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Food and drink safety

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Food safety Act 1990

This covers health and hygiene in the setting.
We have to be checked by the environmental health officer.

Storage of food – We store food safely in the fridge
The fridge should be 3-5 degrees.
Freezers should be -18 degrees
Make sure we store them in the right place
cover up food in the fridge, make sure they are kept in date.

preparation of food- aware of different chopping boards – we only prepare food that the children bring in. The children usually bring in food ready prepared. wash hands
wipe surfaces down.
Serving of food – temperature etc.
All staff wear aprons when serving food to prevent cross- contamination 1 member of staff prepares the food
we sit with the children who need supervising
we wear gloves if feeding a child  support children in the areas
we have one child who is allergic to most things and so he is supervised on a one to one to ensure he eats his own lunch and not others food.

PW2-25 2.2 Outline the relationship between nutrition and children and young people’s development Explain the link between nutrition and children’s development – how it can affect their development

It is important for children and young people to get the right nutrients to grown. To have the right nutrients and having vitamin C to be healthy Drinking milk for the calcium to help their bones and development. Having a balanced diet.

As children grow and develop they need to have the right food to support their development. If they don’t have the right nutrients this can affect their growth and during these years, children’s development is key and they need to be getting the right nutrients for their bones and teeth etc. . if children don’t have the right nutrients this can also affect them as they get older.

PW2-25 2.3 Describe the effect of food intake on children and young people’s ability to play

If they have too much sugar – they can get too high- if they eat too much food it could stop them wanting to do anything and what to relax and sit down and could make themselves ill if they then do run around. Some of the children who come to the setting are affected by the food they eat and so they need to follow strict diets and so we have to be careful that they eat the right food. Children who are hungry – can lose their concentration and get frustrated if they need some food- so we have to watch out for signs of this.

PW2-25 2.4 Describe how food may be used as a play resource and issues related to this How can food be used as a texture/ measuring etc. and the issues with wasting food etc.

We have food out – such as cornflakes and pasta for the children to play with we do cooking activities with the children – the like rice krispy cakes and cheese puffs as the children like to this. Making birds nest with the shredded wheat and chocolate.

There are issues that it can be seen as wasting food – but if you buy the cheap brands – it doesn’t cost a lot and can be used for several children – not just one

PW2-25 2.5 identify the types of food and drink which are consistent with healthy eating The nutritional needs = protein, carbohydrates etc. and types of food suitable for children this is found in.

Fruit and vegetables- these are important each day – 5 portions. Water is the healthiest drink that children can have.
Protein – chicken and red meat eating the right portions
Fibre – having nuts and similar – and being careful with children with allergies. Carbohydrates – bread and pasta –

Children need a balanced diet – so they need protein, carbohydrates and fibre in their diet to help it work properly.

PW2-25 2.6 identify food and drink that meet cultural and specific dietary requirements including allergies Give example of 3 cultural requirements and 3 allergies that relate to food. Explaining the food to avoid. Muslim – not to have pork or food that contains pork – so need to check the ingredients Jewish- not eating pork –

Sikhs – vegetarians-

nuts – we would not have food with nuts or food that is made in a setting that contains nuts.

Gluten free foods – for the children who are coeliac – we have gluten free biscuits for these children. You can get other products that they can have as well – such as flour for cooking

vegetarian – not eating fish or meat- although some vegetarians do eat fish

If children have a special diet – we speak to the parents to check what they can and can’t have and make a note of this.

PW2-25 2.7 Outline how to negotiate with parents in regard to what children and young people should eat.

The parents provide them with food each day – and so they would provide what they want their children to have – if we had concerns we would approach the parents. We are aware of what is in the lunches – so we have to be careful that children with allergies only eat the right food that is theirs. We do provide some snacks – so need to make sure we are only giving the children what they are allowed

PW2-25 2.8 Outline the importance of children and young people participating in the selection, preparation, serving and clearing away of food and drink

In the setting, some of the children will come and collect their lunch boxes Some of the children once they have finished – like to put their lunch away. we make sure that the kitchen is safe for them to do this. Some of the children have toast and we let them choose what they have on lunch and let them select what they want and will choose what drink they want – and we respond to this. it is about encouraging children to be independent and do things for themselves.

2.9 Describe risk assessment covering children and young people being in food preparation areas.

We don’t let the children go into the kitchen area and particularly have the doors locked during food preparation times. if we are doing a food activity – we would do it in the main room and make sure the tables are cleared properly and supervise the children. This would be linked to the zones and what we are doing – and support each other with this.

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