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Fame or Money?

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Every person has dreams and desires for the future, especially young people who think they’d do anything to make these dreams come true. Their dreams of possible careers are often limited to those of pop stars, singers, actors and actresses. In my opinion, what matters to young people nowadays is fame and not money, as some other people think.

It’s very important for a person of our society to be known and to have the ability to influence others. Often unaware of the dark side of being famous, most boys want to form a boy band when they grow up and small girls dream of becoming singers, actresses and top models. One of the main reasons people really want to make themselves known is the glory of the life of the celebrities, something that is promoted from the media in a very effective way. In addition to the glamorous lifestyle, what people love about being famous, is that celebrities seem to be invulnerable and untouchable, or so they make us think they are. For example, you’ve hardly ever seen a famous person crying, have you?

Some young people are still more interested in earning a lot of money, no matter if hardly anyone knows they exist. Being wealthy is promoted from the media too, but not in the way a “trendy” lifestyle is. Another reason that might explain why young people care too much about making money is that they might be heavily influenced by their parents and relatives who might be successful businessmen or something of the sort.

To sum up, although being famous is often directly linked to having vast sums of money, what people really care about is leaving their marks behind them, There are still some young people who have set finding a well-paying job as their goal in life, but the majority of them look forward to they day when the sign a contract with a music company or they pose for the cover of a popular magazine. I’m not saying that money has lost its significance, but that people care more about fame than being rich.

This essay was written by me, Caroline Alexiou, during the summer writing program of my English school. I’m studying for my Proficiency Certificate right now :).

The first paragraph is the introduction. My thesis statement is written in bold. The second and the third paragraphs are the main ones and the fourth is of course the conclusion. Notice that in the conclusion I merely repeat the points I made in the introduction. This essay is a good one, that’s the reason I put it on my website.

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