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The Family’s Role in Promoting a Sound Education

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Honourable judges, fellow opponents, team mates, general audience, I am here in support of the moot “Be it resolved that the family is fulfilling its role in promoting sound educational practices in children”. Honourable judges, my team mates in their previous presentation, have defined for us some key terms in this moot. Based on those definitions we can begin to see that the family is indeed fulfilling its role in promoting sound educational practices in children. To give a greater insight into our support for this moot, we look at the child in the womb.

This child already begins to respond to internal and external sounds. The mother can begin to read for the child and soon the child can identify the mother’s voice likewise the father’s. My opponents, during the most formative years of the child life, being from birth to age eight, the child’s first teachers are the family members. Let us remember that it is at about age three or even four years old that the child will meet his/her first classroom facilitator. What would have happened during those years prior to this period?

It is the home / family who would be responsible for writing on this slate that is a child’s mind. According to a research study by Ronald Ferguson, “Nearly half of a child’s achievement in school can be accounted for by factors outside the school, including parent support. ” Consequently, the most important support any child can receive comes from the parents. This support ranges from being responsible for making sure that the child arrives at school well-rested, well-fed, and ready to learn, to setting high expectations for their child.

My opponents it is the family who will ensure that assignments are completed to meet deadlines. It is the family who will work hard in order to earn a living so that they can provide for the needs of the child such as, buying text books, providing lunch money and taxi fares as well as allowing the child opportunities to go on field trips and excursions among other things in order to maximize on the learning experiences.

Honourable judges, sometimes when a parent sends the child to school, there is hardly anything left for those at home, but because the family wants to ensure that the child receives a sound education, sacrifices such as these are made. Can we dare even begin to doubt that the family is indeed fulfilling its role in promoting sound educational practices in children? Let us think on these things.

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