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I never knew going to high-school would be such a big deal for me. High-school never seemed so challenging, but my first year of high-school was a challenging year, but also a fun year. Going to high-school was like the start of a new life, actually it was the start of a new life because I knew I would learn so much and become a mature young lady. My first year of high-school I went to Arsenal Technical High-school. I was in New Tech High, it was an academy that was mostly about Technology and projects.

Yes, I was nervous the first couple of days of school, but after a couple of days I had got use to it. I met lots of new people and made a lot of friends that year, and by being able to experience a different environment of people really changed me as a person. Being in New Tech High I got to use a computer every day of school, I thought it was cool for students to get a computer their first year of high-school. I was even surprised that the students and I got the opportunity to use Mac Book computers.

Being in New Tech High was very beneficial for me. In New Tech I learned a lot of new things about computers such as working with power-point, I movie, Word Excel, Photo-shop and more. Before I got to New Tech I didn’t know much about computers, but after my Freshman year of high-school I had learned so much it made me feel like a computer wiz. I also gained good work ethic skills, collaboration skills, 21st century communication skills, and good presentation skills.

My first year of high-school was mostly about projects, I always worked in groups and collaborated with those around me. I actually found it to be fun to work with others, after working with others I knew how it felt to be part of a team. One thing that always made me so nervous in school was presentation day, every time I stood in front of that crowd of people in my classroom I got so nervous. At times I would even stutter cause I never experienced presenting before, but after a while I got use to presenting. People have to overcome obstacles in life and presenting was an obstacle I had to overcome to succeed in New Tech.

After my first year of high-school I actually missed going to school, but I knew I had three more years of school before it was all over. My Sophomore Year of High-school It seem like I had more responsibilities than my first year. I always had work to do, I had projects on top of the work and I also had to study a lot for my tests. I’m glad I had responsibilities because if I never experienced the task of being responsible I wouldn’t know how to handle my responsibilities in the future.

After responsibility came the good grades, I always tried to stay on top of my work so that I could make good grades in high-school, but at times it was hard because I was experiencing a different way of learning. Learning eight different subjects and trying to cram your brain was a difficult task to handle, but also a challenging task for me. At times It wasn’t all about work, in some of my classes I got to go do fun things such as going on field trips. I remember my Sophomore year my Zoology teacher took our class to Newport, Kentucky to the Newport Aquarium. Yes, it was very fun I never went out of town before and experiencing this moment was very exciting for me.

While continuing my Sophomore year I couldn’t wait until my Junior year, I knew my Junior was the year to start looking in to different colleges. College really never came across my mind the first two years of high-school, but when my Junior year finally came I knew it was time to start thinking about my college life. I had to figure out what I wanted to be, what I wanted to do and think about the places I wanted to go with my career field. At times I was a little confused about my life, I didn’t know where I should began my life and where I should start the beginning of a new life.

My Junior year I was still in New Tech, after two years of being in New Tech High I felt like it was another home that kept me safe, and taught me more about life. I always had very good teachers, they taught me things that I didn’t know and also things that they already knew. I loved to come to class and learn from the teachers in New Tech High, I knew each and every day my teachers would teach me something new that would better my life and lead me on the road to success. After I realized what high-school was all about, I didn’t want to leave being able to walk down the hallway and see all my friends, and also get the opportunity to do things that other high-school students didn’t get was beneficial for me. It wasn’t all about working myself to death to get the next assignment done, It was also experiencing the life of a high-school students. Many teachers said, “ cherish every moment of high-school cause when your gone you’re going to miss what was here.” I find that to be so true because now that I am out of high-school I wish I had one more chance to do it all over again.

As the year went on my Senior year finally came I was so shocked, it seemed like the first day of high-school was just yesterday I couldn’t believe it was all almost over with. Deep down inside I knew I didn’t want to leave high-school even though at times I wished I had graduated, but when I thought about it, it seemed like my life flashed right before my eyes. I knew now I had grew into that mature young lady I said I was going to be, I was proud of myself that I made it through the years of high-school. I believed in myself, but I also thought that I wasn’t going to succeed at a lot because of my fear of failure. I thought that my fear of failure would ruin my high-school life, but it didn’t because I learned to face my fears and become stronger than what I was before.

I was always the person that was shy to get in front of people, I was the person who didn’t believe that people would like me for me. After being in high-school I realized that it shouldn’t matter if others like you or not or if your being judged because at the end of the day your the one pushing forward and moving on to a successful life. Being in New Tech helped me mature and overcome a lot of my fears, I never use to be the type of person that was open to others but after being in high-school I learned how to collaborate and network with others. I knew graduation was coming, I was so nervous I felt it at the pit of my stomach everyday, but as graduation came closer and closer I knew it was my time to face the world and become what I wanted to be.

I promised myself that when I got out of high-school I was going straight into college, and I kept that promise to myself because I knew no one could hand me my future in my hands. I had to be a that responsible person and walk across the stage and get my high-school diploma. At times I thought about graduation, I wasn’t ready I didn’t want to leave the place that taught me so much. When the time came for me to graduate, I was sitting there watching students walk across the stage and smile so happily. I was so nervous I sat still in my seat, I almost busted outwith tears but I held my composure and kept my head high. As I walked up to the stage I could feel the eyes of others staring at me, but I looked forward and kept walking and praying that I didn’t fall when I walked across the stage. When my name was called,” Lakeya Landers,” I walked across the stage and then I knew it was time for my life to began.

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