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Gran Torino Conflict

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  • Category: Conflict

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“It is difficult to remain a bystander in any situation of conflict” After listening to Walt’s will and being given the Gran Torino, Thao decides to go home and pack his bags before heading north with Walt’s best friend Daisy, to an unknown destination somewhere in Canada for an unknown amount of time. As Thao began packing his things Sue stormed into the room very confused as to why Thao was packing “Thao! Why are you packing, and where are you going?” said Sue. “On a little road trip with Daisy,” replied Thao.

“No I forbid you!” shouted Mai Thao’s mother from upstairs as she came rushing down to stop him from leaving. “Why? Why can’t I go?” slightly raising his voice, questioning his mother’s answer. Thao was in no mood to argue. “I’m taking my Gran Torino and I’m taking Daisy and we are heading north. I have plenty of money enough to keep me going for quite a while. Don’t ask me where I’m going, just accept that I’m going.” Breathing heavily, Thao stood in front of a stunned Sue and Mai. They were completely taken aback, where had this anger come from, they had rarely seen this from Thao over the years. “Come on Daisy, let’s go,” and with that Thao walked out the door, slamming it behind him. Sue and Mai quickly ran outside to try and stop Thao but all they saw was the Gran Torino pull out of the drive way and drive off. Thao, slightly annoyed, drove, not knowing where he was going was part of the fun, he thought. “Where should we go Daisy? Where have you always wanted to go?” Thao asked not expecting an answer “Raawoof roof,” Daisy stuck her head out the window and barked. “Straight ahead then, as you wish,” replied Thao

They drove for several hours along Lake Michigan until they had to pull over at a gas station for a bite to eat and a toilet break. As Thao walked to the toilet round the back of the gas station he noticed a very nice Cadillac pull up and out stepped a young girl not much older than himself. She was beautiful in Thao’s eyes but he had a girlfriend now and he wasn’t going to ruin that, which reminded him that he had to call her to explain where he’d gone. “Well lookie here Billy, we gots a nice flashy car. Someone won’t be too happy if somethan was ta happen to it,” said a rough looking chap by the name of Beau to his friend Billy. “Hehe, I thinks I know what we gonna be doin today eh Beau?” replied Billy. Thao just finishing up in the toilet noticed the two rednecks looking quite closely at the young girl’s car. He walked back to his car and saw them trying to break in just like he had in Walt’s garage with the Gran Torino. Thao, remembering Walt stand up for him against Spider and his gang, wasn’t going to let these two take the girls car willy nilly. “Excuse me, but are you two friends of the girl who owns this car?” asked Thao. “Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t. What’s it too ya?” replied Beau. “Well it looks like you’re trying to get in,” said Thao. “I got it, Beau! Let’s get outta here,” said Billy.

“My car, what are you doing? Stop get away from it!” shout the girl from about 10m away. “Quick! Get in Beau!” Billy said from inside the car.  As Billy opened the door to climb in the car, Thao reached out to stop him but Billy was too fast and shoved Thao’s arm away closing the car door simultaneously. “What do you think ya tryna do kid?” asked Beau.

“I’m stopping you and your friend from stealing this girl’s car” said Thao his voice slightly shaky slowly stepping back as Beau moved closer. Billy got out of the car to cut off Thao’s getaway, the girl seeing Billy get out, ran to her car got in and drove off. “Now look what yer done, I don like it when little kids think it’s time to play hero!” shouted Beau and with that Beau threw a big right hook, clipping Thao on the chin. But it had frightened Thao. He knew he had to punch back, the punch got Beau right in the nose. Beau wiped away the blood and said rather softly to Billy, “Grab him.” With Billy holding onto Thao who was wriggling trying to get free of his clutches, Beau took a few steps back, lined Thao up and kicked him right in the nuts.

Thao fell to his hands and knees gasping for air and Beau struck again this time right to Thao’s face. Daisy was now barking from the car which made the two rednecks look up. “That ya dog in the GRAN TORINO. Well forget about the Cadillac, looks like we got a new target. Billy get over there and unlock it, Here, take his keys this time,” Beau said Thao almost unconscious whispered “Leave the dog alone,” “Don worry bout ya dog we will leave it here with you, it’s the car you should be worried bout,” said Beau crouching down beside Thao. Beau walked over to the Gran Torino as Billy turned the engine on. “Listen to it purr Beau, this one’s a keeper,” said Billy Thao raising his head said very softly “I will find you and I will kill you” The two rednecks drove off in the Gran Torino leaving Thao outside the gas station unconscious but not dead with Daisy barking at him to wake up. Myles

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