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Healthcare Organization Study: United Healthcare

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Healthcare Organization Study: A Case Study over United Healthcare The United Healthcare is recognized as a “Charter Medical Incorporated founded by a group of physicians and other health care professionals” in 1974 used to expand health coverage choices for clients whose commission is “helping people live healthier lives and helping to make the health system work better for everyone”(United Health Group). Being a worldwide top seed, United Health Group is an expanded health care enterprise, “serving more than 80 million peoples globally with health care benefits” (United Health Group).

United Health Group has supported and subsidized numerous institutions by assisting build over “11 Centers of Excellence worldwide, fostering health workers and teaching them the ropes of things”(World Health Organization, 2007). The goal of this paper is to provide an evaluation of the preparedness of the United Health Care System, particularly toward the needs of residents in the coming period, their strategic plans that discourses issues relating to network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and to patient satisfaction. Meeting the Needs of Clients

The commission statement of an organization contains its cause and what their goal is for the future. The United Health’s commission statement is, “We seek to enhance the performance of the health system and improve the overall health and well-being of the people we serve and their communities and will have the courage to acknowledge mistakes and do whatever is needed to address them”(United health group, 2012) United Health Group hold their staff and employers to great standards during patient care such as “integrity, compassion, relationships, innovation, and performance” (United health Group, 2012). A project promoted by United Health System is “Community-based Diabetes Prevention Program” in developing type 2 diabetes patients.

Through education, United Health System is engaging the public to break notorious habits via nutritional therapy as well as active life style regimines. The Diabetes Control Program can help guide patients to stabilize their diabetes and deter its associated snags. United Healthcare is the “first health plan to offer the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA) programs in Los Angeles County” exclusive of further expenditure for the employee and the family members who are enlisted (United Healthcare, May 21, 2013). Additionally evident progress in the United Health Care System is the implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). EMR facilitates physicians to provide first-rate care “through clinical documentation improvement system, which assist in delivering appropriate information in a timely manner” (United health Group, 2012).

With this EMR in place, physicians and clinicians can tackle seeing the aging at a much faster and more efficient pace than with paper charting. Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a vast improvement over paper records. They allow more than one person to use a patient’s chart, are usually better organized than paper records, eliminate illegible handwriting, and allow storage of more information. EMRs are one of the best ways to “boost patient safety, manage chronic illnesses, and improve the efficiency of a practice”(Partner’s Healthcare, n.d.). When doctors prescribe drugs through the EMR, drug allergies and drug interactions can be prevented. The tool can also prescribe cost-effective drugs, when appropriate, to save everyone money. Strategic Plan for Network Growth

United Healthcare’s “nationwide network consists of 5,622 hospitals, 720,301 physicians and health care professionals, and 80,000 dentists” (“United Healthcare,” 2013). Service and program network holds: “Surgery Centers, Centers for Rehabilitation and Long Term Acute Care, Family Planning Facilities, Diagnostic and Hospital Centered Radiology, Nursing homes, Home Health Services, Cancer Resource Services, Home Infusion and Hospice Care”( United Healthcare, 2013). United Health Group is recognized as the tops “World’s Most Admired Companies” (United Healthcare, 2013). They aim to “provide educational video recorder about healthy lifestyle, the ways to get motivated in order to lead a healthy life, and intellectual ways of living with better health” (“United Healthcare,” 2013).

This guides patients in thoughtful and healthy decision-making about their day to day behavior on a regimines. “Wellness Online Contests” are accessible to encourage preparations of fit meals and smarter dietary options (United Healthcare,” 2013). United Healthcare invested about “$ 5.7 million to develop its network for family health care” (“United Healthcare,” February 1, 2012). “Deliver care and maintain patient safety more cost effectively” is the goal of united Healthcare (United Healthcare, 2013). UnitedHealthcare, which has major operations in Hartford, said it expects to expand its base of accountable care contracts from $20 billion to $50 billion over the next five years.The Minnesota-based insurer said the expected increase will be driven by more providers transitioning to the contracts, which link a portion of reimbursement to quality and cost-efficiency measures.

The insurer has ACO relationships with more than 575 hospitals, 1,100 medical groups and 75,000 physicians.”We are improving health outcomes for patients at lower costs by moving even more broadly to value-based payment models and integrating those with our care provider network, product and clinical strategies,” Austin Pittman, president of UnitedHealthcare Networks, said in a statement.The company said it offers varying levels of integration with providers, depending on their ability to assume financial risk and affect health outcomes. ACO plans are offered across employer-sponsored, Medicare and Medicaid benefit plans.A move to the ACO model for Medicare patients is a cost-saving strategy of the federal Affordable Care Act.

Strategic Plan for Nurse Staffing
United Health Care constructed an innovative “Center for Nursing Advancement” (CNA) (“United Healthcare,” 2013). CNA supports nurses and engage them in “training, teaching, and mentoring, to overcome the challenges of nursing career and encounter the high standard of care” (“United Healthcare,” 2013). Elasticity in the timetable, competitive benefit, bonuses, travel disbursement and private lodgings, motivates the employee and removes the crisis of decreasing nursing operating cost and “benefits and overpowering the concerns of nurse fatigues” (United Health Care Staffing 2009-2010). This in turn will decrease turn around and increase retention. UnitedHealth Group established the Center for Nursing Advancement in August 2008.

The Center for Nursing Advancement will act as a conduit for UnitedHealth Group’s focus on nurse engagement strategies and the training, coaching and mentoring of its nurse professionals. As a result, UnitedHealth Group nurses will be better positioned to meet and support the evolving demands of health care consumers. Additionally, UnitedHealth Group nurses will be part of a team of colleagues that lead the design of new care-delivery models necessary to solve the challenges facing the nursing profession and vital to achieving health care modernization.

Strategic Plan for Resource Management
Competent supervision as well as a vigorous fiscal backing is the foundation of an enterprise. Common doubts that might arise with resources management in an enterprise “is inefficient management team, flimsy facility for patient care, and economic instability” (United Health Care Staffing 2009-2010). Through United Healthcare website data are “available about medical subjects, health problems, and wellness programs, cost effectiveness of healthcare plans, products and services” (United Healthcare 2011). Strategic Plan for Patient Satisfaction

Knowing the measurements of patient’s satisfaction in the medical field is not only recommended to ensure growth in a hospital but also a requirement. These results can be used in various manners to see what to improve on and what to continue implementing in their care to ensure exceptional care is given to the patient. A report from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) showed that the company met the standards and had very good workmanship together and efficiently assessed patients. (“Better Business Bureau,” 2009). Containing about 80,000 employees United Healthcare aims to provide more than half a million people with jobs, that will also help them reach their goal stated in the mission statement (“United Healthcare,” 2012).

Both a dire need and necessity, healthcare is important for the public and the growth of a community. Known as one of the big name companies in the field of Healthcare, United Healthcare as mentioned in its mission statement aims to serve its clients in the most efficient way possible. Wiring their staff to become more comfortable with technology in the workplace has allowed the services they offer be more accessible to its customers, especially the younger generation. The immense amount of growth inside the company through a well-organized resource management has shown its ability to be ready to encounter the healthcare need of the many residents’ in this country.

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