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Human Rights Persuasive

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If citizens were to live in a world where human rights did not exist, the world would be a much more different place than it is today. People would not be able to do a lot of the things they do today because they would be restricted with rules to follow and consequence for disobeying rules. Human rights have developed over many years and have been beneficial towards all of us. Without human rights our world would be a significantly more chaotic than it is today. Human rights allow citizens of a nation to be who they are without fear of being treated badly.

What are human rights?

Principally, human rights entail everyone with the right to have a minimally decent life. Some of the values which the contemporary human rights movement stands for include, universality, equality (non-discrimination), physical security of the person/self & non-violent respect for others, individual liberty, private property rights & material subsistence for all, social recognition of others, and lastly democracy (political participation for all). The first value, universality, means that human rights are all about the rights of everyone in the world and not just a specific ethnic group or nation. Whether a person is Sri Lankan, Chinese, Japanese, Guyanese, Canadian, Jamaican or Hawaiian – all different ethnicities are given human rights. The second value of human rights, as stated earlier, is equality. This value’s main focus is to end discrimination and treat everyone equally no matter who a person may be.

The goal is for people to be open-minded about other types of people no matter what gender, race, ethnicity, and religion they are. Instead, human rights encourage the world to embrace our differences instead of discriminating against our differences. All types of people should have the same rights and therefore should all be considered equal. The third value of human rights is physical security. The right of physical security means that everyone should not be violent towards each other. Everyone should respect all human begins and therefore not act in a violent manner towards other human beings. The fourth human rights value is individual liberty. Individual liberty means that every human should have the freedom to be who they want to be and should not be judged for who they are. For example, if a girl likes another girl she should not be treated badly just because of her sexual orientation.

Under human rights, she is entitled the freedom to choose who she wants to be and how she wants to live her life. This human rights value states that a human should not be assaulted just because he or she chooses to do something or act a certain way because they have the freedom to do so. The next human rights value is private property rights and material subsistence for all. Private property rights means that everyone is entitled to own their own property. That property that the person owns is there property and therefore cannot be stolen and if it is stolen then that is a violation of human rights. The second part of this value means that all humans should be permitted to a sufficient amount of food to eat and a sufficient amount of water to drink. Also, humans should have the right to pursue a career in which they have chosen and are satisfied with. If a person is forced into a about force that he or she does not approve of then this is a violation of the human rights movement.

The second last human rights value is social recognition of others. Social recognition of others means that everyone should be treated as people and no one person should be favored over another. Everyone should have equal rights, everyone in a country should be treated as individual of that country, and every citizen therefore should be treated equally. The last human rights value is democracy. This means that every citizen within a nation should have the right to participate in politics and they live by democracy. Therefore if one person in a nation is allowed to vote for an election then another person within that same nation should also have the right to vote for the election, this follows the “social recognition of others” value as well as the “democracy” value. The seven values discussed are the values of human rights are vital human needs.

Why Should We Care About Them?

Human rights are a movement that everyone should care about for various different reasons. One reason why we should care about human rights is because it gives everyone personal prudence. If individuals want other individuals to respect their rights then they should, in return, respect the rights of other people. It is simple to live by the fact that you have human rights however people should really care about them and respect and follow other peoples humans rights because only then will people respect your human rights. If someone doesn’t respect people’s human rights then why should they respect those person’s human rights? Therefore everyone should care about everyone’s human rights, and not only their own human rights. Secondly individuals should also care about human rights because it is only the fair thing to do if others care about your human rights. If individuals are given human rights then others should be given their human rights as well because that is only fair. It wouldn’t be fair if I had the right to do anything I wanted to do and if another person wasn’t allowed to do anything they wanted.

