the cash and non-cash compensation provided by the employer for the provision of services”. In the results of Kathawala et al., compensation was found to be a major factor in the motivation and job satisfaction of wage employees in the automotive industry. (1990). The survey sought to assess the various job characteristics and how employees ranked them as motivators and fulfillers. The results show that compensation is rated as the first job factor of job satisfaction, and the increase in performance wages is listed as the first work factor of incentives. Compensation is a very valuable tool for retention and replacement. It is also an incentive for employees to commit to the organization, thereby enhancing attractiveness and retention (Zobal, 1998; Moncarz et al., 2009; Chiu et al., 2002). When an employee objects to his service, it can also act as a communicator, indicating how valuable the employee is to his organization (Zobal, 1998).

Impact of rewards/pay on job satisfaction and performance

Job satisfaction is the result of different factors such as salary, promotion, work itself, supervision, relationship with colleagues, and promotion opportunities (Opkara, 2002). Among these factors, compensation is a very important factor. Frye (2004) found a positive correlation between equity-based compensation and performance. It is further concluded that compensation plays a vital role in human capital-intensive companies to attract and retain professionals. In addition, compensation has a significant impact on employee job satisfaction. It has also been found that flexible compensation has no effect on job satisfaction (Igalens and Roussel, 1999). The job satisfaction of public sector managers was studied and the conclusion was that income was the main determinant of job satisfaction (Sokoya, 2000). The relationship between job satisfaction and wages was investigated and job satisfaction was found to be affected by wages (Nguyen et al., 2003). Brudney and Coundry (1993) explain the different variables that influence the performance of an organization’s employees. They include compensation, organizational commitment, and the relationship between compensation and performance. There are some empirical evidence that there is a positive correlation between pay and performance (Gneezy and Rustichini, 2000; Gardner et, 2004; Tessema and Soeters, 2006). (Alamdar Hussain Khan*, Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz, Muhammad Aleem and Wasim Hamed 8 November, 2011)

According to research conducted by Friedlander and Margulies (1969), it has been found that a managerial and friendly employee relationship contributes to job satisfaction. However, this result contradicts Herzberg’s (1966) view, which supports the notion that supervision is not related to job satisfaction. Arnold and Feldman (1996) use temperature, lighting, ventilation, sanitation, noise, working hours and resources as part of the working conditions. Workers would rather hope that working conditions will bring greater physical comfort and convenience. Among other things, the lack of such working conditions can have a negative impact on workers’ physical and mental health (Baron and Greenberg, 2003). Arnold and Feldman (1996) show that temperature, lighting, ventilation, hygiene, noise, working hours and resources are all part of the working conditions. Employees may feel that poor working conditions can only lead to negative performance because their work is mentally and physically demanding.

Many researchers believe that workplace stress can affect performance in some way. Occupational stress inadvertently leads to poor organizational performance (Folkman & Lazarus, 1991). Work stress, while having a slight impact on the performance of any organization or individual, can have dire consequences when it comes to health care. (Margolis, Kroes, & Quinn, 1974). Employers now emphasize the importance of stress and manage and mitigate stress through practical guidance from the public sector, rather than private organizations (Rolfe, 2005). Systemic Stress – Selye’s Theory: The prevalence of stress concepts in science and mass media is largely due to the work of endocrinologist Hans Selye. In a series of animal studies, he observed a variety of stimulating events (eg, heat, cold, poison) and long enough to produce a synergy, which means that it is not specific for any stimulus event. According to Seyle, these non-specific changes constitute a stereotypical, specific response pattern of systemic stress. Selye (1980) defines stress as a non-specific response of the body to any need, whether caused or caused by pleasant or unpleasant conditions. Selye identified three adaptation phases that a person experienced in the 1936 General Adaptation Syndrome. They are alarms, resistance and exhaustion. These stages are associated with specific biomarkers, such as changes in hormonal patterns and the production of more ‘stress hormones’ and the gradual consumption of body energy resources. During the alert phase, the body identifies challenges or threats and enters “fighting or flight” is actually another important pioneer created by Walter Cannon.

During the resistance phase, the body tries to take on a challenging situation that persists. Responding to or adapting to the need for physiological resources may eventually be exhausted. If the depletion phase occurs, the tense challenge lasts too long. Impaired immune system, long-term damage and disease. Psychological stress – Lazarus theory: According to Lazarus, when one thinks that ‘demand exceeds the personal and social resources that individuals can mobilize,’ they feel pressure. This is the trading model of stress and response. Environmental events and human reactions do not define stress, and individual perception of mental state is a key factor. According to Lazarus, the impact of stress on a person depends more on the threats, vulnerabilities, and coping abilities of those people than on the stress events themselves. He defines psychological stress as ‘a special relationship between man and the environment, being evaluated as taxing or exceeding his resources and endangering his or her well-being. According to his theory, a person will face a certain situation. Two things. These are called primary and secondary assessments. (Ibtisam Mbarak Awadh , Lucy Gichinga and Dr. Anwar Hood Ahmed October 2015)

Significance of the study

Give confidence to employees to discover the well between the individual and the company culture. Companies must use social media as a communication tool to build interaction. When employees encourage managers, they are innovative. They are always looking for better ways. Feedback is two-way communication. This is an opportunity to share ideas and find solutions.


The hypothesis is a tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables. The hypothesis is a specific, testable prediction about what you expect to happen in your research.


There are key phrases that describe contemporary ethical and medical research institutions to create ethical protection systems to better protect the rights of their research participants. The principle of voluntary participation requires that people are not forced to participate in research. This is especially important for researchers who previously relied on their themes – prisons, universities and similar places. Closely related to the concept of voluntary participation is the requirement for informed consent. Basically, this means that future research participants must be fully aware of the procedures and risks involved in the study and must agree to participate in the study. Ethical standards also require researchers not to expose participants to the risk of injury to participants. Harm can be defined as physical and psychological. There are two standards that can help protect the privacy of research participants. Almost all research ensures the confidentiality of participants – they believe they will not provide identity information to anyone who is not directly involved in the research. The more rigorous standard is the principle of anonymity, which basically means that participants will remain anonymous throughout the research process – even the researchers themselves. Obviously, anonymity is a powerful guarantee of privacy, but sometimes it is difficult to achieve, especially if it is necessary to measure participants at multiple points in time (for example, pre-learning). More and more researchers must deal with the ethical issues of a person’s service rights. Good research practice often requires the use of non-therapeutic controls – a group of participants who have not received treatment or planning. However, when such treatments or procedures may have beneficial effects, people assigned to uncontrolled persons may feel that their right to receive services is limited on average.(Muhammad ali sial 2016) 

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