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Hugs not Drugs an essay about types of drug use and abuse

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Drugs are bad, or at least that’s what they say. I wouldn’t now I’ve never had any drugs… this of course this is not true. I take drugs all the time, truth is, we all do. America is the drug capital of the world; we Americans take them 24/7. They consume are lives, make, or break our lives. It’s over a one hundred billion dollar industry. Naturally these are the good kind of drugs I’m talking about. The focus of this essay will be on the kinds of drugs, types of drug abuse, and the thin red line between good and bad drugs that has made its appearance more prevalent over the past years.

In the history of mankind there have always been drugs. They fall into four primary categories stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and analgesics. Stimulants are drugs that act on the central nervous system to increase brain activity. These include cocaine, speed, anabolic steroids, ecstasy and tobacco. Depressants act on the central nervous system and slow down brain activity; examples are tranquillizers, gases, aerosols and glue. Hallucinogens distort the mind and what the user physically experiences; including LSD, magic mushrooms, and pot. Analgesics are drugs which have a painkilling effect and which can also bring feelings of warmth and contentment. Some analgesics include heroin, morphine and opium.

Types of drug abuse have manifested over the years into several different classifications. Types of abuse include Alcoholism, Marijuana abuse, Nicotine addiction, Heroin addiction, Barbiturates use, Benzodiazepine abuse, Cocaine use, Opium alkaloid use, and Amphetamine abuse. Abuse rates have increased over the years too. A study by the University of Michigan in 2002 showed that nearly 50% of 12th Grade students had used Marijuana at one time. It also showed that 60% had used cigarettes and that 55% had used any illicit Drug at one time or another. Compared too much lower abuse numbers from years before.

Since these days, drug abuse has become more frequent. Now, the differences between good and bad drugs have become harder to identify. People are becoming addicted to painkillers along with other pharmaceutical stimulants and depressants. Kids are stealing pharmaceutical painkilling drugs like oxicontin and using them as inhalants. The point is that something needs to be done about the drug abuse problem in America. It seems the only way to solve this issue is by furthering the drug prevention program. Why, because people are always going to find a way to get drugs. They should have an entire class devoted to drug prevention in a middle school environment. This class’s curriculum should show other ways of having fun without abusing drugs.

Hopefully drug abuse won’t reach an even higher harder to solve level in the future. At one point in the history of China nearly everybody used and abused opium. By furthering our drug education we can be sure that an epidemic of that scale will never happen in the U.S.

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