Another reason why individuals should care about human rights is because of its overwhelming social consensus. Throughout the world more and more nations are becoming favorable towards human rights. We should care about human rights because if everyone is beginning to follow human rights then we all need to act accordingly and follow the rules set by human rights values. Another reason why people should care about human rights is because of the negative duty not to harm. Human rights allow individuals to feel protected therefore if a person violates your human rights that are a serious problem. The last reason as to why we should care about human rights is because at the end of the day human rights is going to help us better the world. It will help us better the world because it brings up our average lifespan, income, health, and educational attainment. Also human rights better our life because it increases personal happiness. People are happier after they are given human rights because they have the right to do what they want to do.

How Human Rights Began (Holocaust) and Values of Nazis

The Human rights movement that we live by today was originally created because of the Holocaust that occurred in our worlds history. Human Rights were created as a reaction against the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a event that happened in the past that was a mass murder of people. It was in attempts to exterminate Jewish people. Essentially it was when the Nazi Germany’s mass murdered Jewish people, mental and physically challenged people, homosexuals, and political radicals, and persons of Slavic origin. In total they slaughtered close to about 6 million people. This mass murder began in 1933, when the Nazi regimes gained power in Germany. Once Hitler and his fellow Nazi party gained power they began to execute their plan of killing all the Jewish people who lived in Germany. This power is what allowed Hitler to unleash his hate for Jewish people. The Nazi regimes did this by identifying people who didn’t fit their ethnic “ideals”, which were basically Jewish people.

In addition to identifying people who didn’t fit their ethnic ideals they also targeted and identified people who were different compared to other people such as people who were physically/mentally challenged. Once the Nazi identified these people they then began to take away these peoples employment options as well as their voting rights. Then the Nazi’s seized all of the identified peoples property and money. The Jewish people were sent to labor camps where they were forced into the weapons manufacturing labor force. They were put to work under horrible conditions and were not given adequate food or water. Jews worked tirelessly everyday and once they were “used up”/exhausted from working they were then taken away and put into gas chambers where they were killed and later turned into ashes. All of this was happened because Hitler felt that there were too many Jewish people and different people (mentally/physically challenged, homosexual, and etc.) running around freely in Europe.

Once World War 2 ended people began to realize what exactly happened in those concentration camps. They realized how horribly Jewish people were treated and then came to the conclusion that people should never be treated this way ever again. Ultimately the Nazi people didn’t consider Jewish people as human beings, which is a violation of human rights. The world wanted people never to be treated so inhumanely ever again and with that said the human rights movement began and human rights were created. The values the Nazi regimes followed were then torn down and were flipped completely in order to create new core values that are now known as the human rights values.

The core values that the Nazi followed were, national/racial partiality, inequality (discrimination), violent brutality, deprivation of freedom, theft & starvation, denial of social recognition to “outsiders”, and not democracy (authoritarian regime). First we will look at the Nazi’s value of national/racial partiality. National/racial partiality is when you are biased towards a certain nation or race and you favor that particular nation/race over all others. This was one of the values the Nazi followed and this is evident because the Nazi regime only really cared about the Aryan Race. This puts all other nations below the Aryan Race, which is race partiality. The second value of the Nazi Regime, inequality and discrimination, means that the Nazi Regime enforced inequality in their nation and also discriminated people in their nation. They let themselves have all the rights and did not give full rights to other people within the nation therefore, this is known as inequality.

The third value of the Nazi Regime is violent brutality, which means the Nazi disrespected people in their nation and violently attacked them. The fourth value was deprivation of freedom, which means that the Nazi didn’t let people within their nation (Jewish people) have freedom. The Jewish people were not allowed to do as they pleased. The deprivation of freedom is evident when the Nazi locked up Jewish people in camps forcefully. The fifth Nazi value was theft and starvation. The Nazi’s value let them believe that they could steal property and money from Jewish people. They also let the Jewish people who they forced into labor starve from lack of food. The sixth Nazi value was denial of social recognition to “outsiders”. This means that the Nazi had 2 different groups, the outsiders and the insiders. The insiders were they favored group and the outsiders were the disfavored group.

The Nazi’s values made sure that outsiders were not treated equally, and therefore the insiders were treated better than the outsiders. The outsiders weren’t even considered citizens and were not even considered human beings. The last Nazi value is no democracy. This meant that the people who were considered “outsiders” were not given the right to vote. They were not able to have an impact on the political status of the nation. The Nazi therefore was an authoritarian regime.

