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GRP Encryption Technology

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Encryption means changing data to a secret code so that only a few selected people have access in form of a secret code or password for decryption. Data that is encrypted are termed as ciphertext, while unencrypted data is plain text. Encryption technology therefore works by changing plain text by the use of cipher which is basically an algorithm to ensure data is not readable unless one has the special key to decrypt. Encryption has been over the past years and today been used for secret communication whereby only particular people are facilitated to access certain information, currently most companies use encryption to protect important data in computers and networks which consists of mobile phones, Bluetooth  and other network devices

Encryption is generally of two types, namely; Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption also called public key encryption uses double (two keys) that is a public and private key, the former is known by everyone for encryption purposes while the latter is only known by the recipient of the message for decryption purposes. An example of a public system is the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), all one needs to be aware of is the recipients public key to encrypt a message for him or her. This system was given this name asymmetric encryption because it uses two keys, while the symmetric encryption uses one key; therefore means the same key is used for encryption and decryption (Khan, 1967)

The below cases site how Group encryption can be used to secure data; A consultant using new laptops can use the PGP Desktop Professional; this is a system of encryption that protects data in all messages including internet mails and messages that are instant, this is on all data on the computer disk and all removable media, this information is secured on every different machine used, hence would be very essential for the individual consultant. (PGP Corporation, 2008)

The medium size manufacturing firm that has inbound and outside sales personnel can use the PGP Mobile data protection and secure email communication  this system would be effective  to secure data whenever it would go, data would also remain secure on lost devices, the system also requires a centralized management and logging for the head office. (PGP Corporation, 2008)

The PGP secure business processes and enterprise data protection that secures all data on transit and at rest, would be the best encryption technology for the large corporation, regular compliance at all plants and protection of data throughout its lifecycle is maintained, This system would further protect all data, detect leakages and also stop theses leakages, deny access to data to unauthorized persons, who would somewhat get access to the PCs and handheld phones. (PGP Corporation, 2008)


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