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Helen Keller V Malcom X

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Malcolm X and Helen Keller lived in different eras. Both of them fought different battles. How can these two individuals have in anything in common? Though their hardships were totally different, Keller being blind and Malcolm X being imprisoned, they both won their battle with the English language and enjoyed a freedom beyond any dream either of them could have ever imagined Both Helen Keller and Malcolm X had hurdles in their lives to overcome in order to obtain an education. While Keller’s deafness and blindness may seem to be a more difficult obstacle to overcome; being in prison, having little resources and no teacher can be just as tough. . I am sure in Malcolm X’s mind he might as well have been deaf and blind when he first began his journey in obtaining an education Not being able to see or hear can be a dark, lonely place; as can be living in a prison cell.

The sheer excitement of learning brought light to both of their lives. They both address this feeling of freedom and excitement in their writing. Helen Keller best stated the exhilarating feeling of excitement of something new when she said “Light! Give me light!” This light is reflected by Malcolm X when he wrote “I never had been so truly free in my life.” In the beginning learning was arduous for both of them; however, both Helen Keller and Malcolm X shared the drive to succeed in getting an education; whether it came through copying a dictionary or feeling words being written on your hand. They set an excellent example of how motivation, no matter what the situation, can bring fruitful results in the end.

By having the disability of not knowing proper English and how to use it to represent them, both Keller and Malcolm X were at a disadvantage. Both were unable to function correctly in the world of writing. Malcolm X in particular needed to achieve the goal of proper English in order to be heard. Later in life Keller would need this same achievement in order to attend college.

Both felt the joy of learning in different ways. The fascination Keller felt when she realized that water was different than a mug and Malcolm X realizing his potential to learn through copying a dictionary was the key turning point for both of them. They both felt the joy of knowing there is more out there. They knew their world was opening up to a newfound freedom that would bring great changes to their lives.

The final results for both Keller and Malcolm X were beneficial for many people who came after them. By obtaining an education they both set the bar for future people who shared the same afflictions. If neither of them had obtained an education and created a freedom for themselves, others like them would not share in that freedom today

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