How the Video “Lion Women” Made You Think About Women’s Rights & the Struggle to Secure Women’s Rights World Wide

The video “Lion Women” made me feel as though developing nations around the world, such as Iran, should establish women’s rights because it is vital for them to be treated equally to men. It was sad and disappointing to watch that women around the world are not being treated fairly and are sometimes treated as if they are not humans. Women should not be told how to dress and what professions they are allowed to pursue. I find that it is not fair that women are treated differently just because they are females. The women of Iran are genuinely nice people who are being treated badly for an immoral reason. Women’s Rights should be made mandatory and people who don’t follow women’s rights should be punished. Women in Iran and all across the world should have the freedom to live their life the way they want to live it and not have it controlled by the government or any body of power. It is has been a constant struggle to try and enforce and secure woman rights worldwide.

Why People Believe Women’s Right is the Worlds Top Human Rights Issue?

People believe women’s rights are the world’s top human rights issue for numerous reasons. It is recognized as a key human rights issue because women face gender discrimination from birth through to adulthood. There are five key stages throughout a women’s life where she faces human rights issues. These five stages are at birth, childhood, adolescence, motherhoods, and old age.

Firstly we will take a look at the birth stage. Women’s rights are violated during birth because more than 500,000 women die while giving birth or shortly after they given birth. People may wonder how this is a women’s right violation but if we take a closer look people will soon realize that this normally happens in developing countries. These deaths are preventable if adequate expenditures/investments are put towards sufficient healthcare. Therefore this is a women’s right issue. Also, our universe has undergone various technology changes over the past few years and because of this new technology is available that let’s couples choose what sex they want their child to be. This is an issue because most couples end up choosing males instead of females as their child. In addition, countries such as China who have adopted population control measures say that they desire male children more; therefore female children become abandoned or aborted. This is a huge human rights issue because women in China may want a girl child but their rights for this is taken away.

Next is the childhood stage of a woman. During this stage various women’s rights issues occur such as lack of nutrition and lack of education compared to males. Also, girls have to do chores such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for siblings even if they don’t want to just because they are girls; this is mostly in developing nations. This is a women’s right issue because girls in developing countries work more then guys however get less nutrition then boys do. This is a huge disadvantage for girls because guys will have a higher level of education therefore they will earn more in the future. This is sad because evidence shows that if girls were given the education level that the boys are given, girls would outperform guys. Therefore these girls have potential however due to these women’s rights issues they cannot be the most successful persons they could be.

The next stage is adolescence; during this stage girls go through various women’s rights issues such as sexual assault, harassment, abuse and sexually transmitted disease. These adolescent girls don’t voluntarily ask to be assaulted or harassed they are forced into this lifestyle. Various acts such as girl brides (child brides as young as 8 or 9 years old), child porn, prostitution, sex tourism and sex trafficking are women rights issue that adolescence face. They are forced to have sex with men who come into their country so that their pimps get money (sex tourism). This is a women’s right violation and a human rights violation because these adolescent girls are forced into doing things they do not want to participate in. Some countries participate in female genital mutilation; which is when a girl’s genitalia is altered by performing surgery on her. This is done in order to increase pleasure for a man. Another practice that is rarely but sometimes used is honor killing. Honor killing is when a male family member kills a girl because of a failure in behaviour on her part. These are all women’s rights violations and are all serious problems that need to be fixed in order for the world to become a better place.

The second last stage is motherhood. During this stage women give birth and someone needs to stay home to take care of this new child. Women are usually the primary caregivers of their children therefore they need to give up their job which means they will earn no income. However woman work extremely hard at home taking care of the children, cleaning, and cooking however are not paid for this work. Since women do not earn an income during this time it contributes to the big wage gap. The big wage gap is the wage gap between males and females. This is a women’s rights issue because females aren’t given the option to work when they have children because they are expected to take care of their children.

