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Foreing Policies

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It’s correct to identify that there is a pattern to U.S. foreign policies towards 3rd world countries. By examining some of the actions, military and non military, one can see that, whenever it comes to its own economical interest, the U.S. will be involved directly or indirectly. To really understand foreign main policies objectives towards 3rd world countries, one has to narrow it down to two main objectives, sanctions that are designed to impact on the poor, and enslavement of most poor countries by economic debt. Military for the most part by the CIA, has the most key roles in suppressing countries using wars and overthrowing governments indirectly.

In the second segment of the documentary “What we have learn about U.S. foreign policies”, John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief Angola Task Force, and highest-ranking CIA official ever to leave the agency and go public, speaks out about the actions taken by the CIA towards 3rd world countries. In this speech, he declares that that U.S. has extensively manipulated and organized the overthrows of functioning governments around the world. Stockwell talks about organized secret armies that fight in just about every continent around the world. An Example of this organized crimes committed by the CIA would be, The Panama war “Operation Just Cause” that took place on December 20th 1984.

The use spent millions of dollars in a three-day attack that caused the lives of over 4,000 people in Panama. The reasons behind this war, where not the stop drug traffic, but rather more complex. Former CIA agent, Manuel Noriega, had been working with the U.S. when he was sent to Panama to control that area. He then rebelled and became the leader of the country. The U.S. then undertook a systematic effort to overthrow Noriega. Economic sanctions were stepped up and additional troops were dispatched to Panama. His image was now shown that of a criminal, compared to terrorist. The war also served as good testing grown for weapons and artilleries later used in the cold war. After the attack on December 20th, Noriega was removed and many group leaders were arrested. This resulted in the placement of a new president pointed by the CIA; he immediately got rid of the Panamanian military.

Last year, U.S. military expenditures, with all the suffering on the planet, all the sickness and hunger and ignorance and pain, the American military budget was $265 billion. The second largest government expenditure for militarism was $48 billion; the Russians. In the cold war, The U.S. trained Afghanistan group, Alak-Aida, to combat Iran. It then treated arm of mass destruction with Iraq in a love hate relationship that lasted for years. At the same time, it was giving Iran weapons to counter fight Iraq. All of this was for the only purpose, to have them kill each other then controlling the oil that came out of this two countries, after all they are the two leading countries in this resource. The list goes on, Vietnam with the communist domino theory, the war in El Salvador by CIA trained killers, sanctions on countries like Cuba, and economically braking-down rising countries such as Mexico with economic debt. Here one can clearly begin to build patters of the foreign U.S. policies towards the 3rd world that suppress the poor in order to retain control, dominance, and economic power. Extensively, the U.S. manipulated and organized the overthrow of functioning constitutional democracies around the world.

“These are the men who have been stirring the pot around the world to instigate these wars on the side of the Right-wing. And that’s the group we are dealing with right here – who’re making war around the world for their own personal profit.” – Daniel Sheehan


Dorrel, Frank. “What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World” video/book. http://www.addictedtowar.com

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