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Genderless Children

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When you are born, you are not a blank slate. You are either a boy or a girl. I think that part of growing up is acknowledging what gender you are. Experts on gender say whether a child identifies as a male or female comes from a mix of biology, environment and something deep inside themselves. Children need direction the first couple years of their lives. We can only make “meaningful” decisions when we reach a age where we know – for the most part- how the world works. Children are sponges, and family is supposed to teach their child that they can’t control their own lives at such an early age, they need help from their parents. As a parent, one should give their child direction, not let them chose at a young age somthing that can effect them for the rest of their life.

I think that being gay, bisexual, or transgender is perfectly fine. But you should not be able to chose whether you are a man or woman when you are only 6 years old- or how ever old they are when they decide. This is a life changing choice and it could be very serious. You should be atleast 16 when you decide. At 16 you can make serious life choices and realise the repercussions. If this child grew up with parents that didnt really care about their decisions- and let them run around picking if they want to be a boy or a girl- this child will most likely have a false reality. Growing up this child might think “If my parents and friends accept me, everyone else will too.” Which is not the case. People that dont know this child will judge this child, and possibly bully it aswell. In the story, the parents of X wanted to have a babysitter, but nobody was suitable because almost everyone wanted a boy or a girl, and not a baby X. Everyone wants to buy tiny pink dresses for girls, and baseballs and footballs for boys. But what do you buy a genderless baby? What isle does the child shop in, mens or womans? What bathroom does the child use, men or womans?

In conclusion, no. Raising your child “genderless” is not a good idea. At one level, this concept is not a bad thing. It’s a statement of unconditional love for one’s child. But in reality it is setting your child up for false expectations, and it is cruel. If your child little boy wants to play with barbie dolls an wear pink, that is totally fine. If your little girl wants to wear blue and play with trucks and trains, that is totally cool too. But i think that your child should not get to pick their gender until they are old enough to make a smart decision- 16 atleast. When you are born, you are not a blank slate. You are either a boy or a girl.

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