The last stage is old age. This stage looks at how woman live longer than men however this isn’t necessarily a good thing cause they go through elderly abuse at the places they stay (senior homes or their children’s house). Older aged women are also taken advantage financially and in regards to taking care of their grandchildren. They have to take care of their grandchildren but do not get paid. These are women’s rights issues because they are abused, and no one wants to be abused. Abuse is a human rights issue and therefore it is a women’s rights issue.

All these stages make it evident that the issue of women’s rights is an important human rights problem today in the world. Women go through so much throughout their life, from birth to old age, compared to men. As we learned in class if all these women’s rights issues are fixed women aren’t the only ones who benefit, the entire world benefits. The entire world benefits because the first benefit would be increase in infant survival and in the development and wellbeing of children. The second benefit would be improvement in crime rates, higher literacy, better access to quality health care and higher per capita income. Therefore if women’s rights issues were fixed our world as a whole would be a better place.

What are the most important things for the world to focus on, in this regard?

The most important things for the world to focus on in terms of improving the conditions of women’s human rights are education, sex & reproduction, domestic work, workplace, and legal & political structures. First we will look at the importance of focusing on education in order to improve women’s rights. In order for the conditions of women’s human rights to improve the government of every country, especially developing nations, should provide adequate education opportunities for girls/woman. This will give the opportunity for girls to advance their knowledge and be just as knowledgeable as boys. By giving them the opportunity to learn they can further themselves in the future and be successful individuals. When then are sent to school the school must have gender inclusive and gender aware curriculum. Girls and boys should be taught the same things, guys should not be taught more than girls and vice-versa.

In addition, female teachers are needed so that these young girls could have role models. By having a female teacher that girl students can have someone to look up to and they will be able to see that girls can g far in the future. The second thing the world should focus on is sex and reproduction. All to often women around the world are going through abuse and sexual harassment. The world should really try and focus on reducing this. The government should implement strict punishments for people who attack, assault, and abuse women. All around the world women are being abused by men and no one is doing anything about it. The government should really punish the men who do this because they are ruining that girl/women’s life by traumatizing her and violating her freedom. In addition their should be more focus on women’s healthcare. Women around the world should be taught important concepts such as hygienic sex and reproductive choices. This will help them better understand themselves.

The third focus should be on domestic work. In a typical household, females are the ones who are cooking, cleaning and are the ones who take care of the gender. This is an unequal distribution of household work. These roles should not be divided based on gender. An example solution of this would be for the government to pay or reward women for working so hard at home. Often time’s women go unrecognized for the amount of work they do at home. People make it seem like being a housewife is such an easy job however it is not because it is a job that requires 24 hours of labor. Women are constantly cleaning and cooking for their family and if they are not doing that they
are running around taking care of their children or dropping them at school, basketball practice or music classes.

The next focus should be at the workplace. At a lot of workplaces there is a huge wage gap between males and females. Males are generally earning more money than females are because females have to take time off to go take care of their children after birth. A solution to this would be for the workplace employer to give promotions and advancement opportunities to females. This will boost female’s confidence and will help them realize that they are just as great as boys are. The last thing that the world should focus on in terms of improving women’s rights is legal and political structure. This should be one of the biggest focuses! Countries who still have not made women’s right a law should do so right away.

Women deserve to be treated equally and should have all the rights that men have. Women around the world should be able to have an influence on their countries political structure. They should be given the right to vote and should be given the right to run for president, prime minster or any other form of leader positions in politics. By giving women human rights not only do women benefit but the rest of the world benefits as well.


Overall, human rights have drastically changed over the past few decades. Although human rights were only established after the Holocaust, after many people died, the rest of the world today is grateful that we have found advantages to come out of such a horrible tragedy. Our world has changed significantly after the holocaust and human rights is one of the reasons why. People are given the freedom to live their life the way they choose to live it and therefore they are a lot happier than they were before human rights existed. In our world today homosexuals, mentally/physically challenged people, people f all races and all religions are accepted and treated equally